Home Warranty of America Review

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Home Warranty of America Review

Home Warranty of America is home warranty service that offers protection against the rising cost of home system and appliance repair and replacement. HWA provides quality service through a variety of home warranty plans that are designed to meet individual needs and budgets. Home Warranty of America makes maintaining your home’s appliance and systems more cost-effective by helping cover costly repairs. 

HWA provides home warranty services for older homes and does not require inspection prior to approval. It also offers a unique Green Plan that replaces old appliances with energy star compliant products. 


Home Warranty of America offers two basic plans. These are Premier and Premier Plus. Premier is the company’s most basic plan but shares many of the same covered items as Premier Plus. The difference is it does not cover air conditioning systems. Also, Premier Plus extends coverage to include more than 30 items not traditionally covered by home warranty plans, increases toilet replacement to up to $500, and covers plumbing fixtures. HWA offers enhanced coverage with a list of optional items. 

Covered in both plans:

Heating System/Furnace
Water Heater
Plumbing System
Permanent Sump Pump
Electrical System
Garbage Disposal
Built-in Microwave
Trash Compactor
Exhaust Fan
Whirlpool Bath Tub
Door Bells
Ceiling Fans
Central Vacuum
Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems
Kitchen Refrigerator
Washer/Dryer Package


*** Green Plus - Covered system or appliance will be replaced with an ENERGY STAR Qualified Product

• Dishwasher, Refrigerator and Clothes Washer

• Heating System replacement with 90% efficiency model

• Water heater replacement with Tankless Water heater


For a more detailed look at Home Warranty of America’s coverage please check their sample coverage



Premiums are determined by state but are typically $580/year for Premier and $695/year for Premier Plus. This figure comes down if you select an $100 trade call fee as opposed to $75.

Fine Print

You may cancel within 30 days of acceptance of HWA™ if no service request has been made. If so canceled by the contract holder, the contract holder is entitled to a full refund of the contract proceeds less a cancellation fee of the lesser of $30 or 10% of the contract fee.


Final Thoughts - Home Warranty of America

Home Warranty of America or HWA does offer a good services and prices for both their plans. But it lacks coverage for some of the most basic home items including air conditioning or cooling systems, which are only offered in Premier Plus. Adding this on will increase your monthly payments and drive your home warranty premiums significantly higher.






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Susan, Smith
Home Warranty of America review
Do not recommend company for the following reasons: - Have to pay $100 for an A/C technician to come up with HWA. It would have been free to get a quote if I didn't have HWA to have a company come out to diagnose the issue. - Other issues cost at least $60 for someone to come up to inspect an issue. It's less expensive to call someone directly than deal with HWA. - My A/C didn't work effectively (taking 6+ hours to cool down 4 degrees), and HWA refused to cover any A/C repairs. - When I attempted to cancel my contract within 30 days, HWA did not give me a full refund. They only refunded me 60% of the total cost. - When I attempted to cancel my contract, I had to call HWA at least five different times and send multiple emails to get a refund. Do not recommend. You are better off without the home warranty from HWA.

Dedra J
Home Warranty of America review
Do not waste your money with this warranty program. This policy does not help the homeowner. After a few claims with this company, I've had nothing but bad experiences. Their game is to have their exclusive contractors use language in their service reports for items that fall in the uncovered category so they don't have to pay. Here's my best example: My A/C compressor ground out while still under manufacturer's warranty (only 2 years old). Using HWA's contractor, there were uncovered costs of $870 - items such as "modifications" and "maintenance" that were not covered by warranty bug necessary to install the replacement compressor. However, I came out better (paid less) bypassing HWA completely and using my own contractor. And HWA's contractor even called after I cancelled the claim and said he could do it cheaper without going through them. Skip HWA and just pay for your repairs on your own. Terrible experience all the way around.

