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First American Home Buyer’s Protection 

With over three decades of experience in providing home warranty services, First American Home Buyers Protection is one of the country’s leading home warranty providers. It offers good coverage on home systems and appliances, and also has some of the best coverage limits.

The company is known to provide prompt and hassle-free repair and replacement service.


The basic policy offered by First American Home Buyers Protection includes an extensive list of systems and appliances, many of which are only covered by other companies with an enhanced home warranty policy.

Basic Covered Items

Garbage Disposal
Built-in Microwave
Kitchen Refrigerator (Includes built-in)
Trash Compactor
Ceiling Fans
Attic and Exhaust Fans
Instant Hot Water Dispenser 

Premier Plan Covered Items (in addition to Basic coverage):

Central Vacuum System
Electrical System
Plumbing Stoppages
Sump Pump
Toilet Tanks and Bowls
Garage Door Openers
Water Heater
Heating System
Whirlpool Bath Motor & Pump Assemblies

Optional Coverage Available for:

Additional Refrigeration
Central Air Conditioning
Pool/Spa Equipment
Well Pump

For a more detailed look at First American Home Buyer’s coverage please check their sample contract.



Basic – Starts at $25/month
Premier – Starts at $40/month
Service call fee $65


Fine Print

You cannot cancel a home service contract during the initial term for which it was issued, except for any of the following reasons: (i) Nonpayment of contract fees; (ii) The subscriber’s fraud or misrepresentations of facts material to the issuance of the contract; (iii) The contract provides coverage prior to the time that an interest in residential property to which it attaches is sold and the sale of the residential property does not occur.

If this contract is canceled, the provider of funds shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the paid contract fee for the unexpired term, less an administrative fee and all service costs incurred by the company.


Final Thoughts – First American Home Buyer’s Protection

Starting at $288, First American Home Buyer’s Protection Basic Plan covers far and away more than similarly priced competitor plans. One surprising fact however, is that AC coverage has to be purchased as an additional item.



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Enid, Oklahoma
We placed a service request on a toilet that would not stop running. The plumber assigned by FA was out within 3 business days, not great but it wasn't an emergency. He looked at the toilet and determined that due to its age (20 yrs) and condition it could not be repaired and should be replaced. We are in the middle of a remodel and didn't want a new one installed only to have it removed for the remodel. We opted for the cash out. After weeks of no response from FA I finally got a call from them. They offered a cash out of $51 for parts & labor!!! It is impossible to buy a toilet for $51 let alone pay a plumber to install it. What a scam! First American should be ashamed of the... Read More

Frank D
Takoma Park, Maryland
One week to get the repair service to get to the house. FAHW service level agreement is 48 hours!! That's appalling. The repair company assigned to me was very unprofessional. Been on the phone with customer service who don't seem like they can help. Just no remorse or regard for anyone's time. I'm cancelling. I recommend anyone considering them to do their home work before choosing this company

Las Vegas, Nevada
Stay away!! Horrible company! I have been dealing with this company trying to get my AC fixed for 4 weeks! No one knows what's going on, they use contractors that have horrible reviews that are shady, & make up stuff so they Can charge extra, & they act like they care, but nothing gets done! Don't do it!!

Atlanta, Georgia
Worst experience ever... two claims for covered items and both times they sent out a "service professional " that I was required to pay the call services fees... after I waited for hours, they both stayed 10 min and left with my money and no repairs. The plumber actually made the leak worse which damaged the floor /subfloor/ ceiling downstairs... I spent hours on the phone with the "service dept". Which is located in CENTRAL AMERICA...could barely understand the conversation. I was asking for another plumber to assess the issue and to not pay the service fee . THEY REFUSED!... really? I spent half of a day off work and ended up with A BIGGER PROBLEM that they are denying coverage... Read More

Channing S
Austin, Texas
Hate them, never would send someone out, always said "oh just find someone but don't let them do any work without approval of cost and make sure if they go over X they call us" 'meanwhile every time you call you have to stay on hold for 45 mins. Reimbursement was a nightmare

This company is the worst!!! DO NOT EVER purchase a policy with them. You can never speak with a supervisor when you have an issue. They do not have enough providers to service you so you wait for weeks to receive service. All I can say is run run run as fast as you can from this company!!

Crystal S
Draper, Utah
I had TERRIBLE service from this company time and time again. Every issue that I've had with an appliance has required hours worth of repeated phone calls with First American. Their contractors are never available in a reasonable amount of time (usually appointments can't be scheduled for 1-2 weeks). Even if your basement is flooded and water heater is broken, there is absolutely no urgency or follow through on their end to get a contractor scheduled. I had to call back First American 9 times and spend over 6 hours on the phone BEGGING them to send someone to fix the broken water heater that was causing thousands of dollars in water damage to my house. Every single agent and supervisor... Read More

This is the worst company I ever seen in United States. never do their job on time and very unprofessional customer service. They asked me to send the receipt for the claim. its almost 30 days. I called seven times. they keep saying I have to call and follow up the payment. They don't work their side at all. never ever buy Home warranty from First American Home Warranty......(0/10)

Gave a 1 but don't deserve that. Called Thursday July 27th and today is August 1st and still not done. Tech was to come yesterday, no show. Called approx 8 times no help. Called today on hold for 15 minutes and they hung up on me so don't wast your money or time with this company. WORTHLESS!! Haven't used my sink for 6 days and I have 3 leaks to be repaired. Going to cancel and find another. Don't make this mistake could be life threatening!!

Bill W
Ontario, California
Our kids have been living with us for almost three weeks because there AC unit went out. They've received the run around from both First American as well as their local contractor. There are many reputable companies that deserve your business. First American is not one of them

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