CIGNA Dental Insurance Review

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Founded in 1982, Cigna is a health and life services organization with headquarters in Connecticut and Philadelphia. Cigna offers health plans and related products, such as workers compensation, group, life, accident, and disability insurances. The company, which currently employs over 30,000 people and services 86 million customers in 30 countries, holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

CIGNA Dental Review

CIGNA Dental has one of the biggest network of dentists in the country today. It provides a wide selection of individual and group dental insurance plans. 

What's included with CIGNA Dental

Plan Reviewed

MYCIGNA Dental 1500 Plan

How much does it save you?

Deductible waived for preventive services, 20% payout after deductible, 50% payout after deductible


Individual (ages 18–59) $30.00 /mo
Individual (ages 60+) $38.00 /mo
Individual + Spouse $55.50 /mo
One-Parent Family (1 adult, 2 children) $70.80 /mo
Two-Parent Family (2 adults, 2 children) $96.30 /mo

Annual Maximum

$1000 per person

Treatments Covered and Reimbursement

Excellent list of treatments covered for Basic, Preventive and Major services


Fine Print

You may pay more for out-of-network charges if the dentist’s charges exceed the amount Cigna reimburses for billed services.

You may be eligible to waive the waiting period with prior qualified coverage, not applicable to orthodontia.

Dental rates may vary based on age and geographic location (residential zip code).



CIGNA Dental offers great savings on preventive, basic and major treatments. However, they tend to be on the costlier side so it's a good idea to check for other available packages. Premiums and plans are subject to your location. 
















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30 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Brooklyn, New York
I was sent to a dentist in Ridgefield CT., who could not even discern which tooth was bonded and a correction that was to be made after the original correction was made (by a younger associate which fell off). The older dentist, he AND his assistant, then LIED EVEN AFTER I showed them the X-RAYS!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!! I had wonderful dentists in NYC then move to CT and Cigna plan and have had AWFUL experiences.

Amanda M
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Poor coverage. Recently had a root canal done and they only covered $168 out of $1170. For a cleaning, they covered only $68 out of a $170 bill. The reason is because I see an out of network dentist and they only allow $400 contractual for a root canal. What dentist charges $400 for a root canal. Don't waste your time with their dental insurance. If anything, you lose money as I pay $36/month for this coverage.

Lilburn, Georgia
I have normally had a positive experience with Cigna Dental. That changed when I was told by my dentist that I needed to have a gum graft. Long story short- the type of gum graft I need is a connective tissue or subepithelial graft. This is the most common gum graft according to my research. It is also a graft that is not covered by Cigna Dental. Not. One. Dime. Word of advice- check the covered procedures and get the insurance codes from your dentist. All gum grafts are not the same and they are definitely NOT all covered by Cigna Dental.

Robert F
Fort Myers, Florida
Bonita Springs, FL Dental Office -Westland Dental Group - Called on Friday afternoon to say that Cigna Dental was no longer accepted at the office impacting my Monday appointment. Called Cigna Dental on Saturday, "We have a valid contract with this office." Cigna Customer service rep unwilling to transfer to Manager who was "busy." Scores should be negative integers for both Cigna Dental and Westland Dental.

Jawad W
Kinston, North Carolina
Don't fall for this. They do not cover anything.

Los Angeles, California
Cigna only cares about getting your premium, and their dental insurance does not cover anything. I had to get my tooth pulled and I had to pay everything out of my own pocket including anesthesia. A simple tooth extraction, and they couldn't cover not one item on the list. Cigna Dental has a disclaimer that you have to have a minimum of two teeth pulled on the same day, and so on and so forth. Who gets two teeth pulled on the same day? Why are we paying $60 month for if they can't give me any coverage?

Gary G
Walnut Creek, California
I selected Cigna Dental after conforming that my dentist accepted their insurance. Their online information indicated that in and out of network provider coverage for preventative care (bi-annual checkups) were fully covered. When I received a bill after having a check-up/cleaning, I noticed that Cigna indicated that my dentist is out of network. When I asked why there was a charge, they indicated that they had limitations on preventative care. Total fraud. I appealed their decision and of course, they ruled in their own favor.

Evelyn E
Boynton Beach, Florida
Absolutely horrendous service I signed up 1 month ago, paid the first month premium over the phone while I was signing up...this am I get a reminder e-mail that my next premium is due...tried to sign up online at CIGNA but after I enter all info correctly, I might ad, I was told, sorry, can't I called the original phone # I had signed up at and they found my acct., then I called CIGNA again, and told them that and they still could not find my, now I am waiting to hear back from the woman I signed up with ...this is the worst insurance ever!

Carol B
I signed up for the dental insurance. I was aware of the six month waiting period for basic service, unless you provide proof you had dental coverage in the last six months. I provided proof of coverage in the last months. They came up with another rule, you cannot have a sixty day gap in coverage. No where is this stated in their policy of insurance. Nor could the agent show me this in writing. Please beware of Cigna insurance.

Abbey L
Watsonville, California
No insurance company plan is ever fair. Cigna Dental is one such plan. In order to get one to sign up the write up states that Cigna pays 100% for preventative care (Dental exams and cleanings). Well, to my disgust Cigna only pays what 'they' determine to be the maximum for the subscriber's city if the subscriber chooses to use a dentist who is not in the Cigna network. In my case I live in a world-class city that is considered to be one of the US most expensive cities to live. Yet Cigna will only pay a maximum of $27 for the dental exam and only $62 for teeth cleaning. The balance that is my share, of course, is about the same portion that Cigna paid my dentist so basically I'm... Read More

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  • Plans Start at $99/Year for Discounted Rates on Dental Procedures
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  • Voted #1 in Ethics by Dallas Morning News
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