GreatCall Medical Alert Review

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Why They’re a Good Choice

GreatCall offers a truly mobile solution to people searching for medical alert services. Using GPS technology, their alert system can pinpoint a user's exact location no matter where they are and instantly inform professionally trained response teams. This is a leap in progress from standard medical alert systems with limited ranges.



What’s included with the new Lively Alert from GreatCall

Fully mobile system – frees you from the confines of your home, no effective range limits.

Highly-flexible – The medical alert device can be attached to keychains, purses, backpacks, etc.

Fall Detection – Automatically detects a fall and gets help.

GPS Location Tracking – Stores frequent locations and has advanced locating features.

IAED Certified Response Agents – Agents are fully trained in CPR and other emergency care treatments.

24/7 Response – Includes the ability to speak to a nurse or doctor and get common prescriptions.

Multi-lingual Support – Ability to provide transcription support for over 100 languages.

GreatCall Link Compatible – Launch the app over your smartphone and get instant information on your loved one’s location.

**Stores important medical information for easy access during a medical emergency

Fine Print

No contracts or installation fee

Starts at$19.99/month

Free Shipping

No cancellation fees

The Bottom Line

GreatCall is a capable service that provides good value for the money. A basic cost of $19.99 a month with no installation fee or contracts makes enrolling in this medical alert service truly attractive. The key feature is its GPS location service which makes it possible for seniors to move more freely and live a more independent lifestyle. The ability to locate our loved ones with the use of an app, gives us that extra assurance and peace of mind that help will always be available during an emergency. 

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Sandy Carter Frye
GreatCall Medical Alert review
I am rating the Device itself 4 Stars. The review follows. I loved this until the battery charger lasted approx . 18 mos. and I called and asked to buy another one but was told they don't sell them you have to buy a whole new Greatcall Outfit. I didn't like that, thought it should last much longer than that. Liked the Device itself though. When I bought it, it was $13.99 a mo. several months later they raised my monthly to $22.99 a mo.

GreatCall Medical Alert review
I have not had much success in getting the device to work for my Mother. First we had to wait a week for a bug fix to be implement so it could connect to my Mothers phone. Then after a few days a critical low battery alert came and we had to replace the battery. After replacing the battery the unit would no longer work and had to be replaced. After getting the unit replaced it the new one stopped communicating and can no longer connect to the phone. There are way to many issues with this device to use it. It was gotten to help protect my Mom and notify us in case of issues. We will be replacing ASAP. As a side note the people you deal with on the phone are always extremely helpful and courteous. One last thing there is a $10 restocking fee to return the device that doesn't work!

