Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Insurance Review

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Banfield Pet Hospital Overview

Banfield offers a more preventive approach to pet care. Rather than providing traditional pet insurance features, they offer proactive services and preventive treatments that are designed to maintain optimum pet health. Most pet insurance policies only provide coverage when you pet experiences an illness, but Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans give you services that are designed to diagnose, treat and prevent future medical conditions.

What’s included with Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans:

Unlimited free office visits
Routine vaccines
Comprehensive physical exams
Early screening for serious illnesses
Discounts on most Banfield products & services
Predictable, reasonable monthly payments
Convenient drop-offs, evening & weekend hours
Online access to your pet's health records

The Fine Print:

Plan services are provided at significant discounts under an annual agreement. Agreements may be cancelled at any time. However, under the monthly pay option, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for. In this situation the client is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan, or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the plan less payments made (whichever is less).


The Bottom Line:

Banfield Pet Hospital’s Optimum Wellness Plan should not be confused with pet insurance. It does not offer coverage for unforeseen or abnormal medical conditions. What it offers is a set program of preventive or “wellness” treatments that maintain or enhance your pet’s health.


Latest Reviews

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Scott Joines
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Insurance review
I have had the Wellness Plan at Banfield for a couple years and have taken our dog there for routine visits, Like most other reviewers, I experienced all the added charges that weren't covered under the plan. Although it was frustrating, that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as my disgust with Banfield. Less than two hours after a "routine" visit for teeth cleaning and physical my dog was crying and obviously uncomfortable. As I was petting him, I felt two large lumps in his neck. I wasn't overly concerned until the following day when my dog wouldn't stop panting. I called Banfield to schedule an appointment to bring him in and was told they had no appointments but I could come in and sit there and they were sure they would be able to see him before the end of the day. I was a bit angered that they assumed it was ok to have me and my dog come sit in the back of the store for anywhere from 1 - 8 hours in hopes of seeing a vet. I called the vet we had previously taken him to and explained the symptoms. They told me I should bring him in as soon as I could. After a brief exam and a couple tests I was informed my dog had late stage lymphoma. Every lymph gland on my dog was severely enlarged and the ones in his neck were so swollen they were putting pressure on his airway. So 3 days after Banfield performed a "complete" physical including blood work my dog went from healthy (according to Banfield) to having 4-6 weeks to live. I contacted Banfield to ask how this could have happened and was told they found no signs of the lymphoma, the blood work was all normal and that cancer can occur quickly in dogs. Three or fours days seems extremely quick to me, does it seem quick to you? I had no intentions of writing anything about this until today after I called to cancel the Banfield Wellness Plan for my dog that I had to have euthanized 2 days ago... less than 4 weeks after I was told by Banfield he was ok. The representative told me it was no problem to cancel the Wellness Plan for my deceased dog as long as I paid $389 for the "routine visit" I took him to 4 weeks ago. Because the routine visit occurred one month after my Wellness Plan had "renewed", I either have to pay the monthly fee for the next 11 months or pay the full balance of what the routine visit would have cost if I had no Wellness Plan. Really??? I can't put in words that are probably allowed in these reviews the anger and disappointment I have towards Banfield and Pet Smart at this moment. I can only warn others by sharing my experience in hopes of saving them the same pain and anger I feel.

[email protected]
Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Insurance review
Not worth the money. Then once they get you signed up you're trapped. Also, if your pet gets really sick, they will send you somewhere else and none of the expense is covered. Don't even consider this plan.

