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First American Home Buyer’s Protection 

With over three decades of experience in providing home warranty services, First American Home Buyers Protection is one of the country’s leading home warranty providers. It offers good coverage on home systems and appliances, and also has some of the best coverage limits.

The company is known to provide prompt and hassle-free repair and replacement service.


The basic policy offered by First American Home Buyers Protection includes an extensive list of systems and appliances, many of which are only covered by other companies with an enhanced home warranty policy.

Basic Covered Items

Garbage Disposal
Built-in Microwave
Kitchen Refrigerator (Includes built-in)
Trash Compactor
Ceiling Fans
Attic and Exhaust Fans
Instant Hot Water Dispenser 

Premier Plan Covered Items (in addition to Basic coverage):

Central Vacuum System
Electrical System
Plumbing Stoppages
Sump Pump
Toilet Tanks and Bowls
Garage Door Openers
Water Heater
Heating System
Whirlpool Bath Motor & Pump Assemblies

Optional Coverage Available for:

Additional Refrigeration
Central Air Conditioning
Pool/Spa Equipment
Well Pump

For a more detailed look at First American Home Buyer’s coverage please check their sample contract.



Basic – Starts at $25/month
Premier – Starts at $40/month
Service call fee $65


Fine Print

You cannot cancel a home service contract during the initial term for which it was issued, except for any of the following reasons: (i) Nonpayment of contract fees; (ii) The subscriber’s fraud or misrepresentations of facts material to the issuance of the contract; (iii) The contract provides coverage prior to the time that an interest in residential property to which it attaches is sold and the sale of the residential property does not occur.

If this contract is canceled, the provider of funds shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the paid contract fee for the unexpired term, less an administrative fee and all service costs incurred by the company.


Final Thoughts – First American Home Buyer’s Protection

Starting at $288, First American Home Buyer’s Protection Basic Plan covers far and away more than similarly priced competitor plans. One surprising fact however, is that AC coverage has to be purchased as an additional item.



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terry h
I entered into a contract with FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY in December 2016, paid premiums through March and filed my first claim on March 25th, 2017 which involved a clogged kitchen sink was still waiting and negotiating with FAHW April 05, 2017 and they responded by sending out a plumber who was paid a $65.00 up front service fee to repair the sink but instead merely did a walk through my home while taking notes on his laptop that stated that the problem was NOT the clogged kitchen sink but had to do with an issue in the bathroom sink. Nothing was done and the plumber left after about 20 minutes of taking notes and said that I would have to call FAHW to confirm IF the job could be done.... Read More

Prince M
The "service" is all around bad. The contractor have be a ncns virtually every time I had to have one sent out. During a record breaking ckld streak here un Indiana I waited a month for a contracto to come out. After 4 ncns and 3 weeks the gave me a voucher to by a space heater. Each year the cost gets higher and service gets worse. Do not use the company.

Dan H
, Georgia
Service is so so. Half the time my contract did not show active on their website causing several extra steps to do a claim. Then when I sold my property, it has taken over 6 months and multiple calls and emails to try and cancel the policy. In the mean time I am getting harassing robo-calls from them. I will never use this company again and would recommend avoiding them to everyone.

Ryan B
Lakeside, California
I currently have this company and they have only one company to fix my refrigerator and I've had to call a total of 8 times on this claim talked to two different supervisors where the first one was understanding and tried to help but didn't follow through, then when I called back I still have to wait another week before anyone will be out which they never told me and then called me a liar when I said I never had a call from then, they then proceeded to refuse their supervisor and told me they aren't refunding me any money when I asked what they plan to do to keep me as a customer

Carmen K
Durham, North Carolina
I had never in my entire life had to deal with such unprofessional group. My husband has ALS on a ventilator every time I have called this group this the 2nd time to place a claim for the same proble I can't get anywhere.i place a claimed at 2:25 pm on a Friday afternoon, got a working order number . I didn't hear from any body, I didn't have a nurse for the day so had to be by my husband side to keep him comfortable because we are reaching a 76 degrees inside the house , my husband can't regulate his temperature so I have to be by his side to make sure his temperature doesn't out of the roof. I didn't have the time to call company that was assign to our service contract and when I... Read More

Ocean Springs, Mississippi
They bandaid EVERYTHING. For one... my AC unit has been "repaired" more times than I can count (Not exaggerating). Our renters with children have had to wait sometimes up to a week in 80°-90° heat to get one of AHW's companies out there to "rig" it for a few weeks. They did shell out $20 towards a fan for the kids last time they couldn't get anyone out there in a decent amount of time, but would not even entertain putting my renters up in a hotel while they wait wait wait days for a repairman to show up. Last summer my property manager called his guy and I paid out the nose, but was still cheaper than what I've paid First American over the years (They still refuse to replace... Read More

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY! I purchased a one-year first class contract from FAHW at the recommendation of my realtor. About 1 month after closing on my house, I had multiple breakers that kept tripping under unusual circumstances. This is where FAHW proved they are just like any other poor-reputation home warranty provider; they sent an incompetent electrician to my house who did nothing (~5 minutes of troubleshooting before saying nothing was wrong), and then left me to have to find a good electrician who fixed the problem. Then I had to argue that I shouldn't pay for the service contract since their electrician did nothing. Instead, I requested I get a refund of the remaining... Read More

Lynda T
We have been with this company over 12 years & just had our ac fixed - after waiting for 5 days for a part & having to pay $760.00! The ac part was covered under warranty by the manufacture & FA paid for the labor. We are under warranty until 2021 but what we had to pay for were modifications to the unit. The company that FA sent said that the modifications were necessary to make the repairs - although they could/would not tell me why a unit that was only 5 years old needed modifications. We also just received our plan renewal letter stating that the monthly payments will be $62.00 & the service fee will be $75.00. Not doing it! Will be looking for a new warranty company. Based on my... Read More

Quana S
Englewood, Colorado
My issue is with the billing aspect of this company. I pay my bill every 30 days as required. I called today to ask them if they can change the day the monies come out of my account. The funds come out on the 9th of each month... Tell me why this guy says that they can not change the due date being that it will be 3 days behind the month they originally received the payment. How about I'm searching for a new warranty company myself. I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind assisting loyal customers during hardship. Signed.....A very disturbed but loyal customer....

Terry W
This is a terrible company. 5 months ago it was a great company. We have been struggling with them for over 2 months to get our Heat pump fixed. First they sent out a firm that was totally unqualified - not only didn't fix the problem, but installed a part that has since broken. In trying to get a different firm, I spent hours on the phone with people who could not speak or understand English. Including sending an email to me with a service order - that was never sent to the repair company! Finally got a person who understood, and she set us up with another company. They came promptly, found the problem, and set out to get the repair authorized and the parts ordered. That was over a... Read More

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