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Top 10 Language Software

We compare the Best Language Software available today. Learn about the top language software with the best tools and methodology to help you learn a new language easily. 

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  • Our #1 Choice: Learn Spanish, French, English, German, Italian & More!
  • Trusted by major companies, institutions & government agencies
  • Highly flexible, pattern-based learning
  • Specialized language courses to meet individual needs
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  • Learn Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese & More!
  • Discount: Save 15% off right now
  • 30-day no-risk guarantee
  • 50 years, 50 languages
  • Courses are divided in levels and lessons
  • The greatest thing is that they teach you to be conversational
  • Learn a language the way you speak it
  • Lots of audio lessons
  • Heavy focus on proper pronunciation and speaking skills
  • Don't just speak, read and write a new language
  • Free Trial
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • MUZZY is for Kids Ages 2 - 18
  • World's Leading Language Course for Kids
  • Access to seven languages (Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Korean, English & Italian) 
  • No memorization, all-new animation, videos & games.
  • Affordable plans & money-back guarantee
  • Works on all Web-connected devices
  • Learn up to 14 languages online
  • Set your own pace when learning a new language
  • Integrated speech recognition
  • Learn anytime and anywhere using your tablet or smartphone
  • Start learning for as low as $6.95 (12 months)
  • 20-day money back guarantee with no questions asked
  • Teaching approach specific to language being studied
  • In-depth instructions
  • Used by US Military, senior personnel at the UN and UNICEF, executives of Fortune 500 companies, and students at Harvard Business School and other leading universities.



  • Communicative approach
  • Activities that complement a learning objective
  • Used by government agencies, business and learning institutions
  • Free Trial Offer
  • Flexible Learning Course
  • More than 100 languages offered
  • Typing activities
  • EveryVoice technology for oral practice
  • Downloadable eBooks 
  • Hundreds of hours of audio lessons
  • Speed learning approach
  • Learn anywhere
  • Loaded with content
  • Learn the basics of a new language quickly
  • Course is too basic
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Best Language Software: Summed Up

Company Name Strengths
1Rosetta StoneBest Overall
2PimsleurLearning Format, Levels of Learning
3Rocket LanguagesLearning Format, Levels of Learning
Weighing the Essential Qualities



Teaching Method - 30%

Learning Format - 25%

Levels of Learning - 20%

Price - 15%

Languages - 10%