Kia Cartwright Piele
Denver, Colorado
Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Insurance review
The ladies at the BANFIELD Castle Rock Colorado location were great! My senior dog ZOE received a nail trim there and they were so sweet to her and her nails look great! We'll be back :)

Central, South Carolina
Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Insurance review
I see why their ratings are low. I took my dog in for her first visit. I sceduled her for teeth cleaning, worm check, and eye exam. I paid well over two hundred dollars the first visit signed up for insurance which was a nightmare. They called me and stated my account information was entered wrong to deduct my monthly payments. I gavve them the info whic the called again with the same problem. I went online. Set up the accounnt they never took payments out. I called them gave info to them told them I set the account which they confirmed. I'm getting bills for payments? I called the hosp. Where I took my dog and I was told I did now owe anything so I could drop the plan. I called to drop the plan and they said I owe them $500.00. For what I paid when I went to hosp. Their sending my account to collections.

Mayvelin Riveron
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Insurance review
Never thought I would find myself writing a review, but I feel as if I have to help others and open their eyes. On October 18th, 2016, I took my miniature schnauzer, China, to the Pembroke Pines Banfield Pet Hospital for a routine check-up. I mentioned to the front staff that her appetite had decreased, but figured it was due to her 12 years of age. They called me a few hours later to inform me that China had an infected uterus and it had to be removed or she would eventually die. I found it suspicious that her daughter, Salty, had just been there a month before her and suffered from the same condition and had to have emergency surgery to have her uterus removed as well. I payed 1,100 for Salty's surgery. I brought this up and they told me it was a plainly coincidental, but stressed that she was in dire need for the removal and it had to be performed immediately to save her life. China, being my baby girl, I figured I had to do what I could to save her life. Even if I was broke, even if I had my suspicions. I pulled together every last cent I could and paid another 1,100. I picked China up that evening and took her home. She seemed sedated and out of it that night but the next day was back to normal or so I thought. At around 10 pm on October 18th, China had a horrible seizure, I panicked and called Banfield, which was closed, so I called a 24 hour vet and they told me all I could do is wait and make sure she didn't get hurt till it passed. So my family and I decided to wait till the morning to take her back to Banfield. China had four more seizures that night. I took her back to Banfield in the morning in tears, October 19th, a day I will never forget. She had another seizure in the car, almost causing me to get into an accident. I walked in with her foaming from her mouth and tears in my eyes. They took her and told me they would contact me once they evaluated her. China had never, in her 12 years, had a seizure. They called me an hour later, informing me her surgery might have caused the seizures and they needed to administer a shot, another $200 to help her. I mentioned the fact that she had never had seizures before and that I was flat broke. I had her on the "wellness" plan and if there was anything they can help me with.. if this plan covered anything at all?? They passed me around to different staff and I eventually agreed to pay the fee. They then transferred me to "the front". They thought they had put me on hold but apparently hadn't. I then heard them being completely unprofessional and disrespectful. Talking about how they were going to get my money, called me crazy and how they had covered "their ***" about the amount they had asked for. Once back on, I explained that I had heard their entire conversation and was hurt by the fact that they had absolutely no compassion for people going through such a traumatic event and that I had been nothing but kind and respectful towards them. The staff shrugged it off, somewhat apologizing and once again took my payment. That evening, I picked up China..but it wasn't China anymore. She was lost. They told me to take her to a 24 hour emergency vet for the night and I explained I had absolutely no money left. So they said to just monitor her. Dr. Levitz told me to please call and email her in the am to let her know how she was doing and she seemed truly concerned. I drove China home that evening, she cried the whole ride while my son held her in his lap. China died an hour later in my arms at home. She slowly stopped breathing. I was and still am devastated. I emailed and called the doctor the next morning and told her that she had passed and never got a call back or a response to my email. Today I called Banfield to cancel China's health plan and they told me I needed to continue paying for the next twelve months, till October 2017. My baby died, why do I need to continue to pay for my pet who is not even with us. Insurance for a nonexistent pet. When you walk in with a sick pet and they throw books of paperwork at you, you don't have time to read the fine print. You just sign away and beg for their help. This cooperation is made up of money vampires. They don't care about your pet, they don't care about you or your situation they just want your money. I believe I made the wrong decision and it cost the life of my beautiful girl. Unprofessionalism, no respect, no honor or truth to this hospital. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE.