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Rating: 6 / 10 (Average)
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Delta Auto Protect provides extended service programs since its founding in 2013. Currently based out of Philadelphia, this company is offers 24/7 roadside service, transferable service agreements, and ASE certified technicians. While not formally accredited by the Better Business Bureau, they do have a B rating with the organization, determined by their good review ratio.

How is Delta Auto Protect rated?


Service Contract
Claims & Repairs

Overall Rating: 6 / 10 (Average)

Delta Auto Protect is a very good choice for a vehicle's extended service plan. As the company itself plainly notes, its products are technically not warranties or insurance coverage, so they provide clear descriptions of which vehicle systems are and aren't covered. They provide three levels of coverage which protect different amounts of systems and components. The company has a positive reputation and has moved promptly to resolve consumer complaints against it.

Coverage Overview

Key Facts

Plan Types
Named Component Coverage
Types of Vehicles Covered

Coverage - 6 / 10

Delta Auto Protect utilizes Named Component Coverage contracts, which it sells at three different coverage levels. Its lists of named, covered components seem comprehensive. However, exclusionary contracts - that is, contracts that say that all vehicle components are covered except such-and-such - generally provide less ambiguity and broader coverage. Consumers are advised to study Delta Auto Protect's definitions of covered vehicle systems to ensure that their particular vehicle will be fully covered.

What does Delta Auto Protect cover?

Powertrain Coverage

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive Axle Assembly

Specialty Coverage

  • Factory Navigational System

Component Coverage

  • Factory Air Conditioner
  • Brakes
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Electrical Components
  • Front & Rear Suspension

Additional Benefits

  • Substitute Transportation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Roadside Assistance


For a full list of Delta Auto Protect exclusions, check out this page.

Claims & Repairs


Maintenance Records Required for Service?

Repairs & Service

Repair Facility Selection
In-Network Only

Claims & Repairs - 6 / 10

Delta Auto Protect requires that diagnoses and repairs be conducted by ASE-certified mechanics. It also has its own ASE-certified technicians on staff to facilitate communications between Delta and the repair facility, and to review diagnoses and estimates. Delta Auto Protect reserves the right to supply the necessary covered replacement parts for a given vehicle, a reservation which has been the source of some customer complaints when the supplied parts did not function properly.

Delta Auto Protect Service Contract

Contract Details

Transferability of Warranty?

Sample Contract

Delta Auto Protect provides a sample contract for potential customers on its website: Delta Auto Protect Sample Contract

Service Contract - 6 / 10

Delta Auto Protect publishes its service contract on its website and makes it easy to find without signing up or providing any consumer information. The contract is reasonably easy to read and understand. It requires that consumer disputes be submitted initially to arbitration by the American Arbitration Association, but consumers retain their right to go to court after arbitration has taken place.

Company Reputation

Company Details

Year Founded
Vehicle Protection Association Member?
Company Backed By
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Customer Reviews

TrustPilot Rating
8.1 out of 10
BBB Rating
BBB Positive Reviews
BBB Neutral Reviews
BBB Negative Reviews

Reputation - 6 / 10

Though not accredited by the BBB, Delta Auto Protect has a B rating from that organization. Interestingly, it has far more positive reviews than negative ones. In addition to reviews, however, the BBB lists 34 consumer complaints. It appears that the company has been responsive to these complaints and in most cases has worked to address the customer's concerns. The company also enjoys a high rating from TrustPilot.

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21 Customer Comments & Reviews

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ilia h
San Luis Obispo, California
Best company out there! Best coverage there is. Most people forget insurance only covers accident related situations! Delta Auto gave me the coverage I needed when my engine needed repairs. Best coverage, service, and cost!

Chris C
Brooklyn, New York
I have filed several claims with Delta Auto Protect. And they have paid each and every one of them with very little delay. The only one that took more than 24 hours to authorize was the transmission issue I had because the auto shop was asking for a lot. Delta Auto sent us to an authorized ASE technician and solve the problem immediately. We highly recommend them. They put in real effort.

