Gutter guards protect eaves troughs from becoming clogged by leaves, bird nests, water and debris. Some are simple screens made of wire mesh, nylon, or foam. Others are made of more rigid materials and sit directly on top of gutters, covering them. There are also hybrid designs which combine a mesh filter or screen with rigid hole-punched covers. Some guards are electrically heated to prevent build-ups of ice and snow which can damage gutters, roofs, and other parts of a home’s exterior.

Gutter guards save homeowners time, money, and effort by reducing the time it takes to clean their eaves troughs. Keeping gutters clear and flowing smoothly prevents water damage to fascia, siding, and even structural elements. However, eaves troughs that are equipped with gutter guards still require occasional cleaning.

Prices vary greatly, so it pays to assess your needs. Solid covers are more expensive, but they are generally more durable than mesh and screen designs. The number, proximity, and type of trees near your house, the climate and ecosystem where you live, and the architecture of your roof will affect your purchase decision.

It’s important to understand that no gutter guard system is entirely maintenance-free. Still, a good, appropriate guard will greatly reduce the time and effort that keeping your gutters working requires. To make the best choice, make sure your purchase is well-suited to your house and its location.


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