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Rating: 9.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Why They're Our #1 Choice

Bay Alarm Medical's home security package is a multi-part system. The base station (roughly the size of a book) plugs into the wall via a phone line. This connects wirelessly with the help button, which can be worn either as a wristband or a necklace. The help button enables 2-way communication with a 24-hour operator and will function as long as the user is within 1,000 feet of the base station.

The base station/help button connection is reliable, and when you use it the professional and experienced voice of the phone operator comes through loud and clear.

What's Included with Bay Alarm Medical:

  • Communication up to 1,000 ft from base station. This is the best standard range we have found.
  • Waterproof wristbands & necklaces. This is an important differentiator, as falls can easily occur while bathing.
  • 32-hour battery backup in case of power outage.
  • Help buttons have a 5-year battery life.


Plans and Costs



 Cancellation policy


 Length of contract

 Month to month



 Equipment costs


 Shipping costs


 Free Spouse monitoring







 In-home (landline required)

 $150 or $25/mo

 $81 or $27/mo


 In-home (cellular)

 $210 or $35/mo

 $111 or $37/mo


 Mobile GPS help button  (One-time $80 device fee)

 $210 or $35/mo

 $111 or $37/mo


 In-home + GPS (landline required)

 $270 or $45/mo

 $141  or $47/mo


Add Automatic Fall Detection Button to In-home + GPS (landline required)

 $330 or $55/mo


 $171 or $57/mo





In-home + GPS (cellular)

 $270 or $45/mo

 $141 or $47/mo




Equipment and Features

Effective Range – 1000 feet/ unlimited with Mobile GPS Help button

Wireless Capability – Yes with Mobile GPS Help button, In-home cellular. 

Backup Battery Life – 32 hour backup battery life for Base Station.

Additional features

Voice Communication – Rather than just informing the monitoring center of an emergency, voice communication enables emergency personnel to accurately identify the type of emergency, communicate live with the person who activated the call, and provide emergency response teams life saving information.

GPS Locator – This function gives families extra peace of mind. In the event of an emergency, response teams will be able to locate their loved one wherever they are.

Automatic Fall Detection – This useful feature is able to detect if the wearer has had a fall even when they cannot access the call button. It automatically relays the incident to the 24/7 alert center

Customer Ratings

Customer services/ support - Excellent

BBB Rating: A+

​The Fine Print:

  • $25 - $39 per month (based on plan length & equipment)
  • Free monitoring for spouses w/purchase of wristband or necklace

The Bottom Line:

Bay Alarm Medical is our top-rated provider because both their product & service are exceptional. They're an excellent solution at a great price.   

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Prescott, Arizona
Quit months ago still receiving bills

Official Response

Customer Care Team of Bay Alarm Medical Alert
Hello Ken - We looked at your account to see what's going on and it looks like your account is still active because the equipment has not been returned. Once the equipment is returned in working condition, we can close out your account. We have tried contacting you to discuss the details of your account, so please at your earliest convenience call our Billing Department. We will be emailing information on how to cancel our services to better assist you. Thank you, Bay Alarm Medical
Miami, Florida
We got Bay Alarm Medical for our parents a couple of years ago, more for our father. He passed away in May of 2015 but we decided to keep it for mom. We did their test check and the system worked fine, and mom mistakenly activated it and it also worked fine. So, no issues with their service. However, mom moved in with us and my wife called a few weeks ago to cancel services. For some reason, they said she needed to call back. She called back this morning to cancel, they said she could not until they received their equipment. They did not mention this on the first call. We are out of town for a couple weeks and are unable to package equipment, they said they would bill us by month until... Read More

Official Response

Customer Care Team of Bay Alarm Medical Alert
Hi Bill - Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our equipment is leased, which is why our customers do not have to pay any equipment fees. The only thing customers pay for is the service, shipping, and any additional accessories customers choose to purchase. So we do require the main base unit (with the big Help button) to be returned in working condition. We understand you are out of town and cannot assist your mom in returning the equipment. Please do not worry while you are away. We can assist you when you get back. Please email [email protected] with further details, as we cannot search our records just by your first name. Please send the full name on the account, account number, and phone number. Once we receive your email with more information, we will be happy to help you and further discuss your case. Enjoy your trip and we'll talk to you soon. Best, Bay Alarm Medical
Charles S
Everything was fine with alarm system . Then one day the called to see if everything was fine and sure as hell once I checked system the unit failed. Talked to several operators and technicians and was talked through all the tests and resets and came to conclusion unit was broke. Fine, understandable . They will send me a new unit and everything will be fine. Wrong !!! They told me to ship the unit back at my cost and it would cost me $299 to replace the unit. This unit sits on a counter untouched for several months and then malfunctions and I am held responsible. Please check for there policy on faulty equipment. It is a plain and simply a costly ripoff by this company. Bay alarm... Read More

El Cajon, California
We used Bay Alarm Medical Alert for our 93 year old mother. She had to use them once, and they were excellent in their response to her and in notifying family members. It was so easy to sign up, everything online. She has since moved to assisted living, but cancellation was easy. I mistakenly returned her phone with their equipment. They returned it immediately. Everyone we came into contact with at Bay Alarm was pleasant, helpful and responsive. Highly recommended.

Denver, Colorado
Be Careful what you pay for and who you select for medical alarm services. Bay Alarm Medical charges $200.00, for any machine which gets any kind of damage. Cord gets damaged, $200.00, plus shipping, Unit gets damaged, $200.00, plus shipping, Little plastic reset button won't work, $200.00, plus shipping. Ridiculous! And maybe in the beginning they offer a warranty service, which you pay for, but after numerous issues not one person mentioned that again until today, after years of service. No one has ever said lets see if you have a warranty service, I said really, I have not heard that before after all the issues I have had. And they charge your credit card without warning, not even... Read More

Guthrie, Oklahoma
Wanted to speak with a tech about new service questions. While on phone there is a persistent intermittent beep. When I asked what it was and could they turn it off was told that it was a reminder conversation was recorded. I asked if it could be turned off and was told no. I have bilateral cochlear implants and that sound was both distracting and painful. Terminated the call without getting the help I needed. One less new customer.

Official Response

Customer Care Team of Bay Alarm Medical Alert
Hi Debi - We are so sorry to hear that you were unable to speak with us. We strive for quality calls and need to record each of them to ensure our best customer service. We understand your cochlear implants caused sensitivity which made it difficult for you to hear and speak with us, but we definitely want to help you as soon as possible. We can assist you through our Tech Support LiveChat services, which you can access through your desktop or mobile phone. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, Bay Alarm Medical
Althea J
Afton, New York
The service seemed to work well while we were using it. However, Bay Alarm Medical are greedy thieves and I would never recommend their service to anyone. I lost the base unit THREE YEARS AGO and have been paying monthly THE ENTIRE TIME until 3 months ago when I finally called to cancel after my mother died, but they are still trying to get the price of that unit from me. I have paid them that amount several times over, and they absolutely know the service hasn't been used for THREE YEARS, because they notify users when the alarm system is inactive. So their records back up what I'm saying here. THEY JUST DON'T CARE. Greedy thieves. Stay away.

Sherrie H
Oviedo, Florida
My father has had the Bay Alarm system for 3 months. This morning he woke up and the base unit was not working. Bay Alarm Tech support tried troubleshooting with him to no avail. They told him that he would have to pay$ 200 for a replacement unit. AS a senior on a tight budget he did not want to pay this so he asked me to cancel his service. According to their website they say to cancel the service call the number provided and mail back equipment to the address provided. Additionally they say that once the equipment ids returned there will be no further charges to your credit card. They certainly aren't honest about that. They told me regardless of canceling the service my father would... Read More

Pulaski, Virginia
My 91-year-old mom fell at five in the morning and broke her wrist. Fortunately, she was wearing her alarm and pushed the button. Bay Alarm Medical phoned me. I went to her house to check on her, and when I called 911, I was told they were already on the way. They had all the information I had submitted to Bay Alarm Medical, so they knew how to get to her house and which one it was. (Not as easy as it sounds.) While one hopes no one will ever fall, I have to say that everything went exactly as it was supposed to. Bay Alarm Medical was a step ahead of me the whole way. Thank you, Bay Alarm Medical! I did a lot of research before deciding on a medical alert company, and Bay Alarm Medical had... Read More

Brett S
Haines City, Florida
As a new customer I chatted with someone online this afternoon. My Pastor came to my door and before I could order a system for my father I needed to end the chat. When asked if someone could call and speak to me I said that would be great. I asked for a call at a specified and was told no problem. I never got that call. If a life alert company can't make a call for new business how can I trust them to be there for my father. Very disappointed.

Official Response

Customer Care Team of Bay Alarm Medical Alert
Hi Brett - We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused. We appreciate you taking the time to inquire about our services and would love to assist you in providing information you may need. Thank you for providing feedback so that we have the opportunity to improve. Our number one priority is keeping your love one safe. Best regards, Bay Alarm Medical
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