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Rating: 8.8 / 10 (Excellent)
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Embrace Pet Insurance Agency LLC is a pet insurance provider based in Cleveland Ohio that sells policies for dogs and cats. They were founded in 2003 and are underwritten by American Modern Home Insurance Company. Embrace has an A+ rating with the BBB, consistently positive online reviews, and is known for broad coverage and fast payouts.

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Benefit Limits
Claims and Service

Overall Rating: 8.8 / 10 (Excellent)

Embrace gets good marks from us mainly on the strength of customer satisfaction. Even though plans are a little on the pricier side, and unlimited coverage is not an option, customer feedback is among the most positive. Also, Embrace offers standard coverage of many conditions and treatments not offered at all by most plans. These include behavioral therapy and prosthetics.

Embrace Coverage

Coverage Specifics

Pets Covered
Coverage Types
Vet Selection
Out of State Coverage
Commercial Pets Covered

Coverage - 10 / 10

Embrace sets itself apart from the pack in coverage because, in addition to providing for usual accidents and illnesses, the company also covers various items not traditionally offered under other companies' standard plans. These include prosthetic limbs, behavioral therapy, and alternative treatments. Embrace also offers prescription drug coverage, and a wellness plan at additional cost. As with all pet insurance plans, Embrace will not cover pre existing conditions if they were apparent before the policy purchase.

Medical Conditions Covered

  • Accidental
  • Illness
  • Hereditary
  • Congenital
  • Cancer
  • Chronic
  • Accidental Dental
  • Dental Illness

Medical Treatments Covered

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Alternative Care
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Prosthetics & Mobility Aids

Reimbursement & Maximum Benefit Limits

Reimbursement - 10 / 10

Embrace's policies are among the most customizable when compared to other companies. This includes the reimbursement model as well. Embrace will cover anywhere from 65% to 90% of your actual vet bill. Choosing a lower reimbursement percentage will translate into lower premiums.

Benefit Limits - 7 / 10

Embrace's annual maximum is also customizable, although the highest limit is lower than some other companies, and they do not offer unlimited coverage. The lowest limit is $5000, while the highest is $15,000. This refers to the maximum they will pay for all incidents and procedures for the entire year. If your pet requires multiple, serious procedures, or cutting edge treatment, it's possible this can be a limiting factor.
Reimbursement Model
Actual Cost
Minimum Percent Reimbursement
Maximum Percent Reimbursement
Benefit Limit Types
Annual Benefit Maximum

Claims, Service, & Deductibles

Claims and Service - 9 / 10

Embrace has some of the best feedback we've seen when it comes to customer service. The majority of online reviews mirror generally positive experiences. To make a claim you must fill out the claim form that was included with the enrollment email. You can also download the form on the website or have it mailed to you. Page 2 of the form must be filled out by your veterinarian. Include all relevant invoices and receipts and fax or email them all to the company. Embrace offers direct deposit to get you the reimbursement as quick as possible.

Deductibles - 8 / 10

Embrace offers deductible options that tend to be on the more flexible side as compared to other players. The company enables their customers to choose annual deductibles of $100, $200, $300, $500 and $1000. They also offer a program called Healthy Pet Deductible. Every year you do not make a claim your deductible will decrease by $50.
Advertised Response Time
15 days
Claim Form
Deductible Type
Minimum Deductible Offered
Maximum Deductible Offered

Pricing: How much does Embrace cost?

Starting Monthly Premiums

Rate Details: Annual Deductible: $1,000 Benefits Cap: $5,000 Reimbursement Model: 70% of Actual Cost

Pricing - 9 / 10

Embrace's policies are slightly higher priced when compared to other companies. But you can get a budget conscious plan by choosing the low annual limit and higher deductible.
Available Discounts: All spayed or neutered pets receive a 5% discount, If you have 2 or more pets on your policy then each pet will automatically receive a 5% multi-pet discount, If you choose to pay your policy in full each year then you will receive a 5% annual pay discount, Any pet parent (or their spouse/partner) who is actively serving in the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard will receive a 5% discount, Any pet that has been PennHIP tested with a bilateral score of 0.3 or lower is eligible for an additional 5% discount


Enrollment Age & Waiting Periods

Min Enrollment Age
6 weeks
Max Enrollment Age
14 years
Accident Waiting Period
2 days
Illnesses Waiting Period
14 days
Free Look Period
30 days

Enrollment - 8 / 10

Embrace's waiting periods are pretty much standard when compared to other companies. For accidents and illnesses the waiting period is 14 days. However, in some states the waiting period for accidents is only 24 hours. There is an additional 6 month waiting period for dogs for orthopedic conditions. Embrace will not allow pets older than 14 to enroll in illness coverage, which some other plans do.

Company Profile

Full Name
Embrace Pet Insurance
Company Website
4530 Richmond Road, Cleveland, OH, 44128
Mailing Address
PO Box 22188, Beachwood, OH, 44122

Top Rated
Our Partner
8.8 / 10
  • Strong Illness & Accident Coverage - Use Any Vet
  • Optional wellness plan & Rx coverage covers spay/neuter
  • Benefits limited to $15k/yr
  • Customizable Annual Deductible from $200-$1000

Latest Embrace Reviews

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samuel p
Staten Island, New York

Excellent Service and Quick payout, Best available Coverage and premium cost when compare to other big insurance carriers Embrace beat them all. They also offer the option to cover pet wellness cost. Highly recommend Embrace.

Joey W

Great place to feel secure in your life with your additional family member covered in any event. Safe and secure with coverage that cares.

Kathy F
Central Point, Oregon

I have been very happy with Embrace Pet Insurance. Four of my pets are covered and thankfully only one has had claims. The process is easy and Embrace paid quickly with an explanation of benefits. In addition, it was easy to choose which policy I wanted along with the deductible in order to keep the policies affordable for my income. I highly recommend Embrace Pet Insurance both for the flexibility and service.

