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From features and security to help & support and plans & pricing, we research everything you need to compare cloud storage and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of cloud storage below.
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Cloud storage is a great and simple way for storing large amounts of data without taking up storage space. It can also be a good way of sharing files to improve collaboration within a team. Cloud storage not only makes file sharing easier, but also automatically updates devices in the network, and reduces the reliance on costly hardware and infrastructure.

Cloud storage and file-sharing and syncing services provide seamless access to all your important data, from any location. For business settings, your software and other apps are then able to retrieve or access your files, so using a service that implements easy integration is crucial. Many cloud-based storage focuses on a specific area, such as security or keeping one synced folder on every device, but others are generalists, and even double as co-editing software. All service should also provide online file backups as a matter of course.

The key elements to look at when choosing a cloud storage provider include financial stability, proven infrastructure, established customer base, geographically distributed data centers, security and encryption, third-party validation, and service level agreement (SLA) terms and execution. Essentially, cloud storage should efficiently simplify and make portable your established workflows, while maintaining the security of your data.


How we Compare Cloud Storage

Features - 15%
Security - 15%
Speed - 10%
Storage Space - 20%
Ease of Use - 10%
Help & Support - 10%
Plans & Pricing - 20%


Important features to consider when searching for cloud storage services include file and folder sharing, file versioning, collaborative invites, online editing, real-time and automatic backups. The more services a cloud storage offers, the more functionality it is for the consumer. Features that consumers must look for in a cloud storage includes:

  • Bandwidth Control – refers to the process of calculating and regulating the communication traffic in a certain network to prevent exceeding the maximum bandwidth
  • Online Editing –process of revising or making changes in a stored file or folder while connected on the internet
  • Real-Time Backups – a feature in which it provides continuous copying of files into the cloud storage
  • Automatic Backups – the process of copying data to a software that electronically perform backup function without having to manually control the software
  • Remote File Access – refers to the ability of a software to access a device or network from a distant location
  • File Sharing – the process of transmitting files from one device to another through a network
  • Folder Sharing – the ability to transfer or share folders to another device or user over a network
  • File Sync – the way of storing files and keeping them up to date in various locations
  • File Versioning – refers to the ability of a cloud storage to keep several versions at the same time
  • Collaborative Invites – the process of inviting other users to collaborate on the same file

Cloud Storage with the Best Features:

OneDriveGoogle DriveDropboxAcronisSugarSyncBackblazeBoxCarboniteMozyJustCloud
Free Storage Space5 GB15 GB2 GB5 GB5 GB10 GB10 GBUnlimited2 GBUnlimited
File Size Limit2 GB to 10 GB5 TB (50 MB file size limit on presentations and documents uploaded to Google Drive and converted to Docs and Slides, and a 100 MB limit on spreadsheets converted to Sheets)10 GBNo LimitNo Limit9 GBFree Personal: 250 MB, Starter: 2 GB, Business/Enterprise: 5 GB4 GBNo Limit1 GB to 5 GB
Average Upload Speed12 Mbps6.5 Mbps7.6 Mbps7.4 Mbps8 Mbps7.2 Mbps8.2 Mbps3.1 Mbps2.2 Mbps1.5 Mbps
Average Download Speed50 Mbps68.4 Mbps30 Mbps3.9 Mbps18 Mbps31 Mbps31.2 Mbps4.7 MbpsNot Tested15.6 Mbps
Bandwidth Control
Online Editing
Real-Time Backups
Automatic Backups
Remote File Access
File Sharing
Folder Sharing
File Sync
File Versioning
External Drives
Collaborative Invites
Supported Operating SystemsWindows, Mac OS X, Ios, AndroidLinux, Windows, Mac Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, Apple iOS, Android, Apple OS X, LinuxWindows, Mac OS X, iOs, Android Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOSWindows, Mac OS X, iOs, Android Windows, Mac OS X, iOs, Android Windows, Mac OS X, iOs, Android Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, iOS


Cloud storage services must prioritize the security and privacy of their customer’s files. From uploading to transferring and sharing files, a cloud service must ensure users of their data’s confidentiality. Other than encryption, a software should also provide password protection and require PINs for users to assure them that their files are safe.

  • Data Loss Protection – refers to the strategy used for sensitive data to ensure that it is not lost or accessed by hackers or unauthorized individuals.
  • Remote Wipe – a feature which allows a user to mandate a certain device and delete data stored in the cloud .storage


Cloud Storage with the Best Security:

OneDriveGoogle DriveDropboxAcronisSugarSyncBackblazeBoxCarboniteMozyJustCloud
Password Protected Sharing
Data Loss Protection
Remote Wipe
Encrypted Transfer
Encrypted Storage
Folder Permissions


Aside from the security and other features provided by a cloud storage provider, users should also check its upload and download speeds. This can affect the speed at which data is updated in your devices or in your team’s folder.

Cloud Storage with the Best Speed:

Storage Space

Larger storage spaces is what makes cloud storage services attractive to users. Size does matter and this holds true to cloud storage services. Consumers should compare the size of storage space offered by different providers along with how much it costs to give them an idea on which service offers the best value for their money.

Cloud Storage with the Best Storage Space:

Ease of Use

Drag and drop features just like moving files within your computer is just one of the features that makes using a cloud storage service seamless.  New file updates and notifications makes it easy for users to keep on top of the latest changes.

Cloud Storage with the Best Ease of Use:

Help & Support

Online cloud storage providers should not only have a feature-packed and secure cloud storage services but also have offline and online support just in case a user is experiencing some difficulty. Professional support should be available in case of inability to access files, or other technical related issues.

Cloud Storage with the Best Help & Support:

OneDriveGoogle DriveDropboxAcronisSugarSyncBackblazeBoxCarboniteMozyJustCloud
24-hour Technical Support
Live Chat
Educational Center and Forum

Plans & Pricing

Cloud storage comes in different plans and packages with pricing playing a large role in determining the availability of features and size of storage. The good news is that most of the top cloud storage providers offer free versions.

Cloud Storage with the Best Plans & Pricing:

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Full Cloud Storage Comparison

FeaturesSecuritySpeedStorage SpaceEase of UseHelp & SupportPlans & Pricing
OneDrive Cloud Storage9.510.010.09.510.09.010.0
Google Drive Cloud Storage10.
Dropbox Cloud Storage9.510.09.58.810.08.59.0
Acronis Cloud Storage9.
SugarSync Cloud Storage10.
Backblaze Cloud Storage8.
Box Cloud Storage8.
Carbonite Cloud Storage7.
Mozy Cloud Storage7.
JustCloud Cloud Storage7.
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