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From services & features and coverage to business size and customer support, we research everything you need to compare business insurance and make a decision. Learn how our editors compare the different factors of business insurance below.
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How we Compare Business Insurance

Services & Features - 20%
Coverage - 30%
Business Types Covered - 20%
Business Size - 15%
Customer Support - 15%

Services and Features

Business Insurance with the Best Services and Features:

AflacCNAInsureonNationwideState FarmChubbHumanaAIGHiscox
Online Quotation
Find Local Agent Online
Online Claims
Pay Bill Online


Business Insurance with the Best Coverage:

AflacCNAInsureonNationwideState FarmChubbHumanaAIGHiscox
General Liability
Professional Liability
Product Liability
Commercial Property
Worker’s Compensation
Employee Benefits

Business Types Covered

Business Insurance with the Best Business Types Covered:

AflacCNAInsureonNationwideState FarmChubbHumanaAIGHiscox
Service Providers
Product Manufacturers
Small Business Owners
Small-Medium Size Enterprise

Business Size

Business Insurance with the Best Business Size:

AflacCNAInsureonNationwideState FarmChubbHumanaAIGHiscox
Small Business
Medium-size Business
Large Scale Enterprises
Individual Policy
Group Policy

Customer Support

Business Insurance with the Best Customer Support:

AflacCNAInsureonNationwideState FarmChubbHumanaAIGHiscox
Online Account Management
Live Chat

Full Business Insurance Comparison

Services and FeaturesCoverageBusiness Types CoveredBusiness SizeCustomer Support
Aflac Business Insurance9.
CNA Business Insurance9.
Insureon Business Insurance8.
Nationwide Business Insurance8.
State Farm Business Insurance8.
Chubb Business Insurance7.
Humana Business Insurance7.
AIG Business Insurance7.
Hiscox Business Insurance7.
Select 2 business insurance companies to compare