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Learn how our experts identify and compare the essential factors of mortgage refinance to find the best option for you. From refinance rates and mortgage types to mortgage related fees and reviews , we research everything you need to know to make a decision.
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How we Compare Mortgage Refinance

Refinance Rates - 20%
Mortgage Types - 15%
Home Related Loans - 10%
Qualifying - 20%
Mortgage Related Fees - 20%
Reviews - 15%

Refinance Rates Compared

Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing, mortgage rates will always be a huge factor in deciding which mortgage lender to work with. The market plays a big role in determining mortgage rates and if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of purchasing a home when mortgage rates were considerably higher then, refinancing with today’s mortgage rates can be a good idea.

Mortgage Refinance with the Best Refinance Rates:  LendingTree VA Refinance RatesLendingTree Refinance RatesLoan Depot Refinance Rates
LendingTreeLoan DepotSoFiQuicken LoansRefinanceCalculatorLendingTree VARate MarketplaceGuide to Lenders
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Mortgage Types Compared

A majority of those applying for home refinancing are homeowners. And most of these find themselves struggling with monthly mortgage payments based on mortgage rates based on a poor economy or when mortgage rates were much higher.

Home refinancing allows you to switch to a fixed mortgage with longer terms or to an adjustable rate setup where you start with lower mortgage payments.

*** Streamline home refinance – available for existing clients who would like to avail of a mortgage refinance with the same company. Advantages of this type of mortgage refinancing include quicker closing times, no closing, no application, and no appraisal fees.

Mortgage Refinance with the Best Mortgage Types:  LendingTree Mortgage TypesLoan Depot Mortgage TypesSoFi Mortgage Types
LendingTreeLoan DepotSoFiQuicken LoansRefinanceCalculatorLendingTree VARate Marketplace

Home Related Loans Compared

These financial services gives homeowners additional options for taking out cash through their home’s equity. Your home equity is the dollar value difference between the outstanding balance in your mortgage and your home’s value.

  • Cash out refinancing
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Home equity loans
Mortgage Refinance with the Best Home Related Loans:  LendingTree Home Related LoansLendingTree VA Home Related Loans
LendingTreeLoan DepotSoFiQuicken LoansRefinanceCalculatorLendingTree VARate MarketplaceGuide to Lenders
Cash Out Refinancing
Reverse Mortgage
Home Equity Loans

Qualifying Compared

Home refinancing is a good option for homeowners struggling with their monthly payments. And most of these are homeowners who might have suffered a downturn in their credit situation. Qualifying for a home loan can be very difficult. We scored companies according to how home refinancing requests are approved.

  • Income to debt ratio
  • Credit score
  • Employment
Mortgage Refinance with the Best Qualifying:  LendingTree QualifyingQuicken Loans QualifyingRefinanceCalculator Qualifying
LendingTreeLoan DepotSoFiQuicken LoansRefinanceCalculatorLendingTree VARate MarketplaceGuide to Lenders
Income to Debt Ratio35% or more35% or lower50% or more50% or more40% or more35% or more50% or moreN/A
Credit Score580 or better580 or better620 or better620Fair580 or better620 or better599 or better
EmploymentAt least 2 yearsAt least 2 yearsAt least 2 yearsAt least 2 yearsDepends on the lenderAt least 2 yearsAt least 2 yearsN/A

Mortgage Related Fees Compared

These are fees that add up to the costs of refinancing your home. Applying for home refinancing with your current mortgage lender may help ease the burden of paying some of these fees.

  • Application fee
  • Loan origination fee
  • Appraisal fee
  • Inspection fee
  • Closing fee
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Private mortgage insurance (PMI)

*** No cost refinancing – an arrangement where the lender agrees to pay the closing costs but charges you with higher interest rates. This could also be done by including closing fees into your loan and payments are included in your mortgage payments.

LendingTreeLoan DepotSoFiQuicken LoansLendingTree VARate MarketplaceGuide to Lenders
Application Fee
Loan Origination Fee
Appraisal Fee
Inspection Fee
Closing Fee

Reviews Compared

We reviewed the general sentiment of homeowners and their experience with the company. Mortgage lenders who practice good customer service and were awarded good scores in customer review sites were rated higher in our reviews.

Mortgage Refinance with the Best Reviews :  LendingTree Reviews LendingTree VA Reviews Loan Depot Reviews

Full Mortgage Refinance Comparison

Refinance RatesMortgage TypesHome Related LoansQualifyingMortgage Related FeesReviews
LendingTree Mortgage Refinance9.
Loan Depot Mortgage Refinance9.
Rocket Mortgage Refinance9.
SoFi Mortgage Refinance9.08.58.759.09.08.0
Quicken Loans Mortgage Refinance9.
RefinanceCalculator Mortgage Refinance9.
LendingTree VA Mortgage Refinance9.
Rate Marketplace Mortgage Refinance8.
Guide to Lenders Mortgage7.757.
Cardinal Financial Mortgage Refinance8.
AmeriValue Mortgage Refinance8.
Military Mortgage VA Loan Mortgage Refinance4.
Lenda Mortgage Refinance5.
Chase Mortgage Refinance6.
Wells Fargo Mortgage Refinance3.
Bank of America Mortgage Refinance5.
PenFed Mortgage Refinance5.
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