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From features & services and customization to industry applications and support services, we research everything you need to compare erp software and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of erp software below.
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How we Compare ERP Software

Features & Services - 35%
Customization - 30%
Industry Applications - 20%
Support Services - 15%

Features and Services

These are the must-have features of any Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software.

  1. Accounting features – keeping all your books accurate and up to date is an essential task for any business, big or small. At the very least these should have payroll integration, account receivables/ payables, general ledger and audit features. Specific-industry ERP software for example provide additional accounting features to complement basic accounting tools.
  2. Human Resource Management – this feature incorporates many HR functions to help human resource personnel perform various tasks in a more automated manner. Services include workforce management, hiring, training and benefits management.
  3. Customer Relationship Management – CRM features helps businesses keep close tabs on their customers. It does not only let them store customer profiles but also lets them understand spending habits. This information lets business create better marketing and sales campaigns while improving customer experience.
  4. Business Intelligence -   this term refers to how ERP software analyzes gathered information. ERP software helps formulate reports which can lead to better business decisions.
  5. Inventory Management – standard features include systems for tracking inventory levels and asset management. This avoids overstocking which could lead to product depreciation. Inventory management keeps your business more efficient by helping you match supply with customer demand.
  6. Manufacturing Management – one of the least known features but one of the key reasons for the development of Enterprise Resource Management. This is an area where successful ERP software excel. It brings ERP to another level by letting businesses handle its manufacturing processes giving them better control over resources and production.

ERP Software with the Best Features and Services:

EpicorInfor VisualMicrosoft DynamicsOracleSAPSageNetSuiteAplicorIntacctLawson
Accounting Feature
Human Resource Management
Customer Relationship Management
Business Intelligence
Inventory Management
Manufacturing Management


How flexible is the ERP software in terms of interoperability with your existing business processes and software. ERP comes with its own accounting or CRM features which could come in conflict with existing systems. At the very least it should be compatible with popular office software. Major downtimes may result to financial loses or lost business opportunities.

  • Integration – compatibility with existing office software and systems
  • Platforms (On premise, cloud-based) – deployment options for easier integration into business systems   
  • Scalability

ERP Software with the Best Customization:

EpicorInfor VisualMicrosoft DynamicsOracleSAPSageNetSuiteAplicorIntacctLawson

Industry Applications

Enterprise Resource Planning software was designed to handle the many business processes involved with running large businesses. The best ERP software are not only able to provide the basic ERP features and services but also complex enough to handle different industry needs. However, industry specific ERP software are available for businesses searching for more tailored solutions.

ERP Software with the Best Industry Applications:

EpicorInfor VisualMicrosoft DynamicsOracleSAPSageNetSuiteAplicorIntacctLawson

Support Services

The quality of your Enterprise Resource Planning solution goes beyond the initial purchase and installation. The best Enterprise Resource Planning software also provides excellent support long after the purchase. Aftermarket support, system experts and training are trademarks of a solid ERP software provider. 

ERP Software with the Best Support Services:

Full ERP Software Comparison

Features and ServicesCustomizationIndustry ApplicationsSupport Services
Epicor ERP Software10.
Infor Visual ERP Software9.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software8.
Oracle ERP Software0.
SAP ERP Software6.
Sage ERP Software5.
NetSuite ERP Software4.
Aplicor ERP Software3.
Intacct ERP Software2.
Lawson ERP Software1.
Select 2 erp software companies to compare