Metlife Dental Insurance Review

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MetLife is currently one of the largest insurance, annuities, and employee benefit providers around the world. Founded in New York in 1868, the company services 100 million customers in over 50 countries, providing them with a wide array of products and services such as life, accident, health, critical illness, and property and casualty insurance.

Metlife Dental Review

Metlife Dental specializes in providing dental insurance for groups and is currently one of the top providers of dental insurance in the country. Included in their Dental PPO plan is full service coverage for retirees, a big plus when enhancing retirement benefits.

What's included with Metlife Dental?

Negotiated network dental fees are typically 15-45% below community-average charges

More than 400 covered procedures, includes co-pays for services such as implants, veneers, white fillings, IV sedation, general anesthesia and nitrous oxide

Expanded preventative and diagnostic benefits — providing co-pays for procedures such as brush biopsies and additional cleanings when appropriate

Defined fees for materials and procedures requiring multiple services (e.g., root canals, crowns and bridges) – minimizing fee confusion

Plan Reviewed

Metlife 2-9 Dental

How much does it save you?

Preventive/ Basic/ Major

100/ 80/ 50 percent with $50 deductible

Annual Maxium

$1000 - $1500

Treatments Covered and Reimbursement

Preventive/ Basic and Major services covered. 


Fine Print

Savings from enrolling in the MetLife PDP will depend on various factors, including how often participants visit the dentist and the cost for services rendered.

Plan provisions regarding eligibility and late entrants apply.

MetLife VisionAccess is a discount program and not an insured benefit. It is provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP), Rancho Cordova, CA. VSP is not affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or its affiliates.

Deductible waived for diagnostic and preventive services for plans 1 and 2. Plan number 2 is not available in Mississippi and Texas.

Groups with no prior dental coverage, or without acceptable evidence of prior dental coverage can only choose plan 3.

Out-of-network benefits are payable for services rendered by a dentist who is not a participating provider. The Reasonable & Customary charge is based on whatever is lowest among (1) the dentist's actual charge, (2) the dentist's usual charge for the same or similar service or (3) the charge of similar dentists in the area for a similar service or services.


Metlife Dental provides decent savings on group plans and is especially useful for small businesses looking for dental coverage. However, this is subject to the availability of network and participating dentists in the area. 
















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21 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Crystal L
Brooklyn, New York
Worst insurance i ever had to deal with. When you call to speak to anyone in customer service they act like they do not want to help you when you have questions. Also the website is not updated. A lot of the doctors are in network or out of network so you end up getting confused more. You're better off calling them to make sure they will accept that doctor. Because now i owe tons of money and i cant wait to switch to get off

Lyn N
Great Falls, Montana
Metlife is the worst. They are terrible at claims. They deny them every single time. They get kicked back with completely irrelevant reasons. I have to call every. sinle. time. It's so annoying. I may as well not have insurance. Don't ever use them.

Houston, Texas
I have MetLife Dental coverage since more than 4 years now. I got 2 wisdom tooth extractions in 2013 with patient's responsibility $97 and today (in 2016), I want to extract other two and patient responsibility is $327 which is more than 200% increase. MetLife has decreased their share from 80% to 60% and with increased cost, patient responsibility has increased multifold leaving patients with no choice.

InsurancerI s
Cedartown, Georgia
They have a lot of black holes they jump from and declare they do not cover. I went for an extraction at an in network dentist provider. The total service was $161.00 and they said the insurance would cover all but $58.00. When I checked out it cost me $128.00. According to the insurance the office was an in network provider but the dentist himself was not in network. And since I had my initial full exam in April and this being June, they would not cover the exam cost. Because it had not been six months and did not matter that my tooth had shattered and hurt and required immediate attention. This insurance provider will squirrel around every obstacle and create and excuse to not pay. I... Read More

Sean M
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Horrible Expierence !! So my company decided to leave our previous Dental providr and go with metlife.Let me warn you, if you plan to use a dentist in which you submit your own claims your going to regret it. 3 weeks into having this company and I need to submit a claim. It's 2016 and they only offer Fax or Courier mail. No portal option is available for the consumer to submit their claims. Of the two choices I have I decide to go with Fax. I faxed my claim form on 1/8, not once, not twice, but three times. I called to see if they recieved it just to make sure and I was told I need to wait 24-48 hours. I waited 48 hours did not see a status online so I called again and was advised to wait... Read More

Shar S
They approved my dentist work planed then denied paying Saying the tooth "may " have been filled not capped I would have to pay an attorney plus have an independent dentist review case to sue for claim amount Wow if I had those funds I would be self insured Stressed, feeling ripped off and helpless Met life dental is a "dog"

Michael S
Springfield, Illinois
This insurance plan is awful. It pays for virtually nothing.

Newington, Connecticut
Most dissatisfying experience. I had my dentist submit pre-determination estimate for approval by Metlife. They did not approve/reject or even respond to the case for 2 months. They don't agree to the assessment of dentist on whether or not I had periodontal disease. The most shocking part they wont respond to your emails in your inbox; they will post the reply in a separate "secure mail" portal which you can not archive. Frustrating.. in this technological advanced world, they are still in 1980s

Fremont, California
Our family subscribe to MetLife PDP Plus Dental Plan through my spouse’s employer. This company has poor customer service. My case in point: 1) It’s virtually impossible to talk to a life person through the company’s voice activation system (800-942-0854). Needless to say that its voice activation system is very user unfriendly. 2) Minimal coverage: The plan pays a low reimbursement to our dentists. For example, the allowed amount for a D0140, limited oral evaluation is $50. In addition, D0140, limited oral evaluation is only covered once every 6 months! I could not find this limitation written anywhere on its website ( Read More

Bowie, Maryland
I loved my old dentist and when I was switched by work coverage to MetLife, my dentist was no longer covered. I have submitted 5 claims to MetLife and 3 have been improperly processed even though I am using their forms properly. When calling to get claims straightened out, Customer Service has been rude and not helpful. The dentist office says they routinely have problems with MetLife. I have been waiting 2 months since my claim was submitted and after 3 calls I still don't have my money.

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  • Plans Start at $99/Year for Discounted Rates on Dental Procedures
  • 100,000+ Dental Access Points Nationwide
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  • Voted #1 in Ethics by Dallas Morning News
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