10 Best ERP Software of 2017

Reviews on the leading Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solutions. Learn how ERP software helps businesses achieve better efficiency and improve performance.  

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a tool that can tie every aspect of your business’ or organization’s data into one, comprehensive dashboard, by offering integration across its different departments. It incorporates more than just the financial side of the business, including other areas like customer relationship management, supply chain logistics, business intelligence, material resource management (inventory, point of sales, shipping, etc).

The functionality needed for different areas varies according to the type of business. Payroll services for a service organisation, for instance, will be different than one for a hospitality organisation or a construction company. The same holds true for every aspect of a business, and since ERP platforms are modular and provide such a broad range of services, before choosing an ERP tool, it’s important to map out exactly how your company does business.

Once you have a comprehensive idea of exactly which tools you’ll incorporate into the ERP software, and how they should interact, you can begin comparing companies. Important features include the overall usability, navigation, and workflow. When considering the difference in costs between companies, verify if the platform requires physical servers or is cloud-based. Cloud models can offer substantial savings, as they don’t require a lot of hardware, the initial setup fee is small or nonexistent, and licensing costs are generally assessed at a specific amount per user per month.

Most ERP vendors strongly suggest you purchase their software by adding a third-party, value-added partner to manage the purchase, initial deployment, and configuration. They’ll write custom code to connect modules when necessary, make sure the right features are turned off or locked down, and handle all aspects of maintenance, employee training, and troubleshooting. With this third-party partner, make sure that you actually need them to set up your software, and ask them for an accurate estimate.

Top 10 Companies

9.8 / 10
  • On-premise, Hosted or Cloud-based
  • Modular-based
  • Available in more than 30 languages
  • Modular-based implementation
  • Tax connect
  • Support centers in key regions
Infor Visual
9.5 / 10
  • Visual and graph reporting
  • Cloud-based, on-premise
  • Production/ manufacturing management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Job scheduling
  • Business intelligence
Microsoft Dynamics
Our Partner
8.6 / 10
  • Easy to use, friendly interface
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • E-commerce and Social Media integration
  • Payroll management
  • Time sheets
7.6 / 10
  • Cloud-based
  • Flexible solutions
  • Wide selection of business applications
  • Advanced business analytics
  • Business intelligence reports
7.6 / 10
  • Good core finance features
  • Available for a wide range of industries/ services
  • Global support services
  • Mobile devices
  • On-premise
  • Business analytics
6.9 / 10
  • Great financial features
  • Customizable menus
  • Multiple databases
  • Multi-language, multi-currency
  • Mobile device access
6.2 / 10
  • Cloud-based
  • Timesheet management
  • Automated accounting and invoicing
  • Advanced analytics
  • Project management
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM
5.9 / 10
  • Cloud-based
  • Detailed budgets
  • Multi-currency
  • US sales tax processing
  • Built-in customer care
  • Access anywhere, anytime
5.3 / 10
  • Great accounting features
  • Scalable
  • On-demand ERP features
  • Easy integration
  • Mobile devices
4.9 / 10
  • Workflow management
  • Invoice automation
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resource and payroll
  • Mobile technology platform


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Best ERP Software: Summed Up

RankCompany NameStrengths
1EpicorBest Overall
2Infor VisualCustomization, Support Services
3Microsoft DynamicsSupport Services
4OracleSupport Services

How We Compare ERP Software

Select 2 erp software companies to compare
Features & Services - 35%
Customization - 30%
Industry Applications - 20%
Support Services - 15%
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