Richard B
Boca Raton, Florida
Absolutely the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I have detailed the way I was handled by this company. The following is the final email to the president of this company. He has yet to respond and I hope this prevents others from being conned by this bogus warranty company. He, nor any representative has had the decency to respond so, buyer beware. This posting will appear on every reporting agency on the internet. You have to be a fool to deal with this company. Dear Mr. Charles Seruya, President: I wanted to make you aware of the way I was treated by your employees before I post this on every internet web site the evaluates companies like yours. I purchased, in good... Read More

Apex, North Carolina
Add me to the list. Work at a major Chevrolet dealership in North Carolina. Been an advisor for over 20 years and dealt with hundreds of extended warranty. All reputable extended warranty company's will pay the claim within 24 hrs. I have called every day for past 7 days. Have faxed in paperwork 3 times and scanned and emailed twice. Every time I call i get the same run around "we'll call you back today." No one ever calls. I will be writing the better business bureau tomorrow. DO NOT BUY A DELTA WARRANTY. My guess is they will be bankrupt within year if they are paying anyone it's because they don't have the money. BUT A CNA WARRANTY. Great company, reputable, and have... Read More

Raj P
Tampa, Florida
Agent is very pursuant to make you buy this policy. Will explain everything in diplomatic way (Nothing true but lie). In my case Shaun Michaels 18665985429 ext 412. When I initiated claim left a voice mail no one returned my call. Called my so called best customer service person S Michaels he did not pick up call and not replied. Agents made me run around for 6 days then paid claim 1/3rd. That time another claim specialist came in picture, name Aaron Ext 404. Acted like best claim person to talk when we have problem. Same situation he will not pick up phone. Can you believe they have answering service where you leave and message and no one will return call? My second claim came and there... Read More

Michael G
Houston, Texas
I am an auto repair shop owner that has been in business for 37 years and routinely deal with auto repair extended warranty companies. Delta Auto Protect is the most unprofessional and dishonest company that I have ever dealt with. They have yet to pay my shop the approved reimbursement amount after over two weeks. Most reputable companies will pay a shop within 24 hrs of a completed approved repair. In just about every conversation that I have had with one of their representatives, I have been lied to. I was told that I would be issued a credit card payment within two days of a completed repair. I was told that a check was being sent to me. I was told that the finance department... Read More

Neil M
Bellaire, Texas
Not Impressed at all. I purchased the Diamond Premier policy in August 2015 at the cost of $5118. I have never made a claim until two weeks ago. I had three issues with my car. 1) The convertible roof would not latch down. 2) the trunk micro-switch was broken 3) The steering rack was leaking. They refused to cover the roof and truck and now they are telling the garage they will only cover 15% of the steering rack cost. Meanwhile they lie to me every time I call by telling me the part has been ordered and would be delivered in 24 hours. My car has now been in the shop for 10 days and no sign of resolution. I have now reached out to an Attorney, the BBB and an SEO company to spread my... Read More

Marietta, Georgia
As a service writer, I will no longer be accepting Delta Auto Protect. Every time I have attempted to deal with this company I have been lied to. The check is in the mail seems to be the go-to excuse. This after they confirm they will pay immediately with a credit card authorization once repairs are complete. Still waiting on payment for repairs completed months ago.

Mission Viejo, California
Like the other shops,I am still waiting to get paid. We submitted a warranty claim that was approved at the beginning of Sept. and i was told a check was mailed out on the 8th. I have heard every excuse, lost in mail, new check cut,The best one was accounting being shut down for 4 days for a "p27 update" . When I would call, my calls would go straight to VM. So I called on a different number and immediately got thru. They got wise to that so now instead of VM. I am put on hold for 5-10 mins and then the call disconnects..REALLY? This is starting to look like US Fidelis all over again. Did'nt those guys go to prison?

Kenyon R
Atlanta, Georgia
Update: Check received on 09/22/2017 ------------------------------------------------------ I've been waiting on a check regarding the cancellation of my policy for 33 days and counting. I followed up after 20 days and spoke with Aaron Lynch (a manager) on September 7th and discussed with him that I have been waiting on my payment since August 17, to which he replied that there was a zip code issue regarding my address and the check would be reissued that day. 10 business days later, no check. I called yesterday and told Aaron that I have been waiting for over a month and have been told on 2 separate occasions that the check had been issued when it really hadn't been. I explain that... Read More

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