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Incorporated in 1997 and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, 1Dental.com a dental discount company providing access to quality dental services at affordable annual prices. The company works in partnership with leading insurance carriers such as Aetna and Careington International to service thousands of agents, affiliates, and new members.

1Dental.com - Overview

1Dental.com offers dental discount plans (sometimes called dental savings plans) that have served more than 10 million members since 1979. Differing from traditional dental insurance, discount dental plans function like a membership club. Dentists opt into the plan on the provision they will obtain clients by offering discounted rates through 1Dental.com. When the patient joins 1Dental.com, they then get access to discounts within the provider network.

Customers pay just $99 a year for either of 1Dental.com’s plans: Care 500 and Dental Access Plan.  As a member, they pay a lower fee at the dentist for any treatment they receive. Differing significantly from insurance, the discount plan allows members to see the dentist as often as needed—this means they get unlimited usage of their plan, even for preexisting conditions.

All dentists in 1Dental.com’s network have passed thorough background checks and have state licenses in good standing. Additionally, dentists must pass a 5-year work history evaluation. 

Who Can Use a Dental Savings Plan?

Dental discount plans are a low cost option where members pay a discounted rate to the dentist directly. Customers do not have to fill out insurance forms or wait for reimbursements. Where traditional insurance has monthly premiums, deductibles, and various limits on procedures and number of visits permitted per year, discount plans feature none of these. Customers pay the fee stipulated on their benefits schedule and can see the dentist for any procedures as often as they like.

With that in mind, dental discount plans are ideal for those who:

  • Do not have dental insurance through their employer
  • Have conditions that require immediate attention
  • Have reached annual or per-condition limits of their existing plan
  • Desire to save on dental work

Services and Features

1Dental.com’s plans are priced based on the number of members subscribed. One member is $99/year, two is $149/year, and three will cost $179/year. Monthly payment options are also available.

Plans provide savings on the following types of procedures:

  • Routine & Diagnostic (Oral exams)
  • Preventative (Annual cleanings)
  • Restorative (Fillings, crowns)
  • Endodontics (Root canals)
  • Periodontics (Gum treatments)
  • Prosthodontics (Dentures, bridges)
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Adjunctive Services

Below is a select list of the discounts available on some of the most common types of dental work.

CARE 500 PLAN - This option provides the strongest discounts available, which are determined by the zip code where services are offered.



Avg Discount

Oral Exam



Mouth X-Ray









Porcelain Crown



Root Canal










Flat Discount


1 Discounted Schedules are for General Dentists. All schedules vary based on location.

DENTAL ACCESS PLAN – This option gives access to the largest network of dentists, but cannot offer flat prices, only estimated discounts.


Estimate Cost1

Avg Discount

Oral Exam



Mouth X-Ray









Porcelain Crown



Root Canal









Members will have access to discounted services and in most cases, can save 15% to 50% per visit on everything from general dentistry to root canals, crowns and orthodontia at over 158,000* available dental practice locations nationwide.
*Dental Counts as of July 2015 Aetna Enterprise Provider Database.
1 Actual discounts will vary based on the geographic location of the dental provider and the services provided.

Dental Discount Plan with 1Dental.com

1Dental.com provides two plans that could be serious alternatives to dental insurance for people in certain situations.

First, they are ideal for anyone who has a pre-existing condition. Most dental insurance companies go to great lengths to exclude those with prior problems, and also feature lengthy waiting periods before customers can even file a claim. 1Dental.com plans have none of these drawbacks. Members pay the premium and go to any in-network dentist regardless of treatment required. Also, as many employers do not feature dental insurance as part of their health benefit programs, it is a great option for employees of these companies as well. 

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21 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Los Angeles, California
I am looking forward to trying out the dentist's on this plan, as i believe my present dental practice was trying to rip me off!!!!!!

steve p
Ashburn, Virginia
Steve P Claymont, De 5/15/2018 Natasha was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about 1 Dental and their services offered. Her explanations were clear and concise. Through her energy and genuine enthusiasm you could tell she believes in the benefits of the plan. Careington is fortunate to have a professional of her caliber.

Michael D
Miami, Florida
Tina was friendly and competent. She answered all of my questions clearly. I'm happy I switched to 1 Dental.com.

Miami, Florida
Jacob J was very helpful in giving me info and helping me get setup today. I have already lined up a dentist and scheduled an appointment for next week. I am going to save a bundle! Thank you.

Las Vegas, Nevada
John was very helpful and professional in working with me in signing up for 1Dental. Very impressed with 1Dental and what it has to offer. Very Happy.

Marilyn m
Atlanta, Georgia
I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the representative that I spoke with, he was very helpful in my decision to purchase the product.

Newark, New Jersey
Steven was very helpful in making me understand the service you provide. He presented himself in a very proper and professional manner, I enrolled my entire family into your program.

danny l
Chicago, Illinois
Steven was very helpful in making me understand the service you provide. He presented himself in a very proper and professional manner. Thanks to his help and professionalism, I enrolled my daughter into your program.

Lydia D
Tampa, Florida
Very pleased & impressed with the plan and the service I received when I called about the plan. Pierce was very friendly, helpful and made the sign-up very simple and enjoyable. I know we are going to save lots of money with this plan and very excited to have my husband enrolled for the next 3 yrs which is even a bigger savings! Thanks Pierce for helping me enroll!

Sandie C
San Jose, California
Very satisfied with everything that was explained clearly about this dental discount plan and I know I will save a ton of money as well! Thank you, Pierce!

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9.8 / 10
  • Unlimited Use
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Included in Plan Savings
  • Plans Start at $99/Year for Discounted Rates on Dental Procedures
  • 100,000+ Dental Access Points Nationwide
  • A+ Grade with the BBB
  • Voted #1 in Ethics by Dallas Morning News
  • Discount Dental Plan (Not Insurance)