Iris Cooper
Home Warranty of America review
This company is unethical and unprofessional. My air conditioner wasn't working properly and I called them for a service call. The first technician diagnosed the problem wrong twice ($120) and I asked for a 2nd opinion. The next technician (another $60) said that my AC-furnace was shot and dangerous due to electrical problems. Yhe first technician never even looked at the furnace. Water was in the unit and on the floor. He sent in a report explaining the problems, and after 1week of 95 degree weather, they refused to fix it because it required a "modification". An older AC that uses freon requires a modification and they don't approve modifications. I just bought this house and no one (title company, home inspector, realtor, lawyer) knew that this situation was an exclusion because it is called a modification. This tactic is unscrupulous and misleading. I am an educated person that has owned several homes, and even owned a mortgage company. Never have I seen anything this underhanded! This is just a way to avoid expensive repairs or replacements. They told me to pay the $2200 to replace the main parts and they would cover the rest, or give me $1000 to call it even, however, they won't put this in writing. This company uses "fine print" to take advantage oThis post is a follow-up to the complaint I presented yesterday. I heard from HWA to "explain their policies and go over any misunderstanding about the contract and to see which resolution I wanted: spend $2200 for upgrade by AC-furnace or $1000 cash in 4-6 weeks to make my own repairs. Keep in mind I have been without air conditioning for almost 2 months. Read this passage of my coverage: Gold - Contractholder is responsible for $60.00 service fee or actual cost of service, whichever is less, on service calls. The following items are covered under your home service contract: Air Conditioning, Heating, Water Heater, Electrical System, Plumbing, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Built-In Microwave, Trash Compactor, Ductwork, Range, Oven, Cooktop, Door Bells, Garage Door System, Ceiling Fans, Central Vacuum, Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems, Exhaust Fans, Whirl Pool Bath, Sump Pump, Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions, Duplex Now read this and tell me how many of you understand this or even read this before the purchase- AIR CONDITIONING/COOLER (not exceeding 5 ton capacity and designed for residential use) (Included in Premier Plus plan) INCLUDED: Ducted electric central air conditioning, ducted electric wall air conditioning, geothermal/water source heat pumps, and water evaporative coolers - All components and parts except for geothermal/water source heat pumps, all components and parts that are located within the foundation of the home or attached garage. When SEER standard/R-410A upgrade is purchased, for units below DTC1-2015 SEER standard and/or R-22 equipment standards and when HWA is unable to facilitate repair and/or replacement of failed covered equipment at the current SEER rating or with R-22 equipment, repair and/or replacement will be performed with SEER standard/R-410A equipment and/or 7.7 HSPF or higher compliant. EXCLUDED: Gas air conditioning systems - Condenser casings - Registers and Grills - Filters - Electronic air cleaners - Window units - Non-ducted wall units – Water towers - Humidifiers - Improperly sized units - Chillers and chiller components - All exterior condensing, cooling and pump pads – Roof mounts, jacks, stands or supports - Condensate pumps - Commercial grade equipment - Outside or underground piping and components for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps - Cost for crane rentals - Electronic, computerized, and manual systems management and zone controllers - Air conditioning with mismatched condensing unit and evaporative coil per manufacturer specifications – Improper use of metering devices (i.e., thermal expansion valves) - HWA is not responsible for the costs associated with matching dimensions, brand or color made – Except when the optional SEER standard/R-410A modifications coverage is purchased, HWA will not pay for any modifications, upgrades, or additional work needed to evacuate and/or clean a system of R-22 necessitated by the repair of existing equipment or the installation of new equipment. NOTE: HWA will pay up to $10 per pound for the cost for refrigerant for authorized repairs. You are responsible for payment of any costs in excess of $10 per pound. PREMIUM COVERAGE INCLUDES: Filters, costs related to Freon recapture, and window units. WHAT??? So, when does the consumer learn if the AC in the new home is standard R-410A or R22? Who is supposed to inspect this? Does anyone talk about this before purchase? HWA can avoid making replacements whenever they want by calling it a modification and then excluding it. This is an unfair bargaining position when the contractor can redefine any repair as a modification. I want to see a list of ALL MODIFICATIONS, (which there is none) and I suspect they are all expense repairs or replacements. Again, unfair. I would not have purchased this warranty if I had any idea they would treat me, a senior citizen, like this. NOT FAIR HWA. CONSUMERS ARE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. NOW I AM WITHOUT AC OR A FURNACE. This may be in the contract, but it's not right and it's not fair. Beware of HWA!

Valley View, Texas
Home Warranty of America review
Worst company ever!!! My oven quit working and it took them 3 months to get it fixed. I ended up having to call HWA myself because the part people kept calling so they could approve the part and they would never answer. They are a nightmare and they have horrible customer service.

Tiffany Swoveland Chapman
Kansas City, Missouri
Home Warranty of America review
This warranty company is TERRIBLE to work with. Very time-consuming and incompetent. They don't have good vendors to do the claim work because they can only get bad vendors to work with them. Many of the vendors have denied work orders because they don't want to work w/ this company any more. Every time I call about a claim, I have to wait on hold for more than 30 minutes, I get disconnected a lot, and I get a different answer depending on who answers. I would NEVER recommend this company.