Senior Safety Medical Alert Review

Rating: 4 / 10 (Poor)
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Why They’re a Good Choice

Senior Safety offers a fully dedicated monitoring center that staffed by a team of medical professionals. A key service feature and selling point for the company is this team of qualified operators trained to respond to emergency situations. These operators undergo the same CPR and EMD training that 911 dispatchers receive. This ensures that your loved ones are given an accurate and appropriate response during an emergency.

What’s included with Senior Safety

EMD certified dispatchers

Fast response time

Can communicate in 150 foreign languages

Redundant monitoring

US-based operators available 24/7


Advanced Systems - $29.95 per month

Covers 600 Foot Range

Works up to a 10,000 Sq Ft Home

60 Hour Backup Battery

Redundant Monitoring by Utah Centers

Compatible with All Home Phone Services

Answer Your Telephone with Help Button

Family Check-In Capability

UL & FDA Listed Equipment

EMD Licensed Operators


Cellular System - $34.95 per month

No Landline Required!

60-Hour Backup Battery

Can communicate in 500 foreign languages

Redundant Monitoring by Utah Center

Covers 600 Foot Range

Works up to a 10,000 Sq Ft Home

UL & FDA Listed Equipment

EMD Licensed Operators


The Fine Print

30-day, risk-free return policy

30-day free monitoring


The Bottom Line

Senior Safety offers a solid medical alert service that is designed to provide reliable solutions for medical emergencies. Its dedicated monitoring center is staffed by operators who are trained in CPR and EMD courses. Senior Safety provides 24/7 monitoring that is highly flexible to meet individual requirements. Its highly trained staff is able to identify life threatening medical conditions and provide medical instructions during those precious minutes before emergency services arrive.  

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