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Banfield Pet Hospital Overview

Banfield offers a more preventive approach to pet care. Rather than providing traditional pet insurance features, they offer proactive services and preventive treatments that are designed to maintain optimum pet health. Most pet insurance policies only provide coverage when you pet experiences an illness, but Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans give you services that are designed to diagnose, treat and prevent future medical conditions.

What’s included with Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans:

Unlimited free office visits
Routine vaccines
Comprehensive physical exams
Early screening for serious illnesses
Discounts on most Banfield products & services
Predictable, reasonable monthly payments
Convenient drop-offs, evening & weekend hours
Online access to your pet's health records

The Fine Print:

Plan services are provided at significant discounts under an annual agreement. Agreements may be cancelled at any time. However, under the monthly pay option, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation the client is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan, or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the plan less payments made (whichever is less).


The Bottom Line:

Banfield Pet Hospital’s Optimum Wellness Plan should not be confused with pet insurance. It does not offer coverage for unforeseen or abnormal medical conditions. What it offers is a set program of preventive or “wellness” treatments that maintain or enhance your pet’s health.


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Iselin, New Jersey
They raise the prices of absolutely every procedure/medication and then say you're getting a discount. The final price is still much higher than you'd pay at any other vet. They are good for wellness visits ONLY. If your pet is sick or needs treatment or medication they fully take advantage of you and expect more and more money. Your current plan never seems to be good enough and you're constantly being told you have to "upgrade" to the next plan, and the next, and the next. STAY AWAY unless you only need a wellness vet.

Michelle S
Well after having a horrible Vet look at my pup and she went nuts when he touched her I wanted to cancel my insurance with them. Well that can't happen. It will coat me more to cancel that to keep it for the next 6 months. They get you coming and going. Even if I want my pups fixed Banfield wants 740.00 dollars when our local spay and neuter clinic is just 190.00 who is Banfield to ask for such high costs. I am sorry I did this program and will not do it ever again.

Cindy J
Fredericksburg, Virginia
My 13 year old Basset Hound was diagnosed with Lymphoma a few weeks ago. We've taken her to Banfield the entire 13 years. Over the past few days she's gotten worse, having trouble breathing. When I called on Sunday, I was told there were no appointments available. I finally convinced them to see her. She was prescribed a cough medicine. It didn't help, so I called back on Tuesday. I was told that they'd see if the Vet needed to see her. I waited several hours for a call back and it didn't come. I called back again and was told we could come get a Prescription for another cough med. She continued to get worse, so I called them back yesterday. I was told there was only one Vet in and no... Read More

Adam R
I had my pet on their ,"plan" for 5 years. Big waste of $ but I love my dog. When I started shopping around I found better plans for less $. The staff at the Banfield in Santa Cruz have been awesome. The corporation has not been so. I will get Happy Paws or Nationwide catastrophic ins. For less and it covers more of the stuff we might need, like catastrophic coverage. For a ,"Pet Hospital" they do have to ,"refer" a lot if services to other Vets. Which doesn't really qualify a business as a hospital. You can get better for less. Shop around.

Stafford, Virginia
My puppy was only seen by Banfield for over 10 years along with 3 hospital stays recommended by Banfield. Yet he was not diagnosed with diabetes until I asked about his excessive thirst If this happened to a human, he could lose their license.

Shirlie G
Discovery Bay, California
They misdignosed my cat which ended up passing away. Now I'm stuck paying for 11 months of their wellness plan for a cat that is no longer here.

Saint Petersburg, Florida
I took my cat in to banfield and the tech told me if my cat died tomorrow i could cancel. Well my cat died the following day and they keep harrassing me. I told them i am not paying for a scam and also what the tech told me. Rip off

Scott J
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
I have had the Wellness Plan at Banfield for a couple years and have taken our dog there for routine visits, Like most other reviewers, I experienced all the added charges that weren't covered under the plan. Although it was frustrating, that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as my disgust with Banfield. Less than two hours after a "routine" visit for teeth cleaning and physical my dog was crying and obviously uncomfortable. As I was petting him, I felt two large lumps in his neck. I wasn't overly concerned until the following day when my dog wouldn't stop panting. I called Banfield to schedule an appointment to bring him in and was told they had no appointments but I could come in and... Read More

[email protected]
Not worth the money. Then once they get you signed up you're trapped. Also, if your pet gets really sick, they will send you somewhere else and none of the expense is covered. Don't even consider this plan.

Kia C
Denver, Colorado
The ladies at the BANFIELD Castle Rock Colorado location were great! My senior dog ZOE received a nail trim there and they were so sweet to her and her nails look great! We'll be back :)

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