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Home Warranty of America Review

Home Warranty of America is home warranty service that offers protection against the rising cost of home system and appliance repair and replacement. HWA provides quality service through a variety of home warranty plans that are designed to meet individual needs and budgets. Home Warranty of America makes maintaining your home’s appliance and systems more cost-effective by helping cover costly repairs. 

HWA provides home warranty services for older homes and does not require inspection prior to approval. It also offers a unique Green Plan that replaces old appliances with energy star compliant products. 


Home Warranty of America offers two basic plans. These are Premier and Premier Plus. Premier is the company’s most basic plan but shares many of the same covered items as Premier Plus. The difference is it does not cover air conditioning systems. Also, Premier Plus extends coverage to include more than 30 items not traditionally covered by home warranty plans, increases toilet replacement to up to $500, and covers plumbing fixtures. HWA offers enhanced coverage with a list of optional items. 

Covered in both plans:

Heating System/Furnace
Water Heater
Plumbing System
Permanent Sump Pump
Electrical System
Garbage Disposal
Built-in Microwave
Trash Compactor
Exhaust Fan
Whirlpool Bath Tub
Door Bells
Ceiling Fans
Central Vacuum
Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems
Kitchen Refrigerator
Washer/Dryer Package


*** Green Plus - Covered system or appliance will be replaced with an ENERGY STAR Qualified Product

• Dishwasher, Refrigerator and Clothes Washer

• Heating System replacement with 90% efficiency model

• Water heater replacement with Tankless Water heater


For a more detailed look at Home Warranty of America’s coverage please check their sample coverage



Premiums are determined by state but are typically $580/year for Premier and $695/year for Premier Plus. This figure comes down if you select an $100 trade call fee as opposed to $75.

Fine Print

You may cancel within 30 days of acceptance of HWA™ if no service request has been made. If so canceled by the contract holder, the contract holder is entitled to a full refund of the contract proceeds less a cancellation fee of the lesser of $30 or 10% of the contract fee.


Final Thoughts - Home Warranty of America

Home Warranty of America or HWA does offer a good services and prices for both their plans. But it lacks coverage for some of the most basic home items including air conditioning or cooling systems, which are only offered in Premier Plus. Adding this on will increase your monthly payments and drive your home warranty premiums significantly higher.






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Allen, Texas
This company has the worst customer service and follow through of any company. You cannot speak to a supervisor, nor to the same person you spoke with last time. This means that the first 5 minutes of your call are spent bringing the new person up to speed. Plus, if you complain at all, then you will get even worse service. This is the only company that I have been hung up on multiple times, and even told that they need to get to other, more important customers. I have a water heater that went out, their contractor was going to take a week to replace, and so they gave me approval to use my own plumber but now refuse to cover the cost. Their contractors do not respond in appropriate times... Read More

New York, New York
I am completely astonished that a company like this can or is allowed to stay in business. We have been without a refrigerator for 6 weeks now and still waiting. Very hard with 4 kids. First it took a week to send someone out and the company they sent has a 1 star rating. We then had to send in proof of our home inspection 3 different times. Another week lost. Then it took a week to get the approval for the parts to be ordered. After we finally got the approval to order the parts from HWA the company they selected tried to tell us that HWA was not going to cover all of the parts and that we need to pay them for the parts. Another week lost to get that cleared up. You would be much better... Read More

Alicia A
Santa Rosa, California
This company does not care about their customers. I have a claim open for an oven repair for the past 6 months and still my appliance is not working and they will not replace it. They claim they have no time limit to replace an appliance. This is NOT acceptable, they either need to finalize the repair or replace my appliance. I would not recommend them at all it's a waste of money!

Jamie M
Carlotta, California
This is the worst company I've ever dealt with! I'm still waiting for $179 since last August. They just sent me a check do to me last June. The electrician they just sent out two months ago still hasn't been paid I had to pay him $100 today. God knows if I'll ever get that money back My hot tub people won't deal with them anymore and they're really the only hot tub people in town. It's called some guy from 100 miles away to come look at my hot tub who had told me to do just the opposite of what the people who put it and told me to do. I paid for my own service person to come out and he had fixed with on 10 minutes. There a hot tub person told me I needed electrician. Nothing but... Read More

Susan K
Minneapolis, Minnesota
BAD! DO NOT BUY. They will snake out of any problem. We are filing our case against them today with MN attorney general.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
There is absolutely no communication here when it comes to customer service! They tell you they will call you back and never do (this has happened on multiple occasions) they tell you your provider will be out to fix whatever problem there is and they never show and don't even have to courtesy to call and let you know they arent going to make it! We were told the provider would be out two separate occasions in one day regarding our plumbing problem we were having and they never called and never came! We have 3 small children and can't flush toilets or run baths! This isn't the first time we have had horrible service! I would say an issue like this is an emergency! They will do... Read More

J.d. K
Atlanta, Georgia
They sent a service contractor to service my oven. When the guy got here, he told me he fixes appliances but would rather paint my house. He charge me the $75, tinkered with my oven but did not fix it. He didn't even replace the burned out bulb -- telling me I could easily find a bulb at any Supermarket if I didn't want to have to wait for him to go and get one. When I called the company, they said their policy is they would have to have him return for no service fee or I would have to pay another service fee for another provider. They would not stand behind the fact that they sent an inapt unethical person to my house. Do not do business with this company! There are plenty other reputable... Read More

New Orleans, Louisiana
I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONER SINCE LAST THURSDAY , HAD APPOINTMENT FOR SOMEONE TO COME ON YESTERDAY FOR 1 PM DIDNT GET THERE , HAD TO GO BACK TO WORK , THEN I CALLED HOME WARRANTY TO FIND ANOTHER VENDOR , CAME OUT YESTERDAY EVENING , FOUND THE PROBLEM, JAN 31,2017. CALLED THE TECHINAN TO FIND OUT WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BRING TO PARTS AND FIX THE UNIT. HE CLAIMS THEY ARE WAITING ON HOME WARRANTY Approval to get the parts . now its 2.30 pm Feb 1,2017 haven't heard anything . I called Home Warranty to find out how long , she claims 24 to 48 hrs. which today is wenesday. that really Sucks , cause it is starting to get HOT, also this super bowl weekend . I may have invite people over ,... Read More

Kent, Washington
DO NOT use this company. They are crooks and I guarantee you will regret it. We were given a 1 year home warranty by our realtor. We were so excited to have received this gift until we needed their services. Please do your homework, DO NOT use HWA, choose one of the top 5 listed here.

Carmel, Indiana
I have had HWA for 3 years. I have seen a decline in their vendors which is why i am giving them a 3 1/2. I have never had an issue with a denied claim or had to wait a long time to get anything fixed. I think i have had EVERY appliance either fixed or replaced including a/c, hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, water softener, heater, disposal, plumbing, electrical. Know what you are getting into. if you can fix the drip in the faucet, save the $75. Read your contract before you call!!! Ask for the same vendor. Call the vendor and see if they are still with the company and then call HWA and ask for them. Be smart and you will get the best service.

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