Davis Vision Insurance Review

Rating: 9.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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Davis Vision is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of vision care products and care services. Coverage includes vision therapy, eye care, disease diagnosis, and treatment. Davis Vision has an extensive network of ophthalmologists, optometrists, eye care clinics, and retailers at more than 68,000 locations nationwide.

Services and Features

Davis Vision includes comprehensive eye exams on its vision insurance plans. Eye exams include visual acuity test, visual field test, refraction test, slit lamp evaluation, glaucoma test, dilation, and health review.

Davis Vision offers an exclusive collection of frames and contact lens that is available in more than 9,000 partner offices across the country. An online tool is available for locating nearby partner offices. This can be done by simply logging into their online account.             Members can select from over 200 frame collections valued up to $195 for no more than a $40 co-payment.

Covered Items 



Eye Examinations


Discounts only


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Lens Options

Scratch Resistance

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UV Coating

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Types of Vision Plans



Family Plan

Stand-alone Plans

Preferred Provider Organizations

Employer Provider

Health Maintenance Organizations


Out-of-Network Coverage

Size of Network


Find Doctors Online


Plan Name

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Co-payment – Exam

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Co-Payment - Glasses

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Coverage Period

Waiting Time

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Open Enrollment


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Customer Resources

Eye Exam Locations

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Online Account Management

Mobile App



Vision Insurance at Davis Vision

Rather than being an extension of a dental plan or another product in a company’s line of services, Davis Vision’s main focus is on providing quality eye care services. Therefore it is no surprise that Davis Vision offers one of the most comprehensive list of eye care services. A solid place to shop for vision plans.


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Top Rated
9.9 / 10
  • Individual Vision Plans Starting as Low as $17/Month
  • Coverage for Eye Exams, Frames, Lens Enhancement, and Contacts
  • More Than 33,000 In-Network Doctors Nationwide
  • Personalized Service With Multiple Plans to Fit Your Needs
  • Easy Online Enrollment or Speak With VSP Representative by