Compare Flood Insurance

Learn how our experts identify and compare the essential factors of flood insurance to find the best option for you. From coverage and protection and plan details to coverage limitation and help, support and usability, we research everything you need to know to make a decision.
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How we Compare Flood Insurance

Coverage and Protection - 30%
Plan Details - 25%
Structures Covered - 20%
Coverage Limitation - 15%
Help, Support and Usability - 10%

Coverage and Protection Compared

Flood insurance just like any type of insurance program vary according to the level of coverage and protection plan. Policyholders should focus on insurance companies with high maximum coverage limits and less exclusions.  This should at least cover personal injury and property damages that include cars, appliance, furniture, personal belongings, and non-flammable insulation. Other things to look out for are debris removal, floor coverings and electrical and plumbing system services.

There are the two major types of flood insurance programs these are:

1. Standard Policy Risk – Customers living in high-risk areas are qualified. High risk zones are more likely to suffer from flood damage than any other type of calamity. Buildings and possessions are covered.

2. Preferred Risk Policy – Customers living in low-to-moderate risk zones are ideal for these type of programs. This type of policy offers better flexibility allowing customers to choose covered items.

Flood Insurance with the Best Coverage and Protection:  Geico Coverage and ProtectionState Farm Coverage and Protection
GeicoState FarmFarmersAllstateThe HartfordTravelersAmicaMetlifeNationwide
Personal Injury
Electrical and Plumbing System
Personal Belongings
Floor Coverings
Debris Removal
Non-flammable insulation

Plan Details Compared

This includes information on minimum and maximum coverage, length of contract and waiting periods if any. Being able to provide sample contracts could also give flood insurance shoppers a quick look into the different coverage options and how much is it going to cost you.

  • Policy date of effectiveness – waiting period or time before the policy becomes effective
  • Annual Plan – the company offers a yearly-based flood insurance program.
  • Minimum Coverage – The minimum amount covered based on the declared values of policy holder’s properties and belongings.
  • Maximum Coverage – The maximum amount of covered based on the declared values of policy holder’s properties and belongings.
  • Sample Policy – document outlining the company’s insurance policy terms that can be viewed by the public
  • Privacy Policy – Legal agreement that states how personal information is used
Flood Insurance with the Best Plan Details:  Geico Plan DetailsFarmers Plan DetailsState Farm Plan Details
GeicoState FarmFarmersAllstateThe HartfordTravelersAmicaMetlifeNationwide
Policy Effectivity30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Annual Plan
Minimum Coverage$100,000$100,000
Maximum Coverage$500,000$500,000

Structures Covered Compared

Flood Insurance companies must be able to service a variety of home and business structures. Premiums and covered amount may vary depending on the type of structured insured. 

a.         Condominium
b.         Townhouses
c.          Offices
d.          Apartments

Flood Insurance with the Best Structures Covered:  Geico Structures CoveredFarmers Structures CoveredState Farm Structures Covered
GeicoState FarmFarmersAllstateThe HartfordTravelersAmicaMetlifeNationwide

Coverage Limitation Compared

Flood insurance companies may place limits on the areas covered in your home. Low-lying areas such as basements and enclosed spaces are usually exempted from coverage.

1. Basement – Area in the building having its floor below the ground level

2. Crawl Space – Area where in the building under the floor that provides access to wiring and plumbing

3. Walk-out basement – A basement with a doorway outside

4. Enclosed areas – Area below the lowest elevated floors that is completely secure with rigid walls.

Flood Insurance with the Best Coverage Limitation:  Geico Coverage LimitationState Farm Coverage Limitation
GeicoState FarmFarmersAllstateThe HartfordTravelersAmicaMetlifeNationwide
Crawl Space
Walk-out Basement
Enclosed Areas

Help, Support and Usability Compared

  • Coverage Calculator – An online feature that helps customers know the cost of their personal properties insured.
  • Online Quotes – Quick cost estimates
  • Online Claims –claiming through a company’s online portal
  • Telephone Support – phone based support for inquiries, concern and claims
  • Email – Electronic mail service provided by the company to respond to customer’s inquiries.
  • Live Chat – Web based service that allows customers to communicate with an agent in real time.
  • FAQs – List of information and other resources for quick reference to commonly asked questions

Full Flood Insurance Comparison

Coverage and ProtectionPlan DetailsStructures CoveredCoverage LimitationHelp, Support and Usability
Geico Flood Insurance10.
State Farm Flood Insurance10.
Farmers Flood Insurance9.
Allstate Flood Insurance9.
The Hartford Flood Insurance9.
Travelers Flood Insurance8.
Amica Flood Insurance8.
Metlife Flood Insurance7.
Nationwide Flood Insurance7.
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