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From features and security to pricing and platform, we research everything you need to compare digital signature and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of digital signature below.
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A modern office setup requires the extensive use of digital or electronic documents. This dramatically improves efficiency allowing multiple documents often contained in emails to be sent across different departments instantaneously. While speed and efficiency is enhanced through the use of electronic documents there is the question of verifying and protecting the documents authenticity.

Digital signature services specialize in providing security for electronic documents and document management. These providers ensure security during document delivery, management, storage and better control over electronic documents.

How we Compare Digital Signature

Features - 30%
Security - 25%
Ease of Use - 20%
Pricing - 15%
Platform - 10%


Your digital signature service should be robust enough to meet all your organization’s security and document processing needs. It should contain a variety of digital signing solutions, document management and sending options.

Custom signing features

  • Digital Certificate (PKI) Signature
  • Electronic Signature Pad Capture
  • Handwritten Mouse Signature
  • Standard Scripted (Typed) Signature
  • Company logo

Document sending

  • Bulk emails
  • Document previews
  • Multiple signers
  • Office documents (PDF, excel, word)
  • Email branding

Document management

  • Administrator privileges
  • Multiple users
  • Workflow management

Reporting Features

  • Document signing alerts
  • Document viewing alerts
  • Downloadable reports
  • Expiration notifications

Digital Signature with the Best Features:

Adobe EchoSignDocuSignCoSigne-SignLiveAssureSignSertifiRPostAlphaTrusteOriginalGoPaperless
Digital Certificate Signature
Electronic Signature Pad Capture
Handwritten Mouse Signature
Standard Scripted Signature
Company Logo
Document Previews
Multiple Signers
Office Documents
Email Branding
Administrator Privileges
Multiple Users
Workflow Management
Document Signing Alerts
Document Viewing Alerts
Expiration Notifications


Does your electronic signature comply with industry accepted security standards? Ensure each document’s authenticity by selecting a digital signature provider that offers excellent encryption and industry-compliant signature services.

  • Secure storage
  • ESIGN Act compliant
  • Signature certificate
  • Biometric Signature
  • SSL Data encryption
  • UETA compliant

Digital Signature with the Best Security:

Adobe EchoSignDocuSignCoSigne-SignLiveAssureSignSertifiRPostAlphaTrusteOriginalGoPaperless
Secure Storage
Esign Act Compliant
Signature Certificate
Biometric Signature
SSL Data Encryption
UETA Compliant

Ease of Use

The entire process should be simple for each person in your office to understand. Signing and verifying the electronic document should not take more than a few seconds. This should be seamless and easy for any member in your organization even for those with little or no experience signing documents electronically.

Digital Signature with the Best Ease of Use:


There are several factors to consider when comparing digital signature services. Does it allow multiple signers or do you have to obtain several licenses for multiple users. Get a better picture of how this solution really cost by first understanding how many people in your organization requires this service.

Digital Signature with the Best Pricing:

Adobe EchoSignDocuSignCoSigne-SignLiveAssureSignSertifiRPostAlphaTrusteOriginalGoPaperless
Price$14.95-$19.95$10-$30$15-$20Starts at $20$30-$250$15-$20$6.99-$590Call for PricingCall for Pricing$8.33-$19.95
Types of MembershipPro, Team, Enterprise, GlobalIndividual, Professional, Business, EnterprisesCoSign Central, CoSign Cloud SaaS Standard, CoSign Cloud SaaS PremiumProfessional, Integrated, EnterpriseIndividual to Small Business, Enterprise Licensing, On-Premise or Cloud ImplementationIndividual, Team, EnterpriseIndividual, Business, High VolumeReal Estate Dashboard, eSign Online, eSign Dashboard, Red Fax
Monthly or AnnuallyMonthly and AnnuallyMonthly and AnnuallyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthly


Different office setups require flexibility in implementing your digital signature solution. It must be able to meet your organization’s document handling setup. Its ability to cater to a variety of office platforms reduces cost for investing in additional software.

  • Online
  • Mobile devices
  • iOS
  • Android
  • API integration

Digital Signature with the Best Platform:

Adobe EchoSignDocuSignCoSigne-SignLiveAssureSignSertifiRPostAlphaTrusteOriginalGoPaperless
Mobile Devices
API Integration

Full Digital Signature Comparison

Select 2 digital signature companies to compare


What is a Digital Signature?

A Digital Signature is a fast, secure, and convenient way to sign an electronic document without having to print, sign and scan.

Digital Signatures help verify the authenticity of a signature, as well as protect the integrity of the documents being signed. Meaning that once a digital signature has been added to the electronic document, any alterations made afterwards will automatically void the digital signature and a new one will be required.

Can digital signatures be used to verify the identity of the person signing?

Just like with traditional handwritten signature, a digital signature may not mean the signer is who they say they are. The most basic digital signature programs really only confirm the link between the account holder and the digital signature on the document. However, depending on the software program you select, identity confirmation may be available.

Does a digital signature show up as your actual handwritten signature?

This depends on the digital signature program you select. Some programs will simply add your signature as text, while others use a copy of your signature. Either way, the digital signature appears with a seal which the recipient can view to confirm the identification of the signer(s).