CIGNA Dental Insurance Review

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CIGNA Dental Review

CIGNA Dental has one of the biggest network of dentists in the country today. It provides a wide selection of individual and group dental insurance plans. 

What's included with CIGNA Dental

Plan Reviewed

MYCIGNA Dental 1500 Plan

How much does it save you?

Deductible waived for preventive services, 20% payout after deductible, 50% payout after deductible


Individual (ages 18–59) $30.00 /mo
Individual (ages 60+) $38.00 /mo
Individual + Spouse $55.50 /mo
One-Parent Family (1 adult, 2 children) $70.80 /mo
Two-Parent Family (2 adults, 2 children) $96.30 /mo

Annual Maximum

$1000 per person

Treatments Covered and Reimbursement

Excellent list of treatments covered for Basic, Preventive and Major services


Fine Print

You may pay more for out-of-network charges if the dentist’s charges exceed the amount Cigna reimburses for billed services.

You may be eligible to waive the waiting period with prior qualified coverage, not applicable to orthodontia.

Dental rates may vary based on age and geographic location (residential zip code).



CIGNA Dental offers great savings on preventive, basic and major treatments. However, they tend to be on the costlier side so it's a good idea to check for other available packages. Premiums and plans are subject to your location. 
















Latest Reviews

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Courtneyt Washington
Mobile, Alabama
CIGNA Dental Insurance review
I have had an ongoing issue with two claims since June 2016. The dates of services, in question are 3-17-2016 and 3-24-2016. I have primary and secondary coverage and my dentist still made me pay out of pocket. I did question the business office manager as to why I had to pay out of pocket since I have two coverages. She stated that I would later be reimbursed. I faxed over claims forms requesting that payment be sent to me versus the dentist. I also faxed over the bills, from the dentist office, stating that I had a credit and credit card receipts proving I paid it. The dentist received the payment and advised me that they refund me the money and then weeks went by and the business office manager stated that I could use the money to complete dental work versus being reimbursed. That was not the intent of the reimbursement. With two coverages, I should have never paid out of pocket. I have been calling monthly since June, given reference number after reference number (4349 and 4096), still no resolution. I know that you mailed an overpayment request letter to the doctor and it has also been faxed over to the doctor and I still have not received my reimbursement. Every time you guys state that you are going to call Linda, the business manager, states that we never received the letter and as soon as we receive it, we will refund the money. The dentist office has been double paid in a sense and besides a letter Cigna has not did a thing to make this right. I wished a high level manager would call me or take ownership and get this resolved before entering into a new plan year. On 11-15-2016, I called in 4 times and asked for a supervisor and was not allowed the opportunity to speak with one. The last rep kept me on hold for about 10 minutes and I waited to be hung up on again. Is this how you treat your customers? My initial complaint has always been with the dentist office. Now I am upset with Cigna and how they have handled this situation. I am appalled how we are paying for dental coverage and when there is an issue, no one takes ownership of the customer to help make the situation right. Please someone help me get this problem resolved.

[email protected]
Brooklyn, New York
CIGNA Dental Insurance review
I was sent to a dentist in Ridgefield CT., who could not even discern which tooth was bonded and a correction that was to be made after the original correction was made (by a younger associate which fell off). The older dentist, he AND his assistant, then LIED EVEN AFTER I showed them the X-RAYS!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!! I had wonderful dentists in NYC then move to CT and Cigna plan and have had AWFUL experiences.

Amanda McArthur
CIGNA Dental Insurance review
Poor coverage. Recently had a root canal done and they only covered $168 out of $1170. For a cleaning, they covered only $68 out of a $170 bill. The reason is because I see an out of network dentist and they only allow $400 contractual for a root canal. What dentist charges $400 for a root canal. Don't waste your time with their dental insurance. If anything, you lose money as I pay $36/month for this coverage.

Alpharetta, Georgia
CIGNA Dental Insurance review
I have normally had a positive experience with Cigna Dental. That changed when I was told by my dentist that I needed to have a gum graft. Long story short- the type of gum graft I need is a connective tissue or subepithelial graft. This is the most common gum graft according to my research. It is also a graft that is not covered by Cigna Dental. Not. One. Dime. Word of advice- check the covered procedures and get the insurance codes from your dentist. All gum grafts are not the same and they are definitely NOT all covered by Cigna Dental.

Robert F
CIGNA Dental Insurance review
Bonita Springs, FL Dental Office -Westland Dental Group - Called on Friday afternoon to say that Cigna Dental was no longer accepted at the office impacting my Monday appointment. Called Cigna Dental on Saturday, "We have a valid contract with this office." Cigna Customer service rep unwilling to transfer to Manager who was "busy." Scores should be negative integers for both Cigna Dental and Westland Dental.