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TotalProtect specializes in providing home warranty services. Its three major plans offer comprehensive home warranty coverage for appliances and home systems. TotalProtect also lets homeowners choose from a number of flexible premium and coverage options.   


TotalProtect's three plans are: Appliance, System, and Combo. Covered items for its Appliance and System plans are on par with most home warranty services. The company's Combo plan combines all items covered in both of the previous plans.

Appliance Plan

Refrigerator with built-in ice maker
Dishwasher (built-in)
Wall oven
Clothes washer
Clothes dryer
Microwave (built-in)
Trash compactor (built-in)
Range exhaust hood

System Plan

Air conditioning system (2 units)
Heating system (2 units)
Water system
Electrical system
Ceiling fans
Plumbing lines and stoppages
Interior gas lines
Sump pump
Garage door opener
Garbage disposal


All items covered in Appliance and System Plans, Plus:

Homeowners Insurance Deductible Reimbursement up to $500 (one claim per 12 months)


Optional coverage

Outside gas line
Outside sewer line
Outside water line
Premium upgrade package
Septic tank/ septic tank pumping
Standalone freezer
Surge protection
Swimming pool and/ or spa or combination
Heating for swimming pool and/or spa or combination
Water softener
Well pump system with booster pump

Additional Coverage Notes

· 180-Day Workmanship Guarantee
· Unknown Pre-existing Condition Coverage
· Rust and Corrosion Coverage
· No Annual Aggregate Caps
· Choice of 3 Deductibles
· Option to Cover Additional Items like Pools and Septic Tanks
· Discount on TotalProtect Electronics coverage for flat-screen TVs, entertainment systems, laptops, smart phones and tablets



Deductible – choose from $75, $100, $125 per month options

Appliance Plan - starting at $18.95 per month

System Plan - starting at $26.95 per month

Combo - starting at $33.95 per month

(* The above are sample prices based on a $125 deductible)

(* Plan pricing varies by state.)


Fine Print

This agreement covers a single family residence, including a condominium, townhouse or villa used solely for residential purposes and provides coverage under a special exception for special purpose group homes devoted to housing persons with mental and physical disabilities, defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act at Title 42 of the United States Code Section 12102(2)(A).

Mobile homes constructed within ten years of the effective date of the agreement are eligible for coverage if they are permanently secured to the ground and you own the land. Mobile/manufactured homes that are located in a division operated similar to a condominium, where maintenance is provided, are also eligible for coverage.


TotalProtect Home Warranty – Final Thoughts

TotalProtect makes choosing a home warranty easy by offering three simple plans. It also gives homeowners a choice of three deductible options to help create a plan suited to their budget. A long list of optional items is also available for homeowners searching for special coverage. With its low-monthly pricing and easy to understand home warranty plans, TotalProtect is a must visit option for home warranty shoppers.   

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My first few experiences with TotalProtect were actually quite good. This last experience took a complete turn for the worse. When I didn't receive timely service from the appliance repair company they assigned, I called TotalProtect. They assured me someone would call me back...they didn't. When I called TotalProtect back to inquire, and told them how unacceptable their service has been, the customer service agent told me, "Why don't you call back and get somebody who cares." Then she hung up on me. Do not use this home warranty service.

Tony Taylor
Indianapolis, Indiana
We submitted two claims on or heating system. One was for a leak at the boiler and the boiler it self. When the first technician came out and look, he agreed and call it in that the pipe going to the boiler need to be replace because of the leak. Total Protect approve the repair! So he came back and cut the pipe of and determine the boiler was bad as well. So he called that in. I was not happy about his decision to quickly determine the boiler was bad, so i requested a second opinion. Total Protect then sent out another Tech who determine the heat exchanger was bad and that it was wired wrong when install. I call back to Total Protect and requested to speak to a manager. They assign me a... Read More

Misty Hasting Reed
Worst home warranty I ever had to deal with I will tell everyone I know not to waste your money they tell you everything you want to hear and when it comes down to them knowing anything about the company's they send to your home it's a racket....the two companies they sent just wanted to have me pay $400 out pocket for repairs that the home warranty company doesn't cover and so I had a real plumber come and I didn't use this so called home warranty company and I paid $150 to fix the hot water tank!!!

Scott Marc
San Luis Obispo, California
Total Protect overcharged me after I canceled their services, which they continued to bill me. I was unhappy with their service so I cancelled on top of reading all their negative reviews on them, why would I want to do business with them if they have a horrible reputation from their customers and after I cancelled, they also tried to pull a fast one on me, by continuing to bill me. I called and complained but little did it do anything, they kept my money. They also didn't want to give me a cancelation number either. So I contacted my credit card for chargeback but the nerve that Total Protect would send lousy documentation on me trying to cancel my service, they were trying to get my... Read More

Tommy Goss
Benton, Mississippi
Called in a problem with our wall oven on November 11, today is December 6th and the problem has still not resolved. The day the service company came to my home he told me that the part needed had been discontinued but total protect has yet to take action to repair or replace our oven. If I could rate lower than a 1 that would be my satisfaction level.

[email protected]
This hm is not helping me at all I not happy all the money I put in it was a total waste I'm not saving anything the long run is truly a waste I really can't see the benefits that's helping me thamk s for wasting all of my time & money for all the year I put my trust in hm.protect gold a wasted of time & effort. It cost me more money for nothing to get done.

M. Decker
Austin, Texas
This is the WORST Home Warranty Co I have ever had. I've waited two weeks & still no service on a washer. Every excuse in the world - then wanted me to find my own repairman and get reimbursed. I told them that was what I was paying them to do. DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!!!!

Houston, Texas
I wish there was a way to give negative. Worst sales department I have ever come into contact with. I requested a quote as a new buyer and when called I told the gentleman that I wouldn't be buying anything that night just gathering information I was hung up on. The next day I was called again and told them again I was just gathering information, was hung up on again. I then called the number back to speak to a manager to share my experience and was transferred around and finally hung up again. This happened 4 times once I did leave someone a voicemail. This company might be great once you enrol with them but the sales department should all be fired! I'm going with Landmark, they were... Read More

ellen eaton
Cookeville, Tennessee
Used to be good, now are the worst ! fridge is out, took an hour to possibly find someone to come out but have to wait 24 - 48 hours! Food going bad, have to leave town in 2 days but still won't let me call someone to approve work right away. Actually hung up on me. still trying to get with them but at this point will make a formal complaint to my attorney general about them because this is the second hideous on : A previous experience 3 months ago was just as bad. Had NO one in my service area and had to get my own repairman. This was on a central heat and air unit. late at night with heavy storms and lightening in the area. Then wouldn't answer the phone to approve... Read More

Amy Farrar
Worcester, Massachusetts
Today I have had an awful experience in trying to get a home warranty plan from this company. A very rude female named 'Britney' who answers the phone with an attitude and then asks for your first and last name (again?!) I got put through to 3 or 4 other people or departments and back to 'Britney' (again!) who was rude and was processing my application for the warranty plan and because I had brought her attention to her negative behavior she told me that the $100 discount was not available in my state. Which is a lie as my neighbor recommended us as she recently got that deal !! To add insult to industry she hung up on me ! When I called back to complain it was her and she cut off my... Read More

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