PetFirst Pet Insurance Review

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PetFirst Pet Insurance Overview

PetFirst’s Lifetime Plan is a customizable pet insurance policy for dogs and cats, which offers additional riders to extend your pet’s coverage. They offer discounts for pet owners who have multiple pets, and they will allow you to choose any vet you like without pre-approval. The Lifetime Plan has few exclusions, but has annual limits of $5,000-$20,000, which reset each year.


What's Included with PetFirst Lifetime Accident & Illness Plans:

  • - Covers accidents and illnesses without restrictions for hereditary, congenital or chronic conditions
  • - No initial exam required for coverage
  • - The premium is predictable and so it will be easy to ensure coverage of the unexpected
  • - Reimbursement choice of 90%, 80% or 70%
  • - Deductible choice of $50, $100, $250 or $500
  • - Annual policy limits of $5,000; $10,000 and $20,000 reset each year upon renewal
  • - and HomeAgain pet insurance partner


Plan Details

Type of contract

12-month policy period

Can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at anytime

 Enrollment age

 8 weeks and up, no upper age restrictions

 Effective date

 Midnight following enrollment 

 Waiting period

 14 days after Effective Date for illnesses

 Out of state coverage

 YES. Your pet can see any licensed vet. 

 Out of country coverage


 Claims and policy price

 NO increase in premiums due to claims made

Healthy pet discount at renewal for no accident/illness claims

 Age limit

 Must be at least 8 weeks old, but no upper age limits

 Annual deductible

 Plan dependent

 Claim limit

 Subject to annual limits, but no per-incident or lifetime limits



What does it cover?


Pets covered – Cats and Dogs, all breeds and ages 8 weeks+


Baseline coverage

a. Illness

lab tests

diagnostic tests





holistic care

exam fees


b. Accident and Injury

lab tests

diagnostic tests





holistic care

exam fees


c. Pre-existing conditions

NOT covered


d. Congenital conditions

Covered for life as long as condition was not present or showing symptoms prior to effective date of the policy (pre-existing)


e. Chronic conditions

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.


f. Cancer

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.


g. Wellness coverage – Available with additional Routine Care riders


Routing checkups

Dental care

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention


Teeth Cleaning

Dental treatment is covered if caused by an accident or illness (periodontal disease)


h. PregnancyLIMITED coverage


i. Special coverage

Alternative therapy- if recommended and performed by a licensed veterinarian

Behavioral therapy - if performed by a licensed veterinarian and caused by a medical condition

Hip dysplasia - as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy

Patella Luxation - as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy


Final Sniff

PetFirst’s Lifetime Plans clearly outline the coverage they provide, and the option is available to add riders for more extensive coverage. While they have annual maximum payout limits ($5,000, $10,000, or $20,000), coverage is not capped per-incident and there are no lifetime benefit limits, but it comes with a hefty price tag.  Compared to the other Top Pet Insurance providers we've reviewed, PetFirst’s coverage is less than similarly priced plans.       


The Fine Print:

  • If you go with PetFirst, Lifetime Accident and Illness plans are recommended for optimal coverage. Waiting period: midnight EST following activation for injuries, 14 days for illnesses. These plan options will cover chronic, hereditary and breed-specific conditions, including hip dysplasia and patella luxations, if diagnosed while on the policy and will continue to be covered as long as the policy is in existence.  Their list of exclusions can be found here.


The Bottom Line:

Customers can use any licensed veterinarian or emergency clinic they choose without pre-approval. However, to really have strong coverage you need to purchase PetFirst's more expensive Lifetime Accident & Illness plan, which still has annual payout limits. 

Latest Reviews

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Louisville, Kentucky
PetFirst Pet Insurance review
Don't waste your money. PetFirst pet insurance will deny every claim.

San Ramon, California
PetFirst Pet Insurance review
They are terrible. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. Poor customer service. Painful for our vet's office to deal with on claims. Our credit card was stolen this year and they claim to have emailed and called us but no emails go through. Would be awesome to actually get a LETTER before they cancel your policy!

Emma Pavich
Alhambra, California
PetFirst Pet Insurance review
I have had this insurance for 9 years. I have rarely used it other than for basic needs. I get denied about 50% of the time. Most recently I got denied for a surgery...the main reason I got insurance. I have $7500.00 to draw from yet I got denied my claim for small print exclusion. I get to pay monthly premiums and $5000.00 medical bill. I don't see how this insurance is even in the top 10. It sucks in my book. Underwriters get a heart! Emma Pavich

Huntsville, Alabama
PetFirst Pet Insurance review
Don't waste your money on this garbage pet insurance. You'll be waiting forever to get reimbursed on claims. That is if you even do get reimbursed!!!!

Lori A
Jackson, New Jersey
PetFirst Pet Insurance review
I have had this insurance for a few years & was satisfied ,until the premiums went up substantially, I then spoke to a representative who helped me choose a policy, which I found out to be just awful. So now I am waiting over 2 weeks to speak to a manager ,because they have no direct line ,who said my voice mail didn t work (when another representative left a voicemail), & it seems I m getting a major run around . I already spoke to numerous representatives why I need to speak to a manager & they are still asking me to clarify why I need to speak to a manager. Because I feel the chosen policy was misrepresented ...