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Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Excellent)
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Why They’re a Good Choice

GreatCall offers a truly mobile solution to people searching for medical alert services. Using GPS technology, their alert system can pinpoint a user's exact location no matter where they are and instantly inform professionally trained response teams. This is a leap in progress from standard medical alert systems with limited ranges.



What’s included with the new Lively Alert from GreatCall

Fully mobile system – frees you from the confines of your home, no effective range limits.

Highly-flexible – The medical alert device can be attached to keychains, purses, backpacks, etc.

Fall Detection – Automatically detects a fall and gets help.

GPS Location Tracking – Stores frequent locations and has advanced locating features.

IAED Certified Response Agents – Agents are fully trained in CPR and other emergency care treatments.

24/7 Response – Includes the ability to speak to a nurse or doctor and get common prescriptions.

Multi-lingual Support – Ability to provide transcription support for over 100 languages.

GreatCall Link Compatible – Launch the app over your smartphone and get instant information on your loved one’s location.

**Stores important medical information for easy access during a medical emergency

Fine Print

No contracts or installation fee

Starts at$19.99/month

Free Shipping

No cancellation fees

The Bottom Line

GreatCall is a capable service that provides good value for the money. A basic cost of $19.99 a month with no installation fee or contracts makes enrolling in this medical alert service truly attractive. The key feature is its GPS location service which makes it possible for seniors to move more freely and live a more independent lifestyle. The ability to locate our loved ones with the use of an app, gives us that extra assurance and peace of mind that help will always be available during an emergency. 

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Dee S
Buckingham, Virginia
I called Greatcall for a gold lifeline for my mother-in-law who is 86 years old and has some serious medical issues. The first one arrived as promised but when we got it set up and activated we found out the next day that there was an issue with it. I called customer service and spent an hour with the technician trying to figure out what was wrong. She finally agreed that we needed to replace it. I received the second one within the next 6 days and had it activated the evening of 2/6/17. Everything seemed to be fine. I stopped into check on her this afternoon and found that it was not working. I called customer service once again and was transferred to a technician. After trying many... Read More

Janell M
I had to return 4 medical alert devices because they wouldn't hold a charge. When the 5th one failed, I cancelled the service.

Alice K
Alexandria, Virginia
My sister recently ordered a lively wearable from GreatCall, because she had had a stroke. I did the preliminary research into this product and because it is rated on this site, I thought it would be trustworthy. I thought that this product suited my sister the best, as she is not elderly and is very active. Furthermore, I was attracted by the fact that she did not need to hook this up to a landline, and that we as family members could download an app on our phones which would alert us if she called 5-Star emergency services. From the beginning, we experienced numerous problems with the device and the system. When she tried to set up the test calls and test out the app with her son's... Read More

Tempe, Arizona
We have had 4 different Lively devices, one did not work after activation. My biggest complaint is the GPS location does not work! At times the 5 Star Agent could identify my location but a majority of the time the information is 20 minutes to several hours old. If you are driving and have an emergency you cannot count on this device. Cancelling my service with GreatCall!

Janell M
Tried Great Call for approximately 1 year. Had to return the system 4 times due to battery not holding charge. Cancelled reviews and found that this is a common problem.

Carol T
Santa Barbara, California
Got this system for my father especially for the fall detection and no land line required. Well, he fell and no response was detected from Great Call, (also have an aunt in another city with the same problem). I called Great Call and was on the phone about three hours over a course of 2-3 weeks. There was an error on their end with the internet provider which Great Call neglected to inform their clients about this issue. I requested another unit as I felt this unit was not working as it should be. Great Call refused to send out another unit, told me to get up early the next day and call their support team again!!! Needless to say that was the end of our business with Great Call!! I do not... Read More

Shirley C
It has been great for me. I am 81 live alone and I feel so secure. I have the fall detector and have set it off a couple of times by laying it down a little hard I guess. I love mine.

Carol W
Lynchburg, Virginia
I purchased two units and both were defective. When I called to activate the second unit I was on hold for more than 30 minutes, then a recording came on and said they were now closed. I called back the next morning and discovered the charger was defective. They said they were aware of the design flaw and would mail a new one. I didn't have time for this because I live out of state and was leaving town. They told me to return the unit where I purchased it and 21 days later they would return my activation fee! I spent a lot of time and energy trying to get this for my mother. Nothing was accomplished. I would NEVER recommend this company!

Saginaw, Michigan
Avoid this company at all cost. This was a disaster from the beginning. First they charged us for and shipped three devices. Then after a very long wait to activate it on the phone (online did not work), I was disconnected THREE different times. We were never able to get the bracelet working and even returning all three of them has been a nightmare we are still trying to get through. The customer service is not helpful, the company clearly has no idea what they are doing. I would not put the safety of a loved one in this company's hands.

[email protected]
To anyone considering getting a remote assistance device for an elderly or handicapped loved one PLEASE DO NOT GET THE GREATCALL LIVELY DEVICE. After the first two stopped working and the third one arrived and would not hold a charge, all of a sudden customer service just didn't give a crap anymore and did nothing to remedy the problem. The first two stopped working completely after a little while and the last one would not hold a charge longer than 12 hours. Please feel free to forward this post, as this service is not dependable for caring for your loved ones.

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