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From vehicle tracking and data management to driver data and support services, we research everything you need to compare fleet tracking software and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of fleet tracking software below.
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How we Compare Fleet Tracking Software

Vehicle Tracking - 30%
Data Management - 25%
Vehicle Maintenance - 20%
Driver Data - 15%
Support Services - 10%

Vehicle Tracking

Dispatch features – bigger fleets require a more robust fleet tracking solution.  Fleet Tracking Software also comes with a dispatch feature that lets you manage each vehicle in your fleet. You are able to serve more customers and even assign routes to make each trip efficient. 

Fleet size – for small, medium and large fleets

Mobile management – easy access to all information on your mobile device

Fuel management

Vehicle tracking

Accident tracking

Mileage reporting

Tracking devices – GPS based


Emergency notification

Fleet Tracking Software with the Best Vehicle Tracking:

TelogisCalAmp FleetOutlookFleetmaticsFleetisticsGoFleetTeletracRastracVerizon NetworkfleetGPS InsightNexTraq
Fleet sizeFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleetsFor small, medium and large fleets
Maps usedSatellite imagery availableNAVTEQ MapSatellite and hybrid viewsCellular network coverage mapsSatellite imagery availableBuilt-in Google mappingGPS map plugins with your fleet management softwareSatellite imagery availableSatellite, traffic, terrain and “Street view”Google maps
Fuel card reporting
Mobile management
Real-time monitoring of vehicles and assets
Emergency notification
GPS Geofencing
Tracking devicesFlexible GPS hardware optionsFlexible GPS hardware and software optionsGPS to track and monitor fleet vehicles developedSecond by second GPS trackingFlexible GPS hardware optionsCustomizable GPS tracking solutionGPS basedGPS basedGPS based tracking, choose between a single vehicle or groups to track32 point Geofencing technology

Data Management

Storing all your data in electronic format makes it easier you to share this information and free your office of valuable breathing space. Imagine having all your data available in a single place. Information includes customer records for keeping track of valuable customer records. Vehicle maintenance schedules, driver routes and fuel management information right at your fingertips.

Fleet Tracking Software with the Best Data Management:

Vehicle Maintenance

Proper vehicle maintenance helps you optimizes all your available resources. This makes it possible for you to maximize the use of all your vehicles without the danger of these breaking down. Scheduling maintenance prevents expensive repairs and loss of equipment.

Maintenance scheduling

Maintenance monitoring

Fleet Tracking Software with the Best Vehicle Maintenance:

TelogisCalAmp FleetOutlookFleetmaticsFleetisticsGoFleetTeletracRastracVerizon NetworkfleetGPS InsightNexTraq
Fuel management
Work order scheduling
Inspection management
Mileage reporting
Engine diagnostics

Driver Data

Drivers are your company’s most valuable resource. They are the face of your business and are responsible for your vehicle and customer’s shipments. Fleet tracking software features include driver management capabilities. It can give an insight into driving attitude and habits.

Time management

Communicate with your workers through two-way messaging, forms, work orders and commercial navigation

Driver ID

Fleet Tracking Software with the Best Driver Data:

TelogisCalAmp FleetOutlookFleetmaticsFleetisticsGoFleetTeletracRastracVerizon NetworkfleetGPS InsightNexTraq
Fuel card reconciliation
Time management
Weather and traffic reports
Route calculations/ arrival time
Vehicle trip history
Text and email messaging

Support Services

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task and when your fleet tracking software experiences a glitch knowing that someone will be there on the other line to help is crucial.

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Live Chat

Fleet Tracking Software with the Best Support Services:

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Select 2 fleet tracking software companies to compare

Latest Reviews

Easy to use fleet tracking software. We decreased our fleet costs and improved customer service. Highly recommended.

Richland, Washington
Teletrac systems seem superb, unfortunately, the install process was a nightmare. Based on my experience, if I were simply rating the overall install process, Teletrac would have received a zero star, or 1-star (lowest possible rating) as it has taken from October 2015 until nearly the end of February (install was just finished last week) to finally get the installs correctly completed. It has required 3 trips total to finish the installs, the tech was less than careful with his tools and left some minor damage to the cosmetics of my dash but finally the installs are complete. The very first tech stole $75.00 from my vehicle and did not complete the job due to faulty equipment. He did not make proper notes and report it back to Teletrac and this sub-contractor left the faulty part installed, instead of sending it back to Teletrac - he should have uninstalled the faulty part, and either sent it back or given it back to me to send back. Unfortunately, the install process was a nightmare. I have had to ask them for credits on my account several times, when I think they should have simply offered credits. I am currently waiting for new credits to be applied but have not yet heard back. So, with this being a huge zero/no star or lowest star rating - only because of the features they do actually offer is my scoring boosted to 4<5, so altogether, I have decided to rate them as 3 stars. As for the service and product capabilities, I would definitely rate Teletrac at 4<5 stars, with 5 being the best possible. The software and its capabilities are fairly sophisticated and will be a helpful tool with much feature and benefit. I do not give them a 5, in that category, simply because the browser software is not quite as user friendly as one might hope, only the last 24-48 hours is available for review and the interface could be a little better. Recently they just change from Bing (for maps - I hate bing) to Google and I hope that it is much better. They have earned 3 stars, and had they done a better job on installs and follow-thru, as well, a few things they were supposed to help and take care of, till this date (no longer going to ask them for help with this particular matter - trying to get a power supply for my portable box unit. I hope that in time, despite the damage that was done to my dash, the multiple trips required to get the job done (in fact they said it would take less than 1 hour to get the job done) and the thief that was originally sent --- not a good start to a new business relationship -- I only hope that in the future, they will do a better job and possibly earn a new reviiew.

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