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Rating: 9.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Why They're Our #1 Choice

Bay Alarm Medical's home security package is a multi-part system. The base station (roughly the size of a book) plugs into the wall via a phone line. This connects wirelessly with the help button, which can be worn either as a wristband or a necklace. The help button enables 2-way communication with a 24-hour operator and will function as long as the user is within 1,000 feet of the base station.

The base station/help button connection is reliable, and when you use it the professional and experienced voice of the phone operator comes through loud and clear.

What's Included with Bay Alarm Medical:

  • Communication up to 1,000 ft from base station. This is the best standard range we have found.
  • Waterproof wristbands & necklaces. This is an important differentiator, as falls can easily occur while bathing.
  • 32-hour battery backup in case of power outage.
  • Help buttons have a 5-year battery life.


Plans and Costs



 Cancellation policy


 Length of contract

 Month to month



 Equipment costs


 Shipping costs


 Free Spouse monitoring







 In-home (landline required)

 $150 or $25/mo

 $81 or $27/mo


 In-home (cellular)

 $210 or $35/mo

 $111 or $37/mo


 Mobile GPS help button  (One-time $80 device fee)

 $210 or $35/mo

 $111 or $37/mo


 In-home + GPS (landline required)

 $270 or $45/mo

 $141  or $47/mo


Add Automatic Fall Detection Button to In-home + GPS (landline required)

 $330 or $55/mo


 $171 or $57/mo





In-home + GPS (cellular)

 $270 or $45/mo

 $141 or $47/mo




Equipment and Features

Effective Range – 1000 feet/ unlimited with Mobile GPS Help button

Wireless Capability – Yes with Mobile GPS Help button, In-home cellular. 

Backup Battery Life – 32 hour backup battery life for Base Station.

Additional features

Voice Communication – Rather than just informing the monitoring center of an emergency, voice communication enables emergency personnel to accurately identify the type of emergency, communicate live with the person who activated the call, and provide emergency response teams life saving information.

GPS Locator – This function gives families extra peace of mind. In the event of an emergency, response teams will be able to locate their loved one wherever they are.

Automatic Fall Detection – This useful feature is able to detect if the wearer has had a fall even when they cannot access the call button. It automatically relays the incident to the 24/7 alert center

Customer Ratings

Customer services/ support - Excellent

BBB Rating: A+

​The Fine Print:

  • $27 - $39 per month (based on plan length & equipment)
  • Free monitoring for spouses w/purchase of wristband or necklace

The Bottom Line:

Bay Alarm Medical is our top-rated provider because both their product & service are exceptional. They're an excellent solution at a great price.   

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Colleen D
We purchased Bay Alarm for my mom who is 86 yrs old, lives alone, and has history of falling. It was very easy to install. My mom wears the device around her neck without any problem. Thank God, she has not had to access for help yet, but when I conduct the recommended monthly check, it connects very quickly to an operator. Customer service has also been very helpful & courteous. The only reason I did not rate it 5 stars is because she has not had to alert anyone as of yet, and hopefully, never will, but it provides a great deal of comfort & security knowing we have the medical alert in place in case she does.

Coplay, Pennsylvania
We transferred from my mother-in-law to my mother. You made it easy to set up. We're feeling better about Mom being on her own now. No need for use at this time. Thanks!

Carolyn O
Cypress, Texas
Very pleased with Bay Alarm and their responders. My 86 year old mother uses the Bay alarm pendant since she lives alone. In May 2017 she had a bad fall and was unable to get up on her own. She was able to use the pendant to call Bay Alarm and they immediately called the contacts on her list. EMS was also called and they were able to transport her to the hospital with a fractured pelvis. If she had not had this medical alert device, she probably would have been on the floor for hours or even a day before I would have found her. Thank you Bay Alarm!

Donna S
Grand Blanc, Michigan
So kind when we accidentally push the Red button. Great customer service. Quick response.

Jacquelyn J
Escondido, California
Any interaction I have had with Bay Alarm phone operators has been nothing but the best. Quick to answer calls and immediately ask what problem I have. Twice my button was accidently pushed and the operator was very concerned. I explained to her that my button had been pushed in error and she was very kind and said "no worries". My identification, address and phone no. was then verified before she let me hand up. I am very satisfied with Bay Alarm service and would recommend them to others.

Raymond C
Cornelius, North Carolina
We have only needed Bay Alarm a couple times since we installed it, and both times they responded very quickly and notified the EMS immediately. Fortunately we live almost directly across from the fire station and EMS station, so they also responded very quickly. Thank you Bay Alarm.

Edward P
Chicago, Illinois
Haven't had to use yet but am at peace knowing that I have Bay Alarm if needed.

Rita C
Elkridge, Maryland
I have had Bay Alarm for about 1 year. I did some research of the various companies and Bay Alarm seemed to stand out above the rest. Also, when I was researching, I would ask the different companies to just send me an email, not call and pester me. Bay Alarm was the only company that respected my wishes and let me finish my research. Then I called them. I never felt pushed to buy anything I did not want or need. The customer service has been great, too. I try to test my alert monthly and they are right there to help. I know if I needed it for a real emergency, they would be right there! A great company.

Bea S
Roseville, California
When needed had immediate responce

Mary J
Broomfield, Colorado
Upon receiving my Bay Alarm, I felt an immediate sense of peace. Have used it twice (not meaning to) and when the EMTs got here they were glad I wasn't in real trouble. If someone is checking it out, it got my vote!

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