10 Best Presentation Software

Top 10 Presentation Software

Compare the best presentation software products that'll turn your next presentation into an engaging experience the audience will remember long after the last slide is shown. 

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  • Super Themes, built-in variations
  • SkyDrive integration
  • Cloud friendly, save and access your files from any device
  • Touch-friendly sized buttons
  • Collaborate with multiple users  in a single presentation
  • Insert online media directly (images, sound, YouTube, Facebook)
  • #1 Rated Presentation Software
  • Create Beautiful, Engaging, Non-linear presentations
  • Zoom in or out to another subject as necessary
  • Seamlessly switch to a different presenter in another location
  • Collaborate with different users simultaneously
  • Access and edit your presentation anywhere at any time
  • Editor's top choice for business presentations
  • Free fully-functional presentation software
  • iCloud Drive compatible
  • PowerPoint friendly
  • Slide-based presentations
  • Collaborate with multiple users on a single presentation
  • Only available of Apple users
  • Free full-featured presentation software
  • Access , create and edit presentations anywhere, anytime
  • Collaborate with co-workers in real-time
  • Saves your presentations automatically
  • PowerPoint compatible
  • Create presentations quickly
  • Import presentations from PowerPoint, Evernote and Keynote
  • Thousands of free to use images
  • Starts at $30 per year (pre-launch offer)
  • Compatible with PowerPoint and Google Presentations
  • 24/7 online and offline access
  • Collaborate with co-workers, share slide or store for future use
  • Measure presentation effectiveness
  • Embed real-time data into your presentations
  • Store presentations online for better security
  • Fully-functional free version
  • Upload and share your presentations quickly
  • Access, edit your presentation anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with Open Doc, Microsoft Office files
  • Collaborate with multiple users on a single presentation
  • Drag and drop features
  • Free version available
  • Easy to make animations
  • Web-based software, access anywhere, anytime
  • Drag and drop elements into your presentation
  • Premium support (business and pro accounts)
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Weighing the Essential Qualities


Creation Features - 30%

Presentation Features - 15%

Versions & Compatibility - 10%

Ease of Use & Presentation Quality - 10%

Customer Service - 15%

Cost - 10%

Reviews - 10%