Oceanside, California
GreatCall Medical Alert review
I had the worst experience with Great Call. I ordered it after our local Channel 7 NBC News featured Great Call receiving a million dollar grant to give 100 Alzheimer's patients a free Lively Alert device I am a major fall risk and thought the Fall alert would be perfect for me. Instead, I discovered the device constantly needed to be charged and I would receive an alert that the Fall Risk was 'shutting down'. Even though it was not revealed that the device needed to be charged overnight (which was a terrible problem since most falls do occur at night. I would charge the device overnight, put the device on with the lanyard and within two hours or less, the device would turn RED indicating it needed recharging AGAIN! I was told by one of the technicians that this was because of the option for FALL DETECTION which used up more battery. In addition, I was NEVER ABLE to ACCESS portal to enter information because the SERVER was repeated down according to the technician. I spent several hours with different technicians trying everything to access the SERVER with NO RESULT. After attempting to use this medical alert device beginning on September 22, 2016, and UNABLE to use it 90% of the time, I became disgusted and realized I was better off pinning a whistle to my clothing rather than using this totally unreliable device. On October 1, 2016, I telephoned 'friendly customer service' and spoke with Nicholas in customer service. I told him I wanted a Return Authorization, I did not want a replacement which he kept insisting upon. I told him I DID NOT WANT A REPLACEMENT DEVICE because I did not trust the GREAT CALL. He began YELLING AT ME, ARGUING WITH ME, that he would cancel my account and I would NOT RECEIVE ANY REFUND. I told him ABSOLUTELY NOT TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT and requested being transferred to a supervisor. He continue to yell at me which I found utterly emotionally devastating. Finally, he said he would transfer me to a supervisor. After being on hold for 20 minutes and 8 seconds I was transferred to Robert (Supervisor in Reno Office) who showed absolutely NO COMPASSION OR UNDERSTANDING of my frustration and disappointment in a device that I could not use 90% of the time and would not alert if I did suffer a fall from suffering strokes in my Thalamus. Robert informed me that there would be a 10% RESTOCKING FEE. I told him how could they possibly charge a 10% restocking fee for a defective device. Robert also told me that if the return department found the device was NOT DEFECTIVE I would receive NO REFUND. I realized then that the Return Department could find the Device NOT DEFECTIVE no matter my experience with it for Great Call to avoid refunding my monthly fee of $19.99 per month and the initial charge of $75.34. along with the $38.93 charge to my credit card before I received the device. I suffer from Severe Post Traumatic Disorder and I was devastated by this type of treatment, no compassion, NO FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE as advertised in the enclosed information. NO notification that this device needed to be charged overnight, every night prior to purchasing it. In addition, when calling customer service, there is always an announcement that there is more telephone traffic then usual and it is better to telephone on Tuesday thru Thursday evening from 5-9 pm Pacific Time. There is always a very long wait time even when I have telephoned during the recommended lighter call time. The SERVER has NOT ONCE been accessible with each different technician informing me they would report the SERVER down and I would be telephoned the next day to confirm the SERVER was now operating properly. I never received a telephone call informing me the SERVER was working. Message: "We are experiencing greater than normal telephone traffic. A representative will be with you shortly." Which NEVER happens. April 1, 2016 only receives updates via website, or via FAX. I resorted to faxing the form entitled: "5 Star Personal Emergency Profile (PEP) form. I had to go to a postal annex and pay $3.00 to FAX the form. on September 24, 2016 Diana added basic info to my account because "the server was down". I have never been able to access to send an invite to the person that has my Health Directive and Power of Attorney to download the link to access my portal, nor another person that I am adding to my Health Directive and Power of Attorney. This was the WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER SUFFERED DEALING WITH A TOTALLY ABUSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE from any company - ever. I was given an address to return the device and literature to their return department. I misplaced the address to return the device, charger and literature to because I was so distraught. I am now on hold for customer service to get the address to return this defective merchandise to. I have already been on hold for 12 minutes and 13 seconds and it is after 5:00 pm on a Thursday evening - their recommended time when telephone traffic is much lighter. So even that is not correct information! In the past I have been on hold to speak with a customer for up to 22 minutes. I finally got through to customer service to get the return authorization address for Great Call because I was so emotionally upset I could not find the address I wrote it on. I now have it after being on the phone for 18 minutes and 30 seconds. I have photographed everything I am returning. I have disputed all payments to Great Call with my credit card company simply because I do NOT trust this company. I do not wish to give my account number, I have had enough emotional abuse from Great Call. My heart goes out to other customers, especially those with Alzheimer's who seem to want to ambulate in the middle of the night. When they are 'Sundowning' they certainly are not going to stop and put on the Great Call device with the GPS feature so everyone BEWARE.

Don M
Scottsdale, Arizona
GreatCall Medical Alert review
I have had the Great Call 5 Star Alert for about 4 years now. I am now on my second unit because the (non replaceable) battery had died on the first one. It appears the batteries are good for about 2 to 3 years. Meaning that you will have to buy a new unit every 2 to 3 years. Fortunately I have never had to use it for an emergency call (I am knocking on wood now). I like the tracking feature where members of my family are alerted when I leave home and can see where I am at any time. Not planning to get hijacked and thrown in the trunk of my car but with the tracking feature people would know where I was. Since I have carried it for emergencies and have not had any I can't attest to the efficiency of the service. All I can say right now is the concept is great. At just over $20 a month (charged to a credit card monthly) I am satisfied with the 5 Star Alert system.

GreatCall Medical Alert review
Terrible customer service got the device did not work after first day of receiving it. Called they would send out a new charger and if that did not work would send new device. Paying for service which we don't have and all the customer service rep could say was "this is our policy".