Sheri B
Apache Junction, Arizona

My first real use of our Embrace Pet Insurance happened in late June 2017 with our 10 year old black lab, Bosley's cancer diagnosis. Bosley had a very large soft tissue tumor removed from his backside in July. Prior to the surgery, Bosely had to have around $1700 worth of tests performed and then his surgery was another $2800. Embrace processed the claims very fast and enabled us to pay off our credit card. We are waiting on another claim worth around $1400 to be processed which is for Bosley's post op and first round of chemo. Bosley will have another 5 rounds of chemo that will most likely use up all of our available insurance funding for the year. If it were not for Embrace... Read More

Vicki M
Newport Beach, California

Embrace is an extremely reliable company. They are prompt in their reimbursement, professional in their advising the status of a submission and accommodating and available for answering questions or concerns. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for Pet Insurance needs. We have been delighted with their attention to us for the past 4 1/2 years. Vicki Morris Newport Beach


My puppy had to go to ER for acute vomiting and diarrhea. X-rays revealed foreign matter had been ingested. She ended up being hospitalized with IV fluids. The bill was $1800 and she made a full recovery. After submitting my claim, and waiting two weeks Embrace denied the claim! They said vomiting was a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION!!! All because when I took her to the vet Two MONTHS before that I mentioned she vomited once. Randomly. Because puppies do that. But it was in my two week waiting period. I had to get a letter from my vet (who was outraged) and go through an appeal process. Embrace finally paid. Don't get Embrace.

Alexandra H
Natick, Massachusetts

Embrace has outstanding coverage and exceptional customer service! I have worked in the (human) insurance industry for 25 years, so when I considered pet insurance for my dog, I scrutinized each carrier's policy cover-to-cover. Embrace had, by far, the most inclusive policy with the best choices for deductibles. I have been with Embrace for eight years, and am so happy with my policy and service! I also opt for the additional "Wellness Plan" that covers routine visits and preventative care, and reimburses me about $50 more than I pay for it. Most of all, I love that Embrace gives me peace of mind that if anything were to happen to my boy, I can rest easy in knowing I can get him the best... Read More

Taunton, Massachusetts

I recommend Embrace Pet Ins. to all my family and friends. My experience with this company had been fablouse.My claims are address quickly and I am always able to get in touch by phone, customer service is excellent.

Taunton, Massachusetts

I recommend Embrace Pet Ins. to all my family and friends. My experience with this company had been fablouse.My claims are address quickly and I am always able to get in touch by phone, customer service is excellent.

North Attleboro, Massachusetts

In the same month both of our girls had medical issues. The oldest needed to have to Mass Cancer Tumors removed. The surgery was expensive but having Embrace we knew our girl was going to be fine because we could afford the surgery. During the next week our little girl developed serious urinary problems. Again Embrace made it possible for her to get all the treatments she needed. In dealing with the girls medical issues my husband became ill. Embrace paid the claims very fast taking even more stress away.

Samuel L
Mesa, Arizona

I can't say enough positive things about this company. Every time I have contacted them I have bee handled with courtesy and professionalism. I have recommended Embrace to several people. To me that is the most positive of recommendations.

Becky M

Had coverage on 5 dogs. 4 were seniors. Customer Service folks were awesome. Claims process fast. However, with the high deductibles I had to carry to be affordable and meeting $750 deductibles was very hard. Also, having a dog with allot of medical issues that weren't going to be covered I felt I was throwing my money away. My advise don't apply for insurance on dogs older then 3 years old with this company.

Bath, New York

Absolutely wonderful experience. One of our dogs tore her miniscus and ACL. After local vet evaluation it was determined that due to her weight she needed a more complex surgery. This was only provided by an out of area vet. Everything went smooths as glass. Pre-certification was a breeze. The surgery went well and the reimbursement once the forms were submitted came in a short few days. You always wonder how things will be IF you ever need the coverage. I can tell you we needed it, it was there and it was as smooth as can be. I'll happily be renewing both dog policies next year. Thank you EMBRACE for an excellent experience!!!

Steve B
Chicago, Illinois

I have been with embrace for 7 years. I set up a custom plan to cover catastrophic medical events, $1,000 deductible. I needed it twice... it was nice to know I did not have to choose between what I could afford and the life of my beloved dog. Embrace has been wonderful to deal with. All claims where promptly paid and their were no hidden exceptions. Reimbursement was exactly as I expected. The initial set up was a little work, getting all the forms filled out at the vet and sent in. I understand why Embrace asks for those. If they allowed folks to buy insurance as soon as they had a vet bill, they would not be in business very long. I can also say that everyone I spoke to... Read More

Birmingham, Michigan

I had embrace for our hairy guy and boy am i ever glad i did! He was diagnosed with a tumor on his cerebellum in april 2017 and passed away on june 25, 2017. Just awful for us, so heart breaking, we lost a cherished family member but let me tell you, having the embrace policy made this awful, horrible event so much easier to deal with. His mri / blood work was $4,000, i submitted the invoices 2 days later and boom! ....Check was in the mail within 10 days!!!! 80% of his bills have been covered / reimbursed. I have since submitted invoices for his meds and sadly his euthanasia, embrace has issued checks for those expenses as well. We miss that boy sooo much but this policy really made... Read More

Hank S
Benicia, California

We took insurance for our then 7 month old puppy 5 1/2 yea s ago. We have made numerous claims since that time. Our dog has many allergies and we give him an injection weekly. Embrace has covered this and more and is timely with their reimbursement. We recently got a new puppy and their was no question that we would take out insurance on her with Embrace. I heartily recommend Embrace insurance for your pets

Agawam, Massachusetts

my cherished English Springer Spaniel, Shelby, has been undergoing three weeks of Vet visits and constant rounds of eye drops and pills for a very stubborn eye ulcer. Now that I have met my deductible, Embrace is there to help me. I could not have really been able to afford all these costly visits to the vet and the canine eye specialist if it were not for my coverage with Embrace. The staff at Embrace has been there for me...expediting claims and answering my questions. Joey and all the staff deserve heaps of praise for their excellent customer service and most of all, their compassion. Joanie Gevry

kathryn d
Manassas, Virginia

having insurance is always a big help. claims are looked at in a timely manner. checks are done in a timely manner.

Heidi B
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Easy to process claims via the web site. Processing of our payment was seamless.

Vienna, Virginia

Please stay away from Embrace pet insurance. its a long story, so I'll give you the short version. We got a rescue, took her to the vet and they found nothing wrong, except for a slight problem with her knee. We waited the 6 months exclusion period and nothing got worse. Over thanksgiving she was in pain and I took her in for x-rays, her hips had deteriorated to the point of needing replaced. Our choices were put down the dog or get the surgery. I submitted to Embrace for pre-approval and they took 3 months to make the decision, which caused us to push her surgery back twice. They denied the claim, citing an observation that her first vet made, but had nothing to do with her hips.... Read More

Helen C

I wanted you to know how pleased and happy I am with the service at Embrace Pet Insurance. My Goldendoodle has been insured with you for years. Whenever I submitted a claim you provided a prompt response with a clear explanation. I feel my dog is so well cared for by you that it puts my mind at ease knowing that I have the people at Embrace Pet Insurance to turn to for wellness tips and prevention as well as when my dog is not feeling well. My dog has been healthy for many years but this year when she turned 10 she started having some medical issues. Embrace covered much of the cost for surgery and follow up care. I wish my own health insurance could be as responsive and as affordable... Read More

Margaret D
Weatherford, Texas

The claims we have filed were responded to immediately. The communication is very good.

Gayle M
Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York

I thought many times about letting the insurance lapse and not renewing it but the older my pet gets the more he needs his insurance. Recently he was favoring his hind quarters and sometimes falling over to the side. I brought him to his vet and he was given Rimadyl to ease his joint pain. When he went back for his recheck the vet tested him for Lymes disease and to my surprise he tested positive. His medication cost 179.00 at Rite Aid and I submitted a claim for his Lymes and the medication. It makes it so much less painful when I know I am getting money back from our visit. I am grateful for Embrace at times like these.

Robyn M
Bedford Hills, New York

Excellent customer care. Thank god i have insurance! It was very reasonably priced. My kitten has a pre-existing condion, but my animal hospital told me to just submit every bill and history and see what they choose to cover. It has actually been in my favor every time!! I get a lot back from them for everything my kitten needs! The only thing I wish Embrace was better at was sending my animal hospital the checks instead of myself. My animal hospital is great, by that they use the check first and then bill me. I have signed their waiver and sent it multiple times to Embrace to pay my animal hospital instead of myself for my coverage, but they still dont follow directions! Hope they get... Read More

Francie S
Oceanside, California

My dog tore her cruciate ligament and needed TPLO surgery. In addition, the x-rays showed she had a luxating patella that needed surgical intervention as well. Had I not been able to count on Embrace to quickly reimburse the majority of surgery costs, I'd have found myself in a very bad position financially (especially because I lost my job a couple weeks later). I have been telling every pet owner I know that insurance is a necessity, not a luxury and that based on my experience with Embrace, that they should consider them before looking into other options. The coverage through Embrace allowed me to give my beloved girl a pain free life without having to make major sacrifices in order to... Read More

Barbara H

We have 3 cavalier King Charles spaniels covered by Embrace Pet Insurance. We have been so pleased by the coverage they offer. They are easy to communicate with and with their pet portal it's always easy to keep up with. No problems filing claims and quick responses. We recommend it to all our pet friends.

Rahway, New Jersey

I decided to get pet insurance for my golden after the loss of my german shepherd to cancer. He was already 7 so I was worried, but Embrace gave me a great price and you cannot beat the customer service. To make their service even more exemplary, when my golden passed away in May 2017 to leukemia, the kind staff sent me a condolence card and lit a memorial candle in his honor. This company goes above and beyond just pet insurance. I will 100% be coming back to Embrace when we are ready to add a new pup to our family again.

Kim C

When searching for pet insurance for my three large breed dogs, I looked at probably a dozen providers. I chose Embrace because their premiums were reasonable, customer reviews were overall very positive, payment options were simple, and their website straightforward and easy to navigate. The factor that was most responsible for my decision, however, was the fact that Embrace did not automatically exclude coverage for orthopedic care for large breed dogs. Read the fine print on most other providers -- nearly all of them do not cover orthopedic care for certain breeds of dog. Their policy language was also very clear on what might be considered a pre-existing condition. On May 11,... Read More

Cindy C
Marina del Rey, California

I have happily had an insurance policy with Embrace for over 10 years for my maltipoo dog. The policy really gives me piece of mind in that I know I will have coverage for unexpected problems. They handle claims quickly and fairly. If I have any questions, their representatives are very helpful and knowledgeable and have been easy to work with each time.

Andrea F
, Washington

Fast payment, easy claim filing and no hassles at all - wow!

Monica J
Houston, Texas

I adopted my dog from a foundation that re-homes retired military working dogs and contract working dogs. My dog had no prior health problems was in incredible shape could scale a 6 foot wall and run faster than any dog I had ever seen in my life he is a pure bred shepherd with incredible hips and saw a veterinarian on a monthly basis during his time working for the government training as a explosive detection dog. Within a couple of weeks of adopting him I made the decision to put him on an insurance plan with embrace pet insurance even though it seemed like there was a very slim chance that this dog would ever have any kind of health problems. Quimby quickly stole my heart and my couch... Read More

Joe M
West Springfield, Massachusetts

We have had Embrace for seven years now. We have got a 180 lb English Mastiff that weve had from a pup, Embrace is right on top of informing you when they get a claim to let you know that they got it and its being processed. Embrace gets right in touch with you about the claim after its been looked at. Not once have weve been denied a claim in seven years and were talking about a 180lb Mastiff here. Embrace also has a wellness plan separate from the medical plan that covers yearly phisicals, that to is a very helpful plan. Seven years ago I looked into pet insurance for our boy and I looked at over 12 pet plans and we decided with Embrace. Our boy just went through torn acl surgery and... Read More

Naples, Florida

The main reason I like Embrace Pet Insurance is the fact that they answer the phone and actually talk to you and answer your questions and are very courteous. You don't have to keep pressing numbers and wait for someone to talk to! The coverage for my dog is excellent and the process time for claims is very fast. I will continue to use Embrace for Stella (now insured) and any other dogs we may have in the future! Karen McConaghy

Marisella W
Gibsonburg, Ohio

I love not having to worry about the bill if something happens to my fur baby. I know embrace has my back!

Bruce G
Friday Harbor, Washington

What an incredible service. Our Golden Retriever required complex emergency care. Unfortunately, he did not survive. We submitted claims for the very expensive medical care. Within 2 days Embrace sent us a response, covering over $4000 of our claim. Embrace is an incredible bargain, compared to the cost we would have incurred without this insurance.

Holly T

I am very pleased with my experience with Embrace Pet insurance. The staff members are very helpful and pleasant on the phone. I appreciate that they communicate every step of the way via email. I especially appreciate the email outlining my cat's pre-existing conditions for me so that I will know what to expect and not be surprised with future claims. Thank you Embrace!

Scott M
Gulf Breeze, Florida

This company has never lived up to expectations. Every chance they have to walk away from a claim, they walk. And when they do pay a claim, it's not very timely. I just received a claims check from a procedure that was done in October of last year. There has to be a better insurance company to protect our pets.

Catherine C
Port Orange, Florida

I am so pleased with the human and humane response I have had with Embrace. I often toll people on my walk about the complex where I live. Embrace the best !!!!

Seattle, Washington

On to our third surgery with our fur baby and Embrace is always so easily accessible and great to work with. Called customer service recently on more information about our upcoming survey and they were so nice and empathetic. I've had very genuine experiences every time. Thank you guys!

Nona S
Oceanside, California

I have been with Embrace for over seven years and could not be more pleased. The compassion, dedication, and efficiency of the staff is unparalleled. Regrettably, multiple surgeries have depleted my annual allotment for this year, but I look forward to resuming our relationship next year. Human insurance companies could learn a lot from Embrace and the world would be a much happier place.

Alexandria, Virginia

My dog has been insured with an Embrace accident and Illness policy for several years. The first benefit afforded to us was a deductible reduction of $150 when she had been claim free for 3 years. When my dog turned 9,she suddenly started to have one issue after another ,and Embrace was there with 80% coverage after our deductible was met. My dog has had chronic urinary infections, chronic disc disease even after surgery and dry eyes among other things.We also got coverage for acupuncture and physical therapy, Service is prompt and courteous and customer service people are easy to reach by phone or email. Coverage is not limited by illness diagnosis but by total claims and ,at... Read More

Grace Y
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

So far, so good! Embrace has honored claims and been a great company to work with. I'm very happy we signed up for their service!!

Robert C
Linthicum Heights, Maryland

Best decision for my dog and I to purchase embrace pet insurance. i know going forward that every decision for my pet will be based on her needs not on my finances. The benefit of knowing Embrace is there is invaluable and if you love your dog like I love mine pet insurance is a must have expense for peace of mind. Make sure you follow all recommendations by Embrace to ensure you know what is covered or not. This is an honest company and their personnel are top notch.

Cynthia O
Tucson, Arizona

My dogs have been covered by Embrace for a number of years. Each time we have needed their services, Embrace has done exactly what the report they will do, with a few added special kindnesses. One of our previous dogs had major surgery which was very costly. He had a very lengthy and painful recovery. Embrace paid their portion of the bill without any problems for me at all. When I had the occasion to speak with adjusters, they always wanted me to give their love and caring to our dog. Recently, we had another occasion to use Embrace for our dog Leia. She had a large cyst removed from her back. All went well. Embrace continued to come through without any complications or problems. I... Read More

Nina R
East Providence, Rhode Island

I've been using Embrace for 10 years now and can't say enough about their services. I have a mini daschund who is very healthy, however has had some bad luck in the dental department. Although dental services are not covered under his policy, he had two bruised teeth due to some sort of trauma that needed to be removed. The dental specialist worked hand in hand with the Embrace and were able to get some of my hefty bill covered which was such a huge help!!! They always go above and beyond and really care about the well-being of all of their pet clients :-) I've researched several Pet Insurance companies and Embrace is by far the best out there! No need to look any further. Thanks... Read More

Robyn A
Norton, Massachusetts

Customer service is helpful, professional, understanding, compassionate. My only complaint would be the length of time it takes to get a reimbursement and the multiple follow up with my busy vets office for further description on my dogs injury.

Abdias C
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been with Embrace for over 4 years now and it was the best decision I ever made. I was skeptical at first because I had to pay first and wait to be refunded but let me tell you my money is back in my account within the week! My dog was born with all kinds of problems had I not had embrace there was no way I could have afforded her care. To anyone else out there that is skeptical like I was believe me if you don't join Embrace that would be the only thing you would regret. Embrace will always be part of my life as long as I have a pet. If I could give this company 10 Stars I would that's how good they are!

Diane R
Phoenix, Arizona

Embrace Pet Insurance has always been very helpful anytime I have had to contact them. I am not always up on how insurances work but they have always walked me through any questions or concerns I have with great patience and courteousness.

Karen T
San Antonio, Texas

Embrace has always been upfront, prompt and honest, unlike our previous company which charged a deductible for every visit, even if the illness was the same just worded differently. Very easy to work with. Don't need an app. As paperwork can be sent straight from the vets office. Highly recommend.

Sanbornville, New Hampshire

I have had pet insurance on my three German Shepherds for three years. We've submitted two different claims for a knee injury to one, and for toxicity to the second. All I can say is thank God for embrace pet insurance because I could not have afforded the $13,000 worth of bills head I not had it. They took care of the majority of the paperwork and I had to check within three weeks each time. My dogs are my children and I'm glad this company stands by their word.

Bonnie L
Rudyard, Montana

Friendly, caring service. Speedy claim reimbursement. Would highly recommend Embrace.

Patty H
Columbus, Ohio

After my last 2 dogs passed away and spending over $10,000 on their vet care without insurance, I promised myself that I would have pet insurance on future dogs. When I adopted my next 2 girls Lucy and Georgie from the shelter, the first thing I did was get pet insurance from Embrace. I looked at many insurance companies before deciding on Embrace. My full-time job is getting Health insurance for people so I knew what to look for in getting insurance for my "girls". Embrace has exceeded my expectations and done a wonderful job in paying claims. Georgie has had numerous claims with 2 of them being life threatening. Embrace has always made immediate payments directly to my checking account... Read More


Embrace without question or hesitation is absolutely the very best insurance available to your beloved pets. They have promptly paid and covered hip dysphasia in 2 oh my pups. I can't tell you enough how fabulous customer service is. The claim processing is easy. Every night I sleep well knowing my pups are covered by a fabulous insurance provider. I highly have and will continue to recommend Embrace Pet Insurance.

carole b
Delano, California

Very impressed with the professionalism your group has shown to me in my time of need. After Dolcee passed away your staff sent condolence cards with very touching comments. It was so appreciated.

Stephen H
Hanover, Massachusetts

We had to put down our beloved Black Lab (8 years old) due to a spinal cord tumor. My wife and were devastated but the only positive of the whole experience was how wonderful Embrace was covering his claim and reimbursing us for the sizable medical bills he incurred before his euthanasia. I would (and already have) strongly recommend Embrace to any pet parent. The staff was genuinely sincere and compassionate about our loss and did their best to help us with our claim.

Joyce R
Vandalia, Ohio

We've had our dog insured since she was a puppy, about five years now. I've had a very easy time dealing with Embrace and have never had any claim be denied. Our dog developed EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) and all the initial diagnostics and all the enzymes we have to give her since then (not cheap) have been covered. It's been such a big help and I tell other pet owners often about Embrace. Other smaller illnesses that have come up have been covered, too. The people I've dealt with have always been nice, helpful and professional. The coverage seems really reasonable to me. The online policy management and claim submission is pretty good and I'm glad they have it. I'm trying to... Read More

Linda M
, Virginia

I've been using Embrace for the past few years for both my cat and dog. They're really quick with processing claims and I haven't had any issues with them denying coverage. It's also super easy to submit claim documents online on their customer website. I highly recommend Embrace.

John C
New Orleans, Louisiana

Embrace has been extremely easy to work with. They review the claims very quickly and give you a response. The check follows within a few days. When I did not understand why a claim had been denied and called, they were very helpful and suggested I resubmit the claim and add the information that I had over looked in order for them to approve the claim. We have been very pleased with them for almost the two years they have covered our dogs. We have received far more in claims than the cost of the insurance.

joe I
Eloy, Arizona

My experience with Embrace has been very positive and good. All claims have been handled in a quick, courteous manner with no hassles at all. The premiums are reasonable and fair for the benefit delivered. Having Embrace for Prince has been an excellent choice and provides great peace of mind for his normal veterinary care and for emergencies that occur, particularly with his recent encounter with Javelinas.

Herndon, Virginia

Embrace pet insurance is the best pet insurance you can get! I have had both my dogs covered for 4 years and love the peace of mind that if anything happens they will get the best care they deserve. Embrace is always quick once I submit my claims (I hear back within two weeks usually). I highly recommend Embrace!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Excellent insurance. Fast reimbursements. I highly recommend this company.

Susan A
Yucaipa, California

I have had Embrace Pet Insurance for approximately 10 years. They have paid everything that the contract promises. I have no complaints whatsoever. It has been a comfort to know that I could provide the care my dogs have needed without being concerned about cost. One dog ate gopher poison and was near death. I was able to tell the emergency vet to do whatever was necessary since I had insurance, and they treated her successfully. My other dog was able to have radiation for nasal cancer, and again, cost was not an issue. I have recommended Embrace to everyone who needed pet insurance. I particularly like that the policies can be tailored in regards to deductible and share of cost.

Sarasota, Florida

I have had other pet insurance companies that always found a reason to exclude coverage. They also only paid a portion of what they felt was "reasonable & customary"' I sometimes had to wait over a month for any reimbursement. I have had Embrace for 2 years. I am so glad that I chose Embrace for the 2 dogs I now have. I selected a 20% copay and they have always paid 80% of the actual Invoice submitted & do so promptly. The Veterinarian only has a small portion of claim form to sign & the Invoice is attached. The process is very simple for the Vet which is very good. I highly recommend Embrace to all my friends that have dogs.

Roger S
Woonsocket, Rhode Island

AGAIN I had a quick response excellent to deal with.

Teresa T
Baytown, Texas

I have had extremely good results with Embrace Pet Insurance...I have had absolutely no problem whatsoever with this company..I have sent in claims for the wellness policy as well as the illness/accident policy and have received prompt returns to my account..within a week of filing...I have recomended them to not only friends and family but also people at my vets office..I feel very assured of my pets health as a result of my coverage...affordable and efficient

dan p
Mattapan, Massachusetts

I consider getting my cat Sam insured by Embrace Pet Insurance one of the best decisions I have ever made. Their customer Service is extremely friendly and has always taken care of my claims quickly and always, it seems, in my favor. I would highly recommend them to all pet lovers.

Susan C
Bremerton, Washington

I can't tell you how many people I have recommended EMBRACE Pet Insurance to. I dog sit for a living, have worked at vets a big part of life and owned over 20 dogs. I now do not work for a vet and have moved to a new area so pay what everyone else does.. ouch! We decided to get pet insurance last year and I did exhausting comparisons. I chose EMBRACE because you can choose your deductible and coverage levels which impacts your monthly coverage. Other than that, the only real factor on price is your pets age. We recently had our sweet golden diagnosed with two brain tumors and traveled to UC Davis, California from Washington State for advanced radiation treatment, the only treatment... Read More

Rita B
Edgartown, Massachusetts

I have 3 dogs insured with illness and injury policies. Embrace is courteous to deal with, is prompt to examine a claim, and will reimburse at the rate agreed upon in whatever part of the country you live in. I live in MA and our vet bills are higher than the Midwest, for example. I have done my homework with other plans, and for my family, Embrace is the best choice. I've had Embrace insurance for 4 years.

Vivian h
Washington, District of Columbia

My 2 year old Rottweiler Halo injured her leg very badly. We had extensive physical therapy and finally ended up having TPLO surgery. The staff at embrace were very caring and very helpful walking me through my coverage and my claims. Embrace was very fast in acknowledging my claim submissions and very fast refunding my vet expenses. My family is very thankful to everyone at embrace they are a great company to deal with!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰Vivian Hurley

Highland Park, Illinois

Embrace is amazing! I had been skeptical about buying pet insurance, considering my experience in dealing with personal health insurance companies, as we all know. We have Embrace insurance for our 2 year old Lab Retriever, and have had every claim promptly covered with no hassle, including two large claims for injuries. No arguments, no evasion, no problems. They just direct deposit the reimbursements to my bank account. I can't compare Embrace with any other pet insurance company in terms of service, but I don't know how anyone else could do better. I did compare the rates and benefits a couple of years when we first enrolled, and Embrace seemed to be the most cost effective for... Read More

Aurora, Colorado

Until recently, I had all three of my dogs covered under Embrace. Sadly, I had to put one of them to sleep, and contacted Embrace about my loss. They were very helpful and kind. They removed him from the plan, updated my paperwork, and notified me of my new monthly payments. My only comment is that once my pet was removed, I was no longer able to see his pending/submitted claims. I would like to see in the future a way to still have access to my pets records even when they are no longer covered. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my little friend. Kristi

Gentry V

I can not say enough wonderful things about Embrace Pet Insurance. My one & half year old little baby Italian Greyhound, Athena, had some major seizures and a fever over 104 the first of this year. We rushed to the emergency pet center and the next day she was admitted to the hospital for a week. After numerous tests, including a MRI and spinal tap, we discovered she had an infection in her spinal fluid. 80% of the over $7,000 costs were paid by Embrace. We are still in follow-up care and I know that Embrace is there for us. Taking out this insurance is one of the smartest purchases a loving animal parent can do for their beloved pet. Thank you. Gentry V.

Cathy P
Lanai, Hawaii

Highly recommend Embrace. Never had any problems contacting them and all questions can be resolved by either one short phone call with very knowledgeable staff, or by looking at their website. My vet (VCA) is familiar with Embrace and automatically submits claims for my two dogs. I get prompt notices from Embrace of claims submissions and claims processing. I highly recommend Embrace to anyone who has pets. Definitely worth it !

Amanda C
Springfield, Virginia

My dog has been covered by Embrace for almost a year now and I so happy with the coverage he has. I have the Accident/Injury Coverage as well as the Wellness Plan. For the amount of coverage he gets, the price is pretty reasonable. During my first 30 days of coverage, Embrace reviewed his medical records and reached out to me to discuss conditions that would be permanently and temporarily excluded. My dog had some well-documented pee-existing health conditions (allergies and anxiety), so I was not surprised these were permanently excluded. Dates were given for when the temporary exclusions would expire. The customer service is excellent and payment is pretty fast. Overall, I would highly... Read More

Heidi O
Durham, North Carolina

Buy pet insurance from Embrace. Our policy paid for itself within the first few months when our puppy had Parvo. A year and a half later he had to have an exploratory laparotomy for a bowel obstruction. Between these 2 claims we had another for his anal glands to be removed and all 3 claims were covered. Embrace has saved us several thousand dollars and reimbursed us quickly. We honestlly have nothing negative to say about them. Thank you Embrace!!!

Maria V
Conroe, Texas

I've been a client of Embrace Pet Insurance for over 10 years. I have three dogs and it has been the best investment I've ever made. At the beginning you will think "it is a waste of money" but with time, just like us, our best friends begin to age and they start having some health issues. Embrace Pet Insurance has helped us with unexpected medical emergencies and health issues. All I have to say is that I REALLY appreciate all the help. They are always nice and the payment is very quick. If you have pets, you have to have Embrace Pet Insurance.

Erica Q

No complaints here. Very quick in processing claims. ๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ–’

Mel B
Germantown, Maryland

I cannot say enough good things about this company. We have both our dogs insured through Embrace and I wouldn't have it any other way. I often recommend it to friends because they cover a portion of my vet bills, not just some arbitrary amount. They also cover breed-specific conditions (i.e. big dogs are more susceptible to hip dysplasia and it's covered, so long as your pet is insured before they develop signs/symptoms!). This year our dog hurt her back and after trying lots of different pain/anti-inflammatory meds and rest to no avail we decided to try physical therapy and acupuncture. Embrace covered BOTH! It's so cool that they cover alternative medicines and even better that my dog... Read More

Dawn F
Gaithersburg, Maryland

I have a collie who seems to attract a new nasty germ every year. Giardia, MRSP... And every time, I think "well, this time Embrace is going to cancel me or jack my rate up or find a reason not to pay." I am wrong every time. My claims are paid quickly, there's no hassle, and the rates are comparable to other pet insurance companies. Embrace takes a lot of tension out of my life, exactly when I need them the most.

Gloria D
Jersey City, New Jersey

I take the health of my pet very seriously. I am so thankful for all the updates and e-mails Embrace provides. They are so kind and caring. They go above and beyond, i don't have a printer and my vet needed to fill out paperwork they so kindly sent the paperwork to her for me. Very, very pleased!!!Embrace A plus!!

Harold S

We have a 9 year old GoldenDoodle and have had Embrace Insurance since he was a puppy. Our claims have always been taken care of promptly without any issues. Recently, we have had a serious issue involving a tumor in his knee and Embrace has been wonderful to deal with. This is a very difficult time for us but there is necer an issue with payment of his veterinary bills. We would recommend Embrace to anyone for compassionate, efficient handling of claims.

Dan M
Seattle, Washington

The entire team at Embrace is top-notch. We have been customers for 10+ years and have never once regretted the investment in our dogs health. Claims are processed quickly, fairly and transparently. And the entire team makes you feel part of the family rather than just an anonymous customer.

Matt W
Visalia, California

They refused a legitimate claim for no valid reason

Todd B
Des Moines, Iowa

I had a very bad experience with Embrace Pet Insurance. I purchased insurance in May 2016 and had my first incident in December of 2016 when I had my dog at the vet for vomiting and diarrhea. My claim was denied because they felt he had a preexisting condition that was possibly chronic because he had been to the vet 6 months earlier with the same core symptoms. They didnโ€™t identify it as a preexisting condition until after I filed the claim and they reviewed his records. I understand preexisting conditions and I may be to blame for not reading my policy completely. I do think, however, that it is a questionable business practice to allow you to continue to pay premiums when you... Read More

Chula Vista, California

This pet insurance is horrible. My cat got a urinary blockage and they went back over a year in his records to conjure up a pre-existing condition. My claim and appeal was completely denied. Don't trust them when they say they go back only a year in your animal's health records. That is an "alternative truth" aka complete lie. I cancelled my insurance.

terrie r
San Diego, California

I got a policy 3 months ago and after 3 months they sent me a letter saying they would not cover certain things. After much time on the phone I cancelled my policy and ask for my money back. This was after they basically put me through hoops with extra things like orthopedic exams (that I paid for) and the vet said the dog was fine orthopedically. Beware of this company, while my dog is perfectly healthy now, my thought is they will find a reason not to pay if something were to ever come up.

Silver Spring, Maryland

My dear canine companion has been insured by Embrace for 2 and a half years now, since she was 10 weeks old. With every claim, be it routine wellness or emergency, Embrace has responded fairly and quickly. I did extensive research prior to switching to Embrace from my former dog's insurance company. Embrace is by far the best with their coverage, their customer service and their response time. I highly recommend Embrace to everyone!

Kathy F
Wooster, Ohio

I would give you an excellent rating if it were not for your refusal to cover growths in the mouth. I dont understand this. If a vet says the growth needs removed and sent for histopath then i think it should be covered. I understand dental hygeine and broken teeth and things like that but removing something that could be cancer should be treated just as if it were on another part of the body. I like embrace but will continue to search for insurance that will cover things in the mouth.

Barbara C
Springfield, Massachusetts

BEWARE! Only gave 1 star bc I couldn't give 0 (zero). This company is always ready to find an excuse to not pay. Undue stress with every claim. Extremely expensive monthly premiums (300.00 for two dogs) for the amount of aggravation you go through over EACH claim! Very slow in processing and they DON'T do their job. Say they send requests to vets but when you call the vet the vet tell you they were never contacted. Horrible customer service. Can never get a manager. Nothing but a constant argument. Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

Judith S
Orange Park, Florida

Embrace is the absolute best. They have literally saved my dog's life. He has polyneuropathy which is a death sentence for other dogs. They have covered not only his acupuncture but also his stem cell injections that my dog Leo gets from the University of Florida vet school. There is no question that without Embrace my dog would be dead. Not only that, but in my many years with them, they have never, at any time, given me any difficulties with covering a claim and have always been courteous and caring to deal with. I could not possibly recommend them more highly.

Laura W
Topsham, Maine

I purchased this insurance for my beloved boxer dog. He was diagnosed with a large cancer mass in his chest and given two to three days to live. I was heartbroken but now I am just angry. Embrace denied my claim because my dog had a skin tag in the past!!!!! Yep they said a skin tag is a pre existing condition of getting a cancer mass. DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU!!!!

Rachel S
Ashtabula, Ohio

I have had my border collie covered by Embrace since he was a puppy, and have been quite satisfied with the insurance. They have covered and paid many claims for him, including alternative therapies for various injuries (Chiropractic, laser therapy, massage). I have never had a problem with them.

Leah T
Richmond, Virginia

Thinking about getting pet insurance through Embrace? Don't do it. They're the biggest scammers in the business. Yes, I read articles that recommended them, too. Don't believe them. I recently submitted a claim for diagnostic tests on my dog's potentially cancerous mouth tumor. Two very highly rated and trusted veterinarians said the mass needed to be tested (since something like 40% of dog mouth tumors are indeed cancerous). Both vets also recommended a tooth cleaning since the dog would be under anesthesia, anyway. I submitted my claim for the procedure, fully expecting to be reimbursed according to the terms of my policy--for the anesthesia, for the excision of the potentially... Read More

Courtney K
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Embrace is great because of one thing. They offer wellness programs. You can chose how much you would like to spend for the year on your pet for vet services and grooming! Even if you purchase from PetSmart or a different vet they will cover the cost. Such awesome program to have my pet on.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Do not use this insurance. I have had it for a year on four dogs of different ages. It is a really bad insurance. Their motto is protect the business of Embrace. They will not pay on anything. The number one reason is "FLATULENCE." They keep saying animals must not have any gas for a Full Year. We all know people cannot do this and to think an animal can is ridiculous. Sure you might only pay $15 or $20 a month but when nothing is covered it is a Waste of money. If I could give a negative star I would. It would accept this review without putting at least a star.

Rawson C
Ormond Beach, Florida

I filed my first claim on April 6th via email. Great communication, prompt pay. It's been less than 10 days and the check's on its way! What more can you ask for?

Rebecca g
San Diego, California

LET ME JUST TELL YOU HOW TERRIBLE THIS INSURANCE IS! It is a complete money scam and they DO NOT care about the animals they cover at all. We bought this policy on a whim. 3 days later my cat actually ended up needing to be rushed to the pet emergency. Thank goodness we just got this insurance right?! WRONG not only do they have a 2 week-ish waiting period that is in fine print so small you can't even find it, they also didn't even put the policy into effect until days after buying it making the wait time even longer. Now not only will they not cover any of the emergency treatment my baby needs to stay alive but because it occurred during the wait time they consider it an pre existing... Read More

Kim K
Seattle, Washington

I have 2 10yr old Labs. Embrace has covered all things they have said they would withing the guidelines of the policy. They went out of their way to get my pups medical history and any additional information from the vets office. I don't know if the have the best overall coverage but i'm very happy with the coverage I have and the customer service that I receive. I absolutely recommend Embrace. And no, I have nothing to do with the company other than them being my chosen canine insurer. Have a blessed day

Todd T
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Was offered a trial subscription from the pet rescue. Researched them and thought it was a good option. Signed up and provided payment info. Printed off a claim form, per their requirements. The claim form they fill in the pet/owner info....with a disclaimer I was not eligible to submit a claim for an additional month....only thought about filing a claim due to their emails stating yes, now I was eligible, providing eligibility date. Bottom line bait and switch practices are a terrible way to do business, I gladly pay more with another provider who honors their word/contract.

Hollywood, Florida

Bad company! They lie about coverage.

Erica J
Denver, Colorado

My puppy had a kennel cough prior to his bordetella vaccine, and prior to his coverage, which was obviously not covered. However, 5 months later, and after all vaccines, he developed another cough. He was diagnosed with a different problem than kennel cough, and was put on a different antibiotic. Embrace would not cover this because I was supposed to prove that it was unrelated to the cough 5 months prior, and because I did not have diagnostics to prove the second cough was different from the first. Even with the vet's letter stating it wasn't the same. When I asked what diagnostics I should have gotten to prove the coughs were unrelated, they could not answer the question. My... Read More

Dave G

The negative reviews are not isolated and there is a common theme: Embrace will refuse to pay for any treatment if they can find any (even unrelated) excuse not to do so. If your dog has ever had any common ailment, years later it will be used an excuse to not pay for potentially life saving treatments. Even though you MUST complete the various initial vet exams to show your dog to be of good health with no pre-existing, chances are very good coverage will still be denied. Claims take many weeks if not months to complete and they will be reviewed (and rejected) by vet techs, not actual DVMs. Do not waste your money on this insurance scam and DO NOT rely on it being there when making life... Read More

Elizabeth R

The coverage seems fair, and competitive with other plans. But, buyer beware, they only accept automatic deduction payments from your checking account or from a credit card, and they offer NO way to change the date of the auto-deduct. If you call Customer Service (even with plenty of time ahead of your payment date), they will advise that the day of the month that you started your policy will forever be your auto-deduct date. NO exceptions, and there is NO way to request another date instead. So, if your auto-deduct is on the 3rd of the month, and that is hard for you to manage with rent, etc., there is no way to request the auto-deduct at a different time in the month. Currently,... Read More

Chris W
Westminster, Maryland

Embrace was great for the first year I had them and did exactly what they promised. Now, they have denied claims that my vet has certified as illness claims with a signed letter and pet records to support it. They still won't pay. Unacceptable, especially when we pay hundreds a month to cover our five pets. I will be finding another provider ASAP. Unacceptable.

Dogs B
Altoona, Iowa

Buyer beware...they dont have a veterinarian on staff reviewing claims, they have non vet med claims adjusters, and they have absolutely flubbed a no-brainer claim for me, denying my dogs final death claim as a pre existing condition. My vet and the ER Vet Hospital both support my side, both in disbelief at the stretch Embrace is going for at denying my claim. There was no pre existing condition, they are trying to connect two non-related things together as a means to not pay. I'm utterly heart broken over what they are putting me though. I thought they were a reputable company when I purchased my dogs coverage ....I did my research. I'm... Read More

Plainfield, Illinois

Review regarding online quoting system: + allows for seemingly every modification to the quote you would like to make + doesn't appear to have a one time administrative fee + definitely the best quoting site for pet insurance I've found so far

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