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Rating: 7.2 / 10 (Very good)
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Home Warranty of America, Inc. is a home and appliance insurance provider headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois. With over 20 years of experience in the business, the company offers quick, innovative, and affordable solutions through their 13-month Home Warranty plans and energy saving options. The company currently holds a B rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How is Home Warranty of America rated?


Contract & Price
Claims & Service

Overall Rating: 7.2 / 10 (Very good)

Home Warranty of America offers comprehensive home warranty plans that cover more than most other basic plans. Although their annual premiums and call service fees are on the higher end, when compared to similar offers, the company does provide excellent additional coverage such as the GreenPlus option, which replaces old systems and appliances with high-efficiency models. With extensive coverages, fitting prices, a flexible cancellation policy, and 24/7 claims processing, Home Warranty of America provides everything a discerning customer could wish for.


Key Facts

Plan Types
Combo Plan
Build Your Own
Benefit Limit Type
Per Item
Per Term
Term Benefit Limit
Typical Appliance Benefit Limit
Typical Systems Benefit Limit

Coverage - 7 / 10

Home Warranty of America offers two plans, the Premier and Premier Plus, which include coverage for over 30 items traditionally not covered under basic home warranty plans. The company also provides optional coverage for secondary appliances, saltwater equipment, and even primary and secondary pools or spas. Besides offering a remarkably extensive coverage, HWA also has a GreenPlus plan that allows customers to replace their covered systems or appliances with Energy Star-qualified products. This last option is available for $5.77 a month or $75 a year, which delivers excellent value, considering the amount of water and electricity customers can save using high-efficiency models.

What does Home Warranty of America cover?

Covered Systems

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Water Heaters
  • Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
  • Central Vacuums
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Doorbells
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Ductwork
  • Sump Pumps

Covered Appliances

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Clothes Washers
  • Ranges/Ovens/Cooktops
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Free-standing Ice Makers
  • Trash Compactors
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Stand Alone Freezer


For a full list of Home Warranty of America exclusions, check out this page.

Specialty Items

  • Pool/Spa
  • Well Pump
  • Septic
  • Roof Leaks

Contract & Price

Contract Details

Annual Premium
Starting at $580
Minimum Contract Length
13 month(s)
Home Inspection Required for Contract?

Contract & Price - 6 / 10

Premiums with Home Warranty of America vary by state, but are generally around $580 a year for their Premier plan, and $695 a year for Premier Plus. Although their annual premiums are on the higher end in comparison with their competitors, they are still within a reasonable range. HWA's plans provide coverage for 13 months, and can be cancelled at any time within the first 30 days of coverage, yet a cancellation fee of 10%, no less than $30, will be deducted from the payment, plus any service fees. Those who wish to cancel after the first 30 days are able to do so but will receive a pro rata refund of the amount paid for the unexpired term, minus service fees and the 10% cancellation fee.

Sample Contract

Home Warranty of America provides a sample contract for potential customers on its website: Home Warranty of America Sample Contract

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel this Contract at any time. HWA may only cancel this Contract due to Your non-payment, fraud, material misrepresentation or breach of this Contract. In addition, HWA may be required to cancel this Contract as a result of a decision or order of a governmental body or a change in laws or regulations. If either You or HWA cancel this Contract within thirty (30) days from the Contract St art Date set forth on Your Coverage Letter and You have not received any Service, You are entitled to a full refund of the amount paid by You under this Contract less a cancellation fee of the lesser of $30 or 10% of the Contract fee (unless otherwise required by state law). If You have not received any Service and either You or HWA cancels this Contract after thirty (30) days from the Contract Start Date, You are entitled to a pro rata refund of the amount paid by You for the unexpired term, less a cancellation fee of the lesser or $30 or 10% of the Contract fee (unless otherwise required by state law). If You have paid in full for the term and You cancel this Contract before the end of the term and You have received Service, You shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the amount paid by You for the unexpired term less a cancellation fee of the lesser of $30 or 10% of the Contract fee (unless otherwise required by state law) and less any actual Service costs incurred by HWA. If You are enrolled in a monthly payment plan and You cancel this Contract before the end of the term and You have received Service, then You will be responsible for the cancellation fee of the lesser of $30 or 10% of the Contract fee (unless otherwise required by state law) and the lesser of the costs incurred by HWA or the balance due under this Contract.

Claims & Service


Maintenance Records Required for Service?
24/7 Claims Department?
Waiting Period
30 days

Contractors & Service

Contractor Selection
In-Network Only
Service Recall Period
30 days

Claims & Service - 6 / 10

Home Warranty of America charges different service fees for each plan, between $60-$100. Though they have a standard 30-day waiting period before the coverage can begin, maintenance records aren't necessary to receive service. HWA states they are not responsible for routine maintenance of systems, appliances, or components. Clients who want those items to remain in working order will have to service themselves. Two excellent things about this company is that they offer 24/7 claims processing and though they require authorization for contractors before providing services, these don't necessarily have to be from their network.

Home Warranty of America Reputation

Company Details

Year Founded
NHSCA Membership
Number of Employees
BBB Rating
BBB Rating
BBB Neutral Reviews
BBB Negative Reviews

Reputation - 9 / 10

Home Warranty of America is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds a B rating with a composite score of 2.87 out of 5 stars, based on 223 customer reviews. However, the company does have more negative reviews than positive ones and has received a substantial number of complaints, which is in line with general trends in the industry. Home Warranty of America is a member of the National Home Service Contract Association.

