Metlife Dental Insurance Review

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Metlife Dental Review

Metlife Dental specializes in providing dental insurance for groups and is currently one of the top providers of dental insurance in the country. Included in their Dental PPO plan is full service coverage for retirees, a big plus when enhancing retirement benefits.

What's included with Metlife Dental?

Negotiated network dental fees are typically 15-45% below community-average charges

More than 400 covered procedures, includes co-pays for services such as implants, veneers, white fillings, IV sedation, general anesthesia and nitrous oxide

Expanded preventative and diagnostic benefits — providing co-pays for procedures such as brush biopsies and additional cleanings when appropriate

Defined fees for materials and procedures requiring multiple services (e.g., root canals, crowns and bridges) – minimizing fee confusion

Plan Reviewed

Metlife 2-9 Dental

How much does it save you?

Preventive/ Basic/ Major

100/ 80/ 50 percent with $50 deductible

Annual Maxium

$1000 - $1500

Treatments Covered and Reimbursement

Preventive/ Basic and Major services covered. 


Fine Print

Savings from enrolling in the MetLife PDP will depend on various factors, including how often participants visit the dentist and the cost for services rendered.

Plan provisions regarding eligibility and late entrants apply.

MetLife VisionAccess is a discount program and not an insured benefit. It is provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP), Rancho Cordova, CA. VSP is not affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or its affiliates.

Deductible waived for diagnostic and preventive services for plans 1 and 2. Plan number 2 is not available in Mississippi and Texas.

Groups with no prior dental coverage, or without acceptable evidence of prior dental coverage can only choose plan 3.

Out-of-network benefits are payable for services rendered by a dentist who is not a participating provider. The Reasonable & Customary charge is based on whatever is lowest among (1) the dentist's actual charge, (2) the dentist's usual charge for the same or similar service or (3) the charge of similar dentists in the area for a similar service or services.


Metlife Dental provides decent savings on group plans and is especially useful for small businesses looking for dental coverage. However, this is subject to the availability of network and participating dentists in the area. 
















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Spring, Texas
I can basically reiterate the poor ratings listed previously. My latest experience involved a fractured tooth. Three options available. Put on a crown, extract, or live with the pain. I chose the crown. MetLife denied any payment stating that x Rays were not definitive enough to indicate crown was required, but if extracted most likely would paid the claim??? They handle claims like the infamous home warranty companies. They will find something in the fine print to deney claim. Save your $$ and don't sign up for this expensive plan

Jacksonville Beach, Florida
I have had bad experiences with metlife, from company delaying approval for dental treatment to horrible customer service. Number provided in their card for costumer service is only for an automated service, had to call other dept to finally be transferred to a customer representative who was unhelpful in assisting me with explanation of my claim and or benefits.

Washington, District of Columbia
Terrible company, it takes 24 to 48 hours to speak to a supervisor, if you call up again and request to speak to a supervisor the clock starts all over again for an additional 24-48 hrs. They do not ensure your cost is sent to your FSA account you have to do that yourself. No one tells you that there is a problem with your claim you have to find that out yourself when you log in to the account, It take 10 to 15 days to process a claim, even after they have had the claim for a month already because of some SNAFU on there end. you would think that they would try and expedite the claim for you. Just trying to get through on the phone to speak to someone is a nightmare. They have to hire more... Read More

Lake Worth, Florida
metlife has been absolutely terrible. they have denied all claims and i have had to fight and submit appeals. i would never recommend metlife federal dental to anyone. they have not paid on any claims. a total ripoff

Greenville, South Carolina
Shady despicable insurance company with no soul.

Charles C
Dallas, Texas
This company can not get the statements mailed out in a timely manner, if you get a invoice at all. Also the worst customer service I have seen.

Madeleine M
Chicopee, Massachusetts
I have Met Life thru the Commonwealth of MA. I pay $360 per yr for the plan. My max is ~1200 per yr coverage. About 5 weeks ago I had an abscessed tooth. Met Life paid ~$50 and I paid $190. Today I received a statement from them telling me I owe my dentist $40. They don't cover more that 2 oral exams per yr even if you have an emergency. I used up the 2 at the first cleaning and when I had the abscessed tooth. It did not cover the exam I had during the second cleaning. I did not have my bridge replaced beoause they would cover only $900 and I would pay the~3500+. MY DOG"S HEALTH INSURANCE COVERS HER AT 90%. This is NUTS! I am going in search of another dental plan. I am... Read More

Crystal L
Brooklyn, New York
Worst insurance i ever had to deal with. When you call to speak to anyone in customer service they act like they do not want to help you when you have questions. Also the website is not updated. A lot of the doctors are in network or out of network so you end up getting confused more. You're better off calling them to make sure they will accept that doctor. Because now i owe tons of money and i cant wait to switch to get off

Lyn N
Great Falls, Montana
Metlife is the worst. They are terrible at claims. They deny them every single time. They get kicked back with completely irrelevant reasons. I have to call every. sinle. time. It's so annoying. I may as well not have insurance. Don't ever use them.

Houston, Texas
I have MetLife Dental coverage since more than 4 years now. I got 2 wisdom tooth extractions in 2013 with patient's responsibility $97 and today (in 2016), I want to extract other two and patient responsibility is $327 which is more than 200% increase. MetLife has decreased their share from 80% to 60% and with increased cost, patient responsibility has increased multifold leaving patients with no choice.

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