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First American Home Buyer’s Protection 

With over three decades of experience in providing home warranty services, First American Home Buyers Protection is one of the country’s leading home warranty providers. It offers good coverage on home systems and appliances, and also has some of the best coverage limits.

The company is known to provide prompt and hassle-free repair and replacement service.


The basic policy offered by First American Home Buyers Protection includes an extensive list of systems and appliances, many of which are only covered by other companies with an enhanced home warranty policy.

Basic Covered Items

Garbage Disposal
Built-in Microwave
Kitchen Refrigerator (Includes built-in)
Trash Compactor
Ceiling Fans
Attic and Exhaust Fans
Instant Hot Water Dispenser 

Premier Plan Covered Items (in addition to Basic coverage):

Central Vacuum System
Electrical System
Plumbing Stoppages
Sump Pump
Toilet Tanks and Bowls
Garage Door Openers
Water Heater
Heating System
Whirlpool Bath Motor & Pump Assemblies

Optional Coverage Available for:

Additional Refrigeration
Central Air Conditioning
Pool/Spa Equipment
Well Pump

For a more detailed look at First American Home Buyer’s coverage please check their sample contract.



Basic – Starts at $25/month
Premier – Starts at $40/month
Service call fee $65


Fine Print

You cannot cancel a home service contract during the initial term for which it was issued, except for any of the following reasons: (i) Nonpayment of contract fees; (ii) The subscriber’s fraud or misrepresentations of facts material to the issuance of the contract; (iii) The contract provides coverage prior to the time that an interest in residential property to which it attaches is sold and the sale of the residential property does not occur.

If this contract is canceled, the provider of funds shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the paid contract fee for the unexpired term, less an administrative fee and all service costs incurred by the company.


Final Thoughts – First American Home Buyer’s Protection

Starting at $288, First American Home Buyer’s Protection Basic Plan covers far and away more than similarly priced competitor plans. One surprising fact however, is that AC coverage has to be purchased as an additional item.



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[email protected]
Navarre, Florida
We have this "coverage"! Our central air system failed. First American sent a contractor to fix our system but failed to do so on three repeated attempts. They eventually proposed to replace the unit but wanted us to pay an outrageous fee for parts that they had already used in the previous repair attempts. They then proposed that we take a buy out that was substantially less than that of a reasonable replacement cost. We have contacted two with local providers who report that parts associated with unit replacement should be provided as a function of covered costs. Something stinks here!

Mike c
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
We had two out of four service calls denied because they were rxcluded from our "premium" coverage. On another service call the plumber was not able to clear the clog, scratched my toilet significantly and we were still billed s 65.00 service fee. Customer service reps are unable or unwilling to help and English capabilities of customer services reps is often poor. Makes previous home warranty providers that we had compare favorably vs First American. Very poor impression of the company and reflects very poorly on the parent company.

[email protected]
I have used several home warranty companies. As a Real Estate Professional, I am familiar with most. I recently switched to FAHW and I would not advocate for their services in any facet. They have declined 70% of my claims and it takes a long time for a service provider to get back to do the work. Sadly disappointed. Cancelling as soon as my agreement which I paid the year in advance expires, maybe even sooner.

Kevin S
Lewis Center, Ohio
This company sucks. They do not hire enough contractors to cover large metro areas. The response time to get someone out to your home is ridiculous. Further, when their contractors don't show up at their scheduled time some how it becomes your problem. They do not work with you to get a contractor back out there in a timely fashion while the appliance still doesn't work. Highly not recommended.

Evelyn L
Rio Verde, Arizona
We have not had to use our home warranty often, but when we have the past year, they have sent the least desireable contractor for the least amount of money. Long waits, HVAC contractor covered 3 states and tried to sell us items we did not need. Did not even look at the unit in the attic. Electrical contractor is a one man show and only works 4 1/2 days a week. We are very, very unhappy with the choices we have been given. I have written several times to complain, but get nothing but form letters back from them. We are very, very disapppointed with this company.

Mark S
Raleigh, North Carolina
Garbage! Must use Warranty contractor they choose, even if it takes them four days to come out to service the problem. Service charge is marginal, $65. Customer service is poor, needing to talk to a supervisor to make any progress with making an appointment with their contractor. Very Disappointed with this company, Switching to America's 1st Choice Home Club, Locking in a rate of $1195 for their three year Gold Plan, $60 Service charge.

Joie R
Malibu, California
HORRIBLE COMPANY - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE- RIPOFF I was a customer of this company for over 10 years. I am canceling my service today after over a month of trying to get my dishwasher repaired. After my paying for 10 years for warrantees on premium appliances (at a higher than regular premium) First American has refused to provide service to my dishwasher. Recently they sent some one from "Major Home Appliance Service" who was completely unprofessional and belligerent. The "technician" advised that we needed to install an air gap in our sink, when the dishwasher already has an inline air gap. Instead of fixing our appliance, the technician took the entire assembly apart, stating that... Read More

Santa Rosa, California
I would not purchase from First American again/ever! There is a clause to a clause on what they will or shall I say will NOT cover on a claim. The consumer's portion in the end is going to be at least 2/3 of the bill if not more. Absolutely so frustrating and ridiculous. You will deal with people overseas so huge communication gap. If it wasn't for me having my rep's direct number I would literally have gotten ZERO out of them. I have the top of the line coverage also. I am researching other companies as I definately will not be renewing with these guys again. Beware!

Fatima B
Fresno, California
This is the second warranty company I have been with, and they are not any better than Republic. They don't tell you that whomever they send out to repair that it only has a 30 day warranty. They were out here on March 28th to put in the part in my dishwasher. Yesterday May 8th I was barefooted, stepped on the corner of my mat, and realized it was wet. There is a leak coming from lower left corner of my dishwasher. Ten days past the warranty. I have been with them for over one year, and this is the first claim they had to put any money out on. Could not reason with DS Appliance, or First American. Does anyone know of any good warranty companies? Please let me know. My email is... Read More

, Texas
This warranty service has no providers in the Central Oregon area. However, they don't bother to mention that until you have an emergency. I had to wait 5 days in the winter to get heater fixed. My pipes could have frozen if it weren't for exceptional insulation. Nice way to handle an emergency. Then I recently had a plumbing issue that was an emergency, and it took them all day to call to say they were looking for someone and would call back in an hour. They never called back. I had to call them and was told they had no one under contract in the area. It's now after hours, which would mean a very large after hour charge for me. They approved $125.00 for me to find someone on my own to... Read More

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