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From form and features to warranties and customer support, we research everything you need to compare hearing aids and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of hearing aids below.
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How we Compare Hearing Aids

Form - 20%
Features - 25%
Pricing - 20%
Warranties - 20%
Customer Support - 15%


There are several types of Hearing Aids which may vary in power, size, circuitry and design.

  • In-the-ear – It is a custom fit hearing aid that will fit each individual’s outer ear bowl.
  • In-the-Canal – It is a kind of hearing aid that only fill the bottom half of the external ear.
  • Completely-in-the-Canal – It is one of the unnoticeable hearing aids unless the viewer looks directly into the patient’s ear.
  • Behind-the-Ear – BTE is designed with an invisible tube that connects to the ear canal. It is advisable to use with mild to profound hearing loss.
  • Receiver-in-Canal – It uses silicone to position the loudspeaker in the wearer’s ear.
  • Invisible Hearing Aid – It fits deeper inside the ear canal. Invisible hearing aids are most suitable for patients up to the middle age.

Hearing Aids with the Best Form:

SiemensSonicPhonakWidexWonder Hearing AidUnitronStarkeyRextonMD Hearing AidOticonReSound
Invisible Hearing Aid
Mild Hearing Loss Level
Moderate Hearing Loss
Moderately Severe Hearing Loss
Severe Hearing Loss


Hearing Aids’ services and features works in various settings. Balance, compare and review the product’s ability. Some hearing aid products offer an unnecessary feature that is not appropriate to your age or needs. Remember, the more features you purchase, the higher the price you’ll pay.

Here are some features to consider when looking for a Hearing Aid product:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Proper Fitting
  • Wind Noise Manager
  • Multiple Channels
  • Directional Microphone
  • Speech Enhancement
  • Programmability
  • Water Resistant
  • Telecoil

Hearing Aids with the Best Features:

SiemensSonicPhonakWidexWonder Hearing AidUnitronStarkeyRextonMD Hearing AidOticonReSound
Online Hearing Test
Directional Microphone
Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation
Speech Enhancement
Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth Integration
Water Resistant
Cellphone Compatibility
Battery Size31231231210675 or 13312 or 133121331210


Price is also a key consideration when looking for Hearing Aids. Prices of Hearing Aid will vary on the style, types, materials used and kinds of severity of your hearing loss. However, don’t rely to price only when deciding the best hearing aid. You and your audiologist must select a hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and needs. In addition, not just because one hearing aid is more expensive than another, it doesn’t certainly mean that it will better suit your needs.  

Hearing Aids with the Best Pricing:

SiemensSonicPhonakWidexWonder Hearing AidUnitronStarkeyRextonMD Hearing AidOticonReSound
Warranty3 Years2 Years3 Years1-3 Years2 Years2-3 Years3 Years90 Days2 Years2-3 Years
Free Trial45 Days30 Days45 Days
Money Back Guarantee45 Days45 Days
Price$1899-$2799$1599-$2699$1699-$6000$1499-$3000Call for PricingCall for Pricing$1999-$2499$649.99-$1049.99Call for PricingCall for Pricing


Hearing Aid providers must explain precautions, outlines a schedule for wearing aid, teaches you on how to wear it properly, and instructs you on how to clean and store the hearing instrument. Hearing Aids are fragile devices that can break due to accidents and normal wear and tear. Patients must also consider parts and services warranty when buying hearing aid.

Hearing Aids with the Best Warranties:

Customer Support

Your Hearing Aid provider support team should be readily available through a variety of communication channels. It can be done over telephone, live chat, and email. Hearing Aid Companies should also offer wide online knowledge-based guidelines, tutorials, troubleshooting and maintenance tips.

  • Telephone Support    
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile App
  • FAQs
  • Downloadable Product’s Manual with troubleshooting 

Hearing Aids with the Best Customer Support:

SiemensSonicPhonakWidexWonder Hearing AidUnitronStarkeyRextonMD Hearing AidOticonReSound
Telephone Support
Live Chat
Mobile App
Social Media Support

Full Hearing Aids Comparison

FormFeaturesPricingWarrantiesCustomer Support
Siemens Hearing Aids10.
Sonic Hearing Aids10.
Phonak Hearing Aids10.
Widex Hearing Aids8.
Wonder Hearing Aid9.
Unitron Hearing Aids6.
Starkey Hearing Aids10.
Rexton Hearing Aids8.
MD Hearing Aids4.
Oticon Hearing Aids10.
ReSound Hearing Aids6.
Select 2 hearing aids companies to compare

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