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Founded in 1945, Delta Dental is presently the largest dental benefits carrier in the nation. The company is a not-for-profit organization with some for-profit affiliates among its 39 independent member companies. Delta Dental services to more than 78 million people enrolled in over 129,000 groups across the nation, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

What is Delta Dental?

Delta Dental is the nation's leading dental insurance company, providing access to over 145,000 dentists at more than 292,000 office locations. The company also provides the best discounts, averaging 20.3% on all claims. Delta Dental has consistently built strong partnerships with dental insurance providers and dental professionals for over half a century.

What's Included with Delta Dental

Negotiated Fees. Delta Dental has worked with network dentists to lower the costs of their services. This means cheaper treatments and bigger savings for you. 

Balance billing is not allowed, because participating dentists agree to accept Delta Dental's fee and the patient co-payment or deductible (if applicable) as full payment.

There are no forms for you to fill out because participating dentists submit claims directly to Delta Dental.

Payments are made directly, no need to wait for reimbursement checks.

No deductible or calendar year maximum.

Set copayments so you know your out-of-pocket cost for each procedure.

Plan Reviewed 

Dental for Everyone Gold PPO

How much does it save you?

Year 1/ Year 2/ Year 3 

Preventive: 60%/ 80%/ 100% 

Basic: 50%/ 65%/ 80% 

Major: 0%, 30%, 50%


Monthly/ Quarterly/ Annually

1 Member: $41.16/ $123.48/ $493.92

2 Members: $75.51/ $226.53/ $906.12

Family: $109.86/ $329.58/ $1,318.32

Annual Maximum

$1000 per person, per calendar year

Treatments Covered and Reimbursements

Covers Preventive, Basic and Major services. The amount of reimbursement increases with every year. However, there is no coverage for major services for the first year.


Delta Dental boasts the largest network of dentists and partner companies in the country. This makes it easy for you to find the best dental services in your area. Delta Dental is simply the best, which is why 60 million Americans make them their choice for dental insurance.

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52 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I was told that my dentist's office was covered under the plan I chose. Now they tell me it isn't and I owe almost $400 because they said she wasn't. I had to point out to THEM that they still should cover her as "Out of Network" and paid something! The fact that I had to tell one of their reps about out of network sickens me. I will never use them again! Also folks, If you go in for even a cleaning, make sure your insurance is part of their coverage and ask your dentist to tell you the cost, and not just do it and send you a bill.

mitchell w
Longview, Texas
I paid premiums to Delta Dental for 2 years and never used it. I was going to wait until the 3rd year to have major work done so my out of pocket expense would be less. When I called about enrolling for the 3rd year, I was told that they had no record of my ever having insurance with them. So I was out of pocket 2 years worth of premiums for nothing.

Parker, Arizona
Shopping for new dental insurance. Delta used to be the BEST in Arizona but they cover less with higher deductibles than when I signed up over 5 years ago. In addition, my premiums have more than doubled from $500/year for me and spouse to over $1100/year now. They have always paid their bills and I have not heard differently in the last year.

Luke A
Port Neches, Texas
I was very dissatisfied with the service of delta dental. The service provider in the preferred network could not perform the work that i needed done for my dentures. I was referred to a prosthodontics from the service provider to perform the necessary work. Delta dental would not cover or assist me in the financial part of my procedure , after i have been paying into this insurance for a while, in which they could not perform the necessary work. Please check your coverage and make sure that delta dental is covering your procedures and work to be done. Very dissatisfied senior on a fixed income.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Customer service ain't shit. Can never speak with a supervisor/manager. They ask for your information and a superviser will call you back in 48 hours even if it's an emergency situation,they never call back. What a joke!!!

Longmont, Colorado
I had to sign up again for Delta Dental in 2016 as they dropped the plan I had been on for several years (the current plan is more expensive with less coverage). I submitted my application three times and talked with several employees on the phone but I still didn't have coverage after three months. They finally gave my family coverage, and then in the next month, told my dentist that only I was insured and not my family (even though I had registered and paid for family coverage). After a few more months of complete frustration with the inability of anyone at Delta Dental to effectively do anything, I dropped their coverage by paying for my bank to block any further monthly payments... Read More

Tirsa D
Mansfield, Pennsylvania
Worst company ever! Please listen to my review and save yourself money and time. I've had this insurance for only two months and it has been a nightmare. They are so unorganized. First they say you need a procedure done. Then we get it done, then they don't want to pay for it. My husband needs a bridge done on his front teeth. They said to have his front tooth pulled. So we did. Then, they come up with some excuse to not cover it and want us to pay $2,000. I've tried appealing it, and they refuse to call me back. It's now been two months and my husband still has no front tooth. I've called them every hour, leaving messages every time, for the past week. Every person I talk to has a... Read More

Gayle W
Novi, Michigan
Delta Dental is the worst! They will tell your dentist that they will pay, then will refuse payment and you'll get stuck with the bill. Do not purchase this insurance!!!!

Seattle, Washington
Paid only half of claim. Without explanation, said they would repay rest of claim iin installments over 18 months! Outrageous

rob w
Delta took one year premium from me, and ommitted that there is a new, 1 year wait period. Do the math on that one. I was totally burned by Delta Dental. They stole over $500 that I did not have to lose. Steer clear of these crooks. Pay cash, not an executive's yacht payment. Delta Dental, I hope your teeth fall out.

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