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From coverage & protection and plan details to discounts and help & support, we research everything you need to compare earthquake insurance and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of earthquake insurance below.
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How we Compare Earthquake Insurance

Coverage & Protection - 30%
Plan Details - 25%
Structures Covered - 20%
Discounts - 15%
Help & Support - 10%

Coverage and Protection

The company’s ability to provide adequate coverage and protection to homeowners and business owners against costly repairs and damages resulting from an earthquake. This also includes coverage for personal injuries.

1. Personal Injury – a must have especially when your current medical insurance is unable to shoulder medical costs.

2. Personal Belongings – Properties and other valuable items such as appliance, furniture and other items stated in your policy. When damaged by earthquake, these are the items eligible for repair or replacement.

3. Property damage – covers the costs of repairs of structural damage to your property.

4. Post – Earthquake Services – Helps during the difficult recovery process. This includes debris removal, broken glass clean-up, electrical, and plumbing system repair or replacement.

Earthquake Insurance with the Best Coverage and Protection:

FarmersAllstateState FarmLiberty MutualNationwideUSAASafecoMapfreGeoVeraMercury
Personal Belongings
Personal Injury
Electrical and Plumbing System
Debris Removal
Broken Glass Clean-Up

Plan Details

This refers to information regarding the company’s maximum and minimum coverage. It also includes costs, premiums and deductibles.  

Minimum Coverage – The Company sets the minimum coverage of your policy. But it varies on the items that you stated for coverage.

Maximum Coverage – The Company will set the maximum coverage. However, the higher the coverage, the higher your premiums will be.

Contract length – Yearly plan payment or how long the plan is in effect before it can be renewed.

Mobile Access – Access to your policy for changes, modification and claim process using your smart phones.

Sample Policy – Legal document outlining the company’s insurance policy terms that can be seen by the public

Privacy Policy – Information and legal agreement on how personal information is used

Earthquake Insurance with the Best Plan Details:

Structures Covered

Earthquake Insurance companies must be able to cover a variety of personal and business structures.  

  1. Apartments
  2. Condo
  3. Townhouse
  4. Single- Family Homes
  5. Offices and other business structures


Earthquake Insurance with the Best Structures Covered:


Search for an insurer that gives a variety of discount options to help cut the costs of your premiums. Enrolling with your current life insurance company that also offers earthquake insurance is a simple way of availing a multi-policy discount.

Multi-Policy Discounts – Discounts are given to policyholders with 2 or more policies enrolled in the same insurance company.

Loyalty Discounts – Policyholders who renew their policies can avail of the company’s loyalty discounts.

Claim- Free History - Policyholder’s who has yet to file a claim for a set number of consecutive years are entitled to this privilege.

Other Discounts – Additional discounts given by the company

Earthquake Insurance with the Best Discounts:

FarmersAllstateState FarmLiberty MutualNationwideUSAASafecoMapfreGeoVeraMercury
Multi-Policy Discount
Loyalty Discount
Claim Free History
Other DiscountsBundled Discounts55 and Retired Discount, Easy Pay PlanExclusive Group SavingsAge of insured discounts, Personal Status Discount

Help and Support

You must look for a company that offers well after sales customer support. In terms of online resources, process of claims and reachable telephone lines.

  • Online Account Management – access to your personal information or policy. This allows you to make changes or get a quick look into your policy.
  • Coverage Calculator – makes it easy for you to make a quick estimate of your property’s worth, market and depreciation value
  • Live Chat – Immediate response to client concerns using their web tool for live conversation
  • Telephone Support – Assistance by resident agents through phone
  • 24 Hour Telephone Claims –24/7 claim reporting
  • Online Claims - Web handling of your claims for easy attachment of required documents
  • Online Quotes - Get a quick estimate of costs
  • E-mail - Electronic mail service provided by the company to answer customer’s inquiries.
  • FAQs – List of questions responded for usual client concerns

Earthquake Insurance with the Best Help and Support:

Full Earthquake Insurance Comparison

Coverage and ProtectionPlan DetailsStructures CoveredDiscountsHelp and Support
Farmers Earthquake Insurance10.
Allstate Earthquake Insurance10.
State Farm Earthquake Insurance9.
Liberty Mutual Earthquake Insurance9.
Nationwide Earthquake Insurance8.
USAA Earthquake Insurance8.
Safeco Earthquake Insurance7.
Mapfre Earthquake Insurance6.
GeoVera Earthquake Insurance6.
Mercury Earthquake Insurance6.
Select 2 earthquake insurance companies to compare

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