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Company Phone
(888) 492-7359
Headquarters Address
1351 Abbott Ct, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089
Year Founded

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44 Customer Comments & Reviews

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New Orleans, Louisiana
I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONER SINCE LAST THURSDAY , HAD APPOINTMENT FOR SOMEONE TO COME ON YESTERDAY FOR 1 PM DIDNT GET THERE , HAD TO GO BACK TO WORK , THEN I CALLED HOME WARRANTY TO FIND ANOTHER VENDOR , CAME OUT YESTERDAY EVENING , FOUND THE PROBLEM, JAN 31,2017. CALLED THE TECHINAN TO FIND OUT WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BRING TO PARTS AND FIX THE UNIT. HE CLAIMS THEY ARE WAITING ON HOME WARRANTY Approval to get the parts . now its 2.30 pm Feb 1,2017 haven't heard anything . I called Home Warranty to find out how long , she claims 24 to 48 hrs. which today is wenesday. that really Sucks , cause it is starting to get HOT, also this super bowl weekend . I may have invite people over ,... Read More

Maple Valley, Washington
DO NOT use this company. They are crooks and I guarantee you will regret it. We were given a 1 year home warranty by our realtor. We were so excited to have received this gift until we needed their services. Please do your homework, DO NOT use HWA, choose one of the top 5 listed here.

Carmel, Indiana
I have had HWA for 3 years. I have seen a decline in their vendors which is why i am giving them a 3 1/2. I have never had an issue with a denied claim or had to wait a long time to get anything fixed. I think i have had EVERY appliance either fixed or replaced including a/c, hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, water softener, heater, disposal, plumbing, electrical. Know what you are getting into. if you can fix the drip in the faucet, save the $75. Read your contract before you call!!! Ask for the same vendor. Call the vendor and see if they are still with the company and then call HWA and ask for them. Be smart and you will get the best service.

Austin, Texas
Paid $780 on 7/23 for coverage. On 9/23 we moved in and found the $6,000 oven broiler did not work. The part could not be replaced. They "accidentally made an accounting error in October" and cancelled my policy. Maximum coverage is $2,000 - yet they insist the payout amount is only $136. Nor will they refund my money. They NEVER call you back - but say they will. DO NOT USE! Put these fraudsters out of business. I am taking them to court.

Susan, S
Atlanta, Georgia
Do not recommend company for the following reasons: - Have to pay $100 for an A/C technician to come up with HWA. It would have been free to get a quote if I didn't have HWA to have a company come out to diagnose the issue. - Other issues cost at least $60 for someone to come up to inspect an issue. It's less expensive to call someone directly than deal with HWA. - My A/C didn't work effectively (taking 6+ hours to cool down 4 degrees), and HWA refused to cover any A/C repairs. - When I attempted to cancel my contract within 30 days, HWA did not give me a full refund. They only refunded me 60% of the total cost. - When I attempted to cancel my contract, I had to call HWA at least five... Read More

Dedra J
Birmingham, Alabama
Do not waste your money with this warranty program. This policy does not help the homeowner. After a few claims with this company, I've had nothing but bad experiences. Their game is to have their exclusive contractors use language in their service reports for items that fall in the uncovered category so they don't have to pay. Here's my best example: My A/C compressor ground out while still under manufacturer's warranty (only 2 years old). Using HWA's contractor, there were uncovered costs of $870 - items such as "modifications" and "maintenance" that were not covered by warranty bug necessary to install the replacement compressor. However, I came out better (paid less) bypassing HWA... Read More

Iris C
This company is unethical and unprofessional. My air conditioner wasn't working properly and I called them for a service call. The first technician diagnosed the problem wrong twice ($120) and I asked for a 2nd opinion. The next technician (another $60) said that my AC-furnace was shot and dangerous due to electrical problems. Yhe first technician never even looked at the furnace. Water was in the unit and on the floor. He sent in a report explaining the problems, and after 1week of 95 degree weather, they refused to fix it because it required a "modification". An older AC that uses freon requires a modification and they don't approve modifications. I just bought this house and no one... Read More

Terri L
Mount Vernon, Ohio
Consumers should be aware HWA uses misleading terms. Policies available for coverage are a Diamond, Platinum, & Gold policy. In the policy or when a claim is filed you will learn that some coverages are only covered by "Premium Coverage." The terms for coverage do not indicate Gold, Platinum, or Diamond, but a description called Premium Coverage. You will sadly find out Diamond is only what HWA defines as "Preminum." I will never again use this company.

Tiffany S
Kansas City, Missouri
This warranty company is TERRIBLE to work with. Very time-consuming and incompetent. They don't have good vendors to do the claim work because they can only get bad vendors to work with them. Many of the vendors have denied work orders because they don't want to work w/ this company any more. Every time I call about a claim, I have to wait on hold for more than 30 minutes, I get disconnected a lot, and I get a different answer depending on who answers. I would NEVER recommend this company.

Houston, Texas
Do NOT purchase this coverage if you are moving into a new home. We moved and filed 3 claims, one for the washer/dryer and one for the oven. All 3 claims were denied. They said the oven was installed incorrectly and that the washer and dryer broke due to normal wear and tear and weren't listed on the inspection so they can't verify that they worked before. I am your customer, how is my word not good enough when I tell you they worked?!? I asked to speak to a supervisor, and she kept saying they had no way of knowing if they worked. Yes, you do, I because I’m telling you they did! It's been 2 months since we moved, I asked how long they will refer back to the inspection rather than taking... Read More

Top Rated
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9.7 / 10
  • Far and away the trusted industry leader
  • They have paid out over $1.8 billion in claims in the past 5 years
  • Nationwide network of more than 13,000 contractors
  • More than 1.7 million customers
  • Best reputation in home warranty industry