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First American Home Buyer’s Protection 

With over three decades of experience in providing home warranty services, First American Home Buyers Protection is one of the country’s leading home warranty providers. It offers good coverage on home systems and appliances, and also has some of the best coverage limits.

The company is known to provide prompt and hassle-free repair and replacement service.


The basic policy offered by First American Home Buyers Protection includes an extensive list of systems and appliances, many of which are only covered by other companies with an enhanced home warranty policy.

Basic Covered Items

Garbage Disposal
Built-in Microwave
Kitchen Refrigerator (Includes built-in)
Trash Compactor
Ceiling Fans
Attic and Exhaust Fans
Instant Hot Water Dispenser 

Premier Plan Covered Items (in addition to Basic coverage):

Central Vacuum System
Electrical System
Plumbing Stoppages
Sump Pump
Toilet Tanks and Bowls
Garage Door Openers
Water Heater
Heating System
Whirlpool Bath Motor & Pump Assemblies

Optional Coverage Available for:

Additional Refrigeration
Central Air Conditioning
Pool/Spa Equipment
Well Pump

For a more detailed look at First American Home Buyer’s coverage please check their sample contract.



Basic – Starts at $25/month
Premier – Starts at $40/month
Service call fee $65


Fine Print

You cannot cancel a home service contract during the initial term for which it was issued, except for any of the following reasons: (i) Nonpayment of contract fees; (ii) The subscriber’s fraud or misrepresentations of facts material to the issuance of the contract; (iii) The contract provides coverage prior to the time that an interest in residential property to which it attaches is sold and the sale of the residential property does not occur.

If this contract is canceled, the provider of funds shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the paid contract fee for the unexpired term, less an administrative fee and all service costs incurred by the company.


Final Thoughts – First American Home Buyer’s Protection

Starting at $288, First American Home Buyer’s Protection Basic Plan covers far and away more than similarly priced competitor plans. One surprising fact however, is that AC coverage has to be purchased as an additional item.



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San Diego, California
No, no, no, The process to get a claim resolved is HORRID. 40 days later and I am still heating my house with my oven and no resolution in site. You have to either deal online and wait at their mercy, or spend hours on the phone dealing with automated call filtering and extremely long holds (just to get hung up on and have to go through the whole frustrating thing AGAIN! The first contractor that came out to look at my heating and AC problem did not even look at the units. Just the thermostat, which was new, and said that was the problem. Then the technician proceeded to tell me that it would be an out of pocket expense of $400. The second AC contractor that came in a week later,to save... Read More

Do not get a policy through this company! They sent a contractor with an F rating with the BBB to fix my furnace. When the problem reoccurred hours later I called this contractor who was rude and unprofessional. I called the warranty company about the situation and they said they would send someone else out but guess what.. the original contractor is known for being a problem and no other contractors would come out behind him. I have spent hours on the phone with the warranty company and have been lied to, told I would receive follow ups that never came and treated horribly. I would not recommend using this company if you don't want to go through a hassle. They have not responded to the... Read More

Al Cadman
Similar to many other consumers, DO NOT buy a home warranty from First American. They do not provide customer service but rather take your money and hide behind "their" guidelines which are designed to minimize their expense and maximize your frustration. For example, we had a toilet leak. The technician they ordered came out and "cleaned" the stopper but did not replace anything. I was told it would work but if not, they would come back out and repair the toilet. The cleaning lasted for 50 days. Then, it started leaking again. I called in to have First American contact the technician to come back out. They said that all they could do is send out a "partner" email and I would have to speak... Read More

Denise Termini Pelletier
This was the best, as far as I was concerned, then something happened and they got to be incompetent. A few months ago we had a leak from our air conditioner. We placed a claim, paid the $60.00 service charge and when the technician came to the house he said he really was not sure what it was, but we should put down towels and a large pan to catch the water. He did some taping up but advised that unless he pulled the whole thing apart (about 200.00 our charge) there was no way to tell. He said even if we did that there were no guarantees. Well, we went that route and had to empty the bucket several times a day (we are both in our 70's). I called back 1st American. Same tech came... Read More

Olathe, Kansas
The absolute worse warranty company to deal with. The vendors they send to your home (if they have one available) are very sketchy and unprofessional. If they dont have one avail they will give you the run around for weeks. I've been waiting three weeks to have my garbage diposal replaced. American Homeshield is a much better company...i can say that because ive had both.

[email protected]
This company contracts with sub par businesses. My washing machine broke down 5 weeks ago and I am STILL waiting to get it fixed. When I called to complain I was asked "What do you want us to do about it?". They should be on top of this. My contract renew date is next month and I am looking into another company. They also charge more than the industrys average for a service call. Check around.

Syed Kirmani
Washington, District of Columbia
Not good at all, the customer service is worst, increasing their service call fees from 65 to $ 95 this year. had a problem with my one of the investment properties, having tenant in it, unfortunately the water pipe burst, called FAHW for the problem and it took 4 days to solve the problem, i have to pay the hotel charges to my tenant for four days. (that was an emergency, because the water was shut off). definitely i am not going to advise anyone to have insurance with this company,and also not renewing this year.

Louisville, Kentucky
Yesterday was my first claim for a leaking water heater, they sent a confirmation email at 7:15a saying that a contractor would call me within 45 mins. At 8:30a still no call, so I called the contractor and they told me that no one had contacted them. They told me that they could come out the same day, but it was a 3-4 day turnover to install a new water heater. I told her I didn't want to wait that long and that I would like to call FAHW and see what other options I have. So I called FAHW back and asked if I had the option to be sent a list of in-network contractors so I can chose who I want to come out and install a new water heater. He told me I didn't have that option. I told the... Read More

Glenn Fukuma
Mission Viejo, California
Was a supporter of this company - until l my last claim Had a contractor sent out to fix a leak in the wall. Shut off water to parts of the house. Then left. Said he had to contact First American Home Warranty (FAHW) No contact for a week Called contractor and left message No contact for 2 days called again No contact for 3 days Called FAHW said they would follow up No co tact for a week Called back FAHW Found out the contractor LIED about finishing the job - FAHW closed the call. Asked the Customer Service person to talk to their supervisor. He hung up. Called FAHW TWICE MORE CONSECUTIVELY - They told me to get a second opinion Of course they don't pay for that, even if... Read More

Las Vegas, Nevada
my water heater start leaking on 1/14/2017, i had to shut off water in my house and i called the first american home warranty, they told me they send a contractor on 1/16/2017 between 2-10pm. i waited for the contractor when he showed up he told me i need a new water heater mine cant be fix since is leaking. he said it takes 2-3 business days. it end up taking 3 weeks. whenever i call them they tell me different story and give the runaround. i still do not have hot water till today 2/1/2017. i have been taking ice cold shower all this time and its winter time. i received a call today saying they will come and install it but i have to pay $335 that is not covered by the warranty which... Read More

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