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From credit bureaus and features to identity theft protection and support services, we research everything you need to compare credit reporting and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of credit reporting below.
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We review the Best Credit Reporting services in the country today. Get your credit report and credit scores from the three major credit bureaus. 

How we Compare Credit Reporting

Credit Bureaus - 12%
Features - 23%
Plans & Pricing - 35%
Identity Theft Protection - 20%
Support Services - 10%

Credit Bureaus

Having credit reports from the three major credit bureaus is a must for those searching for credit reporting services. After all, this is the only way they could keep themselves on top of their credit situation. While everybody is entitled to a credit report from the three credit bureaus once a year, some credit reporting services do not offer all three credit bureau reports. This is why we ranked companies who offer credit reports from all three major credit bureaus on top of our list for credit reporting providers.

  • Experian
  • TransUnion
  • Equifax


Credit Reporting with the Best Credit Bureaus:

FreeCreditReport.comExperianIdentity GuardTransUnionCredit SesameIdentity ForceMyFICOGoFreeCreditFreeScoresAndMoreEquifax


Frequency of Credit Reporting - things we looked into when choosing the top credit reporting services includes checking the frequency of credit reports. Services who provided monthly credit reports were on top of our list simply because it gives us the benefit of having timely reports on our credit standing. Those who provided quarterly credit reports came in second because of the long interval between reporting.

Credit Reporting – this includes every item in your credit profile. Items such as your credit history and repayments. This is also the same information that each creditor uses in assessing your credit worthiness. It determines if you qualify for the loan and your interest rates.

Credit Scoring Model Used – your credit score is a reflection of your credit worthiness. Aside from providing you with a credit report from the credit bureaus, credit reporting services also include helping you understand what this means to your credit profile.

The FICO credit scoring model is widely used by US financial and credit institutions. It helps them determine your credit worthiness and interest rates. A higher credit score translates to bigger loans and lower interest payments.   

Credit reporting services use a variety of credit scoring models. While all provide the same information from the three major credit bureaus, how they interpret this data depends on the credit score model used. A company like Identity Guard who uses CreditXpert for its credit scoring model may have differences in terms of how it interprets your credit report.

Credit Reporting with the Best Features:

FreeCreditReport.comExperianIdentity GuardTransUnionCredit SesameIdentity ForceMyFICOGoFreeCreditFreeScoresAndMoreEquifax
Frequency of Credit ReportingEvery 30 daysEvery 30 daysMonthlyLimited to TransunionQuarterlyQuarterlyMonthlyMonthlyAnnually
Credit Reporting
24/7 Credit Monitoring
Credit Scores
Warning Reports
Score Update FrequencyN/AEvery 30 daysMonthlyN/AMonthlyN/AMonthlyN/AEvery 30 daysN/A

Plans and Pricing

The three major credit bureaus are required by law to provide a yearly credit report for free. But for those who would like to keep closer tabs on their financial health, credit reporting companies provide these in a monthly or quarterly fashion.

Trial services are available for those who would like to check their credit reports. Those who enroll are sent credit reports and enjoy the benefits of the programs such as credit monitoring. Trial services can be cancelled anytime but failing to do so automatically enrolls you to a monthly program.

Some companies even offer a variety of plans with different levels of credit reporting and identity theft protection. Entry level plans usually provide limited credit reporting and monitoring. This means credit reporting from the three major credit bureaus are only available through higher tier plans. So be sure to check the different features included in each plan.

Credit Reporting with the Best Plans and Pricing:

Identity Theft Protection

This might not be high on the list of those searching for credit reporting services but having this included in your plan doesn’t hurt either. Aside from sending you monthly or quarterly credit reports, the companies we have reviewed also offer identity theft protection in their services.

The company monitors your credit profile daily. It send alerts via phone, email, text or mobile for any unusual activity or when it detects that your personal information is being traded. It also gives assistance in the unfortunate event that your identity has been compromised.

Credit Reporting with the Best Identity Theft Protection:

FreeCreditReport.comExperianIdentity GuardTransUnionCredit SesameIdentity ForceMyFICOGoFreeCreditFreeScoresAndMoreEquifax
ID Theft InsuranceN/A$50,000$1,000,000$25,000$50,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000None$25,000
Fraud Assistance
Lost Wallet Assistance

Support Services

The quality of support services certainly makes a difference especially when you’re faced with the difficult task of recovering your identity. Dedicated fraud specialists along with identity theft insurance ensures you are financially covered during this process.

Credit Reporting with the Best Support Services:

Full Credit Reporting Comparison

Credit BureausFeaturesPlans and PricingIdentity Theft ProtectionSupport Services Credit Reporting7.
Experian Credit Reporting10.
Identity Guard® Credit Reporting9.
TransUnion Credit Reporting7.
Lex On Track7.
Credit Sesame Credit Reporting9.
Identity Force Credit Reporting9.
MyFICO Credit Reporting9.
GoFreeCredit Credit Reporting8.
FreeScoresAndMore Credit Reporting9.
Equifax Credit Reporting7.
MyScore Credit Reporting8.
YourScoreAndMore Credit Reporting9.
The Fair Credit Group Credit Reporting0.
PrivacyGuard Credit Reporting7.
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