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Rating: 8.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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How is Embrace rated?
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Why They're a Great Choice

Embrace pet insurance has an A+ rating with the BBB, and offers insurance plans for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats. We looked at their online reviews with several of the most popular review websites for the pet insurance industry and they consistently came out highly ranked. In addition, a third party article written by the Seattle Times also ranked Embrace highly because of their broad coverage, big ticket item coverage and faster payouts. Their optional wellness plan costs a bit extra, but can be used to pay for your routine checkups or even a spay/neuter surgery (up to a max of $200 or $400 per year). They have a reputation for ease of use and coverage that is truly "nose to tail."


What's Included with Embrace:

  • Accidents, illnesses, genetic conditions and even chronic conditions.
  • Wellness plans that will cover routine care or even spay/neuter surgery up to an annual max (either $200 or $400)
  • Maximum payouts from $5,000

Plan Details

 Type of contract

 12 months

 Enrollment age

 At least 6 weeks old, upper age limit for both cats and dogs is according to breed type

 Effective date

 Refer to declaration page

 Waiting period

 14 days after effective data

 Out of state coverage


 Claims and policy price

 NO increase in premiums due to claims made

 Age limit

Certain age restrictions apply during enrollment but there  are no age limits in terms of policy extensions

 Annual deductible

 $100, $200, $300, $500 and $1000

 Claim limit

 Plan dependent, Maximum lifetime payment $50,000


What does it cover?

Pets covered – Cats and Dogs

Baseline coverage

a. Illness

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications (optional)

b. Accident and Injury

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications (optional)

c. Pre-existing conditions

NOT covered

d. Congenital conditions

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.

e. Chronic conditions

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.

f. Cancer

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.

g. Wellness coverageCovered as plan add on

  • Vaccinations
  • Routing checkups
  • Dental care

Dental treatment is covered if caused by an accident

h. PregnancyNOT covered

i. Special coverage

  • Alternative therapy – if recommended and performed by a licensed veterinarian
  • Hip dysplasia - as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.


The Fine Print:

  • Embrace has age limitations on their policies. If your dog or cat is 6 or older you might not be eligible for certain coverage, but once your pet is covered it's for life.
  • They also offer drug coverage as an add-on, which is typically something you don't have to pay extra for. 

Final Sniff

Excellent customer service and coverage are just some of the great points that enable Embrace Pet Insurance to stand out from the crowd. Embrace offers highly customizable plans that cater to pet-specific needs and, of course, your budget. This makes it easier for pet parents to find a pet insurance plan and finally give their pets the coverage they need. Embrace comes 4th in our Best Pet Insurance reviews simply because it fails to provide the cover for older pets. 

The Bottom Line:

If you have a younger pet, Embrace is a fantastic choice!

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John Church
New Orleans, Louisiana
Embrace has been extremely easy to work with. They review the claims very quickly and give you a response. The check follows within a few days. When I did not understand why a claim had been denied and called, they were very helpful and suggested I resubmit the claim and add the information that I had over looked in order for them to approve the claim. We have been very pleased with them for almost the two years they have covered our dogs. We have received far more in claims than the cost of the insurance.

Excellent insurance. Fast reimbursements. I highly recommend this company.

Susan Alpern
I have had Embrace Pet Insurance for approximately 10 years. They have paid everything that the contract promises. I have no complaints whatsoever. It has been a comfort to know that I could provide the care my dogs have needed without being concerned about cost. One dog ate gopher poison and was near death. I was able to tell the emergency vet to do whatever was necessary since I had insurance, and they treated her successfully. My other dog was able to have radiation for nasal cancer, and again, cost was not an issue. I have recommended Embrace to everyone who needed pet insurance. I particularly like that the policies can be tailored in regards to deductible and share of cost.

Ottawa, Ontario
I have had other pet insurance companies that always found a reason to exclude coverage. They also only paid a portion of what they felt was "reasonable & customary"' I sometimes had to wait over a month for any reimbursement. I have had Embrace for 2 years. I am so glad that I chose Embrace for the 2 dogs I now have. I selected a 20% copay and they have always paid 80% of the actual Invoice submitted & do so promptly. The Veterinarian only has a small portion of claim form to sign & the Invoice is attached. The process is very simple for the Vet which is very good. I highly recommend Embrace to all my friends that have dogs.

Teresa Turner
I have had extremely good results with Embrace Pet Insurance...I have had absolutely no problem whatsoever with this company..I have sent in claims for the wellness policy as well as the illness/accident policy and have received prompt returns to my account..within a week of filing...I have recomended them to not only friends and family but also people at my vets office..I feel very assured of my pets health as a result of my coverage...affordable and efficient

dan price
Hyde Park, Massachusetts
I consider getting my cat Sam insured by Embrace Pet Insurance one of the best decisions I have ever made. Their customer Service is extremely friendly and has always taken care of my claims quickly and always, it seems, in my favor. I would highly recommend them to all pet lovers.

Susan Chambers
I can't tell you how many people I have recommended EMBRACE Pet Insurance to. I dog sit for a living, have worked at vets a big part of life and owned over 20 dogs. I now do not work for a vet and have moved to a new area so pay what everyone else does.. ouch! We decided to get pet insurance last year and I did exhausting comparisons. I chose EMBRACE because you can choose your deductible and coverage levels which impacts your monthly coverage. Other than that, the only real factor on price is your pets age. We recently had our sweet golden diagnosed with two brain tumors and traveled to UC Davis, California from Washington State for advanced radiation treatment, the only treatment... Read More

Rita Brown
I have 3 dogs insured with illness and injury policies. Embrace is courteous to deal with, is prompt to examine a claim, and will reimburse at the rate agreed upon in whatever part of the country you live in. I live in MA and our vet bills are higher than the Midwest, for example. I have done my homework with other plans, and for my family, Embrace is the best choice. I've had Embrace insurance for 4 years.

Vivian hurley
My 2 year old Rottweiler Halo injured her leg very badly. We had extensive physical therapy and finally ended up having TPLO surgery. The staff at embrace were very caring and very helpful walking me through my coverage and my claims. Embrace was very fast in acknowledging my claim submissions and very fast refunding my vet expenses. My family is very thankful to everyone at embrace they are a great company to deal with!!! 😉Vivian Hurley

[email protected]
Embrace is amazing! I had been skeptical about buying pet insurance, considering my experience in dealing with personal health insurance companies, as we all know. We have Embrace insurance for our 2 year old Lab Retriever, and have had every claim promptly covered with no hassle, including two large claims for injuries. No arguments, no evasion, no problems. They just direct deposit the reimbursements to my bank account. I can't compare Embrace with any other pet insurance company in terms of service, but I don't know how anyone else could do better. I did compare the rates and benefits a couple of years when we first enrolled, and Embrace seemed to be the most cost effective for... Read More

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