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To find the best mortgage refinance lenders with no closing costs, we evaluated their terms, types, fees, financial reputation, and reviews.
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Most of us remember the devastation that was caused by the collapse of the housing market almost 10 years ago. In early 2006, housing prices peaked; they began to decline in 2006 and 2007, and on December 30, 2008, the Case-Shiller...
Refinancing Your Home Mortgage Loan
So, you’re thinking of refinancing your home? That’s a great idea because it’s possible that you could save a substantial amount of money on your mortgage – every month and over the life of your loan. Of course, there are many...
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Similar to the stock market, mortgage rates fluctuate daily from Monday through Friday. They can even change during the course of a day in certain circumstances. If you are a homeowner with an existing mortgage, sometime during the course of your...
Is a Mortgage Refinance Right for Me?
A recent study shows that more than 3 million borrowers could save $200 a month or more, with nearly 1 million having the potential to save $400 a month or more. SHOULD I REFINANCE MY MORTGAGE? With mortgage interest rates at...