There are two major selling points why people choose to enroll in the services of an online personal trainer. Online personal training services are cheaper and because it is more convenient compared to face-to-face personal training services. Which makes it a very attractive option for those who constantly find themselves struggling to balance their time with work and keeping themselves healthy.

An online personal training service makes it possible for you to set your own workout schedule and train in the convenience of your home. And with some gym monthly memberships running into the hundreds of dollars, subscribing to an online personal training service for a couple of dollars a month is a steal.  

Searching for an online personal trainer can be confusing. This is especially true for those with no prior experience of training in a gym or working with a personal trainer. With no shortage of online personal training services, the hunt for the best online training service can be challenging.  

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How We Compare Online Personal Trainer

Workout Programs


The secret to finding the best online personal trainer is to find one that works best for your fitness goal. Find a personal training service that offers a variety of workout programs that are designed to specifically answer individual health and fitness goals. The more variety of workout programs offered, the higher likelihood of finding a workout program that works for you.

Training Features


Each workout program is designed to answer individual fitness goals. A workout program that comes with very detailed nutrition guides, meal plans, training frequency for example shows how much work has been placed in creating the program. Training features should also include options for choosing the level of difficulty or consider individual goals and fitness levels.

Tools and Applications


For ease-of-use and better tracking, online personal training services should include tools and applications in their services. This should also include instructional videos, workout and progress trackers, account management, and calculators. Online personal training apps makes this even more convenient. The ability to train anywhere, anytime is just one of the few advantages of switching to an online service.

Customer Assistance


Unlike face-to-face interactions, the quality of support and feedback is essential. The ability to interact with your online personal training service is essential. Most online personal trainers allow personal feedback and support via online chat, instant messaging or dedicated phone lines. Blogs, knowledgebase, video tutorials, how-to-articles, and community forums should be offered.

Plan Details


Whether it’s a monthly subscription program or a one-time purchase, online personal trainer services are a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer. Prices could depend on the level of training program enrolled in and the complexity of the program.