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Why They're Our #1 Choice

Bay Alarm Medical's home security package is a multi-part system. The base station (roughly the size of a book) plugs into the wall via a phone line. This connects wirelessly with the help button, which can be worn either as a wristband or a necklace. The help button enables 2-way communication with a 24-hour operator and will function as long as the user is within 1,000 feet of the base station.

The base station/help button connection is reliable, and when you use it the professional and experienced voice of the phone operator comes through loud and clear.

What's Included with Bay Alarm:

  • Communication up to 1,000 ft from base station. This is the best standard range we have found.
  • Waterproof wristbands & necklaces. This is an important differentiator, as falls can easily occur while bathing.
  • 32-hour battery backup in case of power outage.
  • Help buttons have a 5-year battery life.


Plans and Costs



 Cancellation policy


 Length of contract

 Month to month



 Equipment costs


 Shipping costs


 Free Spouse monitoring







 In-home (landline required)

 $150 or $25/mo

 $81 or $27/mo


 In-home (cellular)

 $210 or $35/mo

 $111 or $37/mo


 Mobile GPS help button  (One-time $80 device fee)

 $210 or $35/mo

 $111 or $37/mo


 In-home + GPS (landline required)

 $270 or $45/mo

 $141  or $47/mo


Add Automatic Fall Detection Button to In-home + GPS (landline required)

 $330 or $55/mo


 $171 or $57/mo





In-home + GPS (cellular)

 $270 or $45/mo

 $141 or $47/mo




Equipment and Features

Effective Range – 1000 feet/ unlimited with Mobile GPS Help button

Wireless Capability – Yes with Mobile GPS Help button, In-home cellular. 

Backup Battery Life – 32 hour backup battery life for Base Station.

Additional features

Voice Communication – Rather than just informing the monitoring center of an emergency, voice communication enables emergency personnel to accurately identify the type of emergency, communicate live with the person who activated the call, and provide emergency response teams life saving information.

GPS Locator – This function gives families extra peace of mind. In the event of an emergency, response teams will be able to locate their loved one wherever they are.

Automatic Fall Detection – This useful feature is able to detect if the wearer has had a fall even when they cannot access the call button. It automatically relays the incident to the 24/7 alert center

Customer Ratings

Customer services/ support - Excellent

BBB Rating: A+

​The Fine Print:

  • $25 - $39 per month (based on plan length & equipment)
  • Free monitoring for spouses w/purchase of wristband or necklace

The Bottom Line:

Bay Alarm Medical is our top-rated provider because both their product & service are exceptional. They're an excellent solution at a great price.   

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Bay Alarm Medical Alert
Bwn Slomoff
Danville, California
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
I have tried several systems and only BAY ALARM fills my need and makes me feel secure.IT was recommended by my son who is an emergency doctor,he recommends BAY ALARM to any patient who asks him for a reliable system.

Janet Willis
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
I checked out many other options before I choose Bay Alarm to protect my father. He has accidently hit the button and someone comes on immediately to check on him so I feel confident knowing they are there for him whenever he might need them. I am very grateful to have found Bay Alarm to help keep my father safe whenever he is at home. It is very comforting to know that I can depend of them and not have to constantly worry about his safety.

Sharon Baldwin
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
Everyone I have spoken with has been knowledgeable, polite, and handled my issue very efficiently. When I needed an ambulance it arrived very quickly. I am very happy with service received thru Bay Alarm Medical.

Seattle, Washington
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
Very good customer service. They called when the unit had not been plugged in to make sure everything was okay.

La Grange, Texas
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
I doubt very much that Bay Alarm Medical wants my review. After the better part of four years with the company, the whole thing ended badly. When I noticed the Bay Alarm Medical base unit was not functioning on August 4th, I promptly called the company to report the problem. I was transferred to the technical help department, and the individual I spoke with instructed me to try plugging it in several different locations in the room where it was situated. And then, after it failed to respond, she instructed me to plug it into an outlet in another room. In compliance with her instructions, I plugged it into an outlet in the kitchen with the unit resting on the kitchen counter. After several hours it was determined that it was not going to respond, so she told me that I would need to purchase a new unit at the cost of $200. Since I had the unit here for three-and-a-half years without any involvement one way or another, I had no desire to invest in a new unit, so I told her that I wanted to terminate the service. She said that I would need to return the equipment or that I would be charged $200. I promptly packaged it up and sent it to the company the next day (August 4th), and I felt that my business with Bay Alarm Medical was concluded. Two months later, on October 3rd. I received in the mail a bill for $200 for damaged equipment. I of course was totally shocked, believing my unfortunate business with Bay Alarm Medical was long behind me. When I called to inquire about the so-called damage to the unit, I was told that pictures would be sent to me showing the damage. I received two pictures that show what appears to be a totally shredded power cord wrapped around the unit. Was I expected to believe that the damaged cord shown in those pictures was part of that unit? I have no doubt that the unit itself was the one I sent back since serial numbers are clearly pictured. But could anyone truthfully believe that I would go through all that trial over and over again with a power cord so obviously damaged? There was something phony going on and I wanted to know what had happened. After paying Bay Alarm Medical for three-and-a-half years for a service that I really never utilized, was that the way I was to be treated at the end of our business involvement? I wondered if Bay Medical is really that shoddy and disreputable? After packing up the equipment and paying the postage to return it to the company, I was told two months later that no matter what, I owed Bay Alarm Medical $200 just as if I had never bothered sending it back at all. It was never stated to me that I would be billed $200 even after sending it back. I don't know why that unit wouldn't work, but I don't for a minute believe that the shredded power cord shown in those pictures was the power cord for that unit. I was an honest and regularly paying customer for three-and-a-half years, but I never want to be involved with one of these medical alert outfits again. After the base unit bit the dust, I signed on with another company, and this business made me so mad that I cancelled with them also. I am now packing around my cell phone, and that will have to do in case of an emergency because I never want to go through this aggravation again. Oh yeah, I paid them their lousy $200 since we all know how outfits like Bay Madical operate with collection agencies and so forth. But I give them zero stars, and if anyone is naïve enough to get involved with them, they ought to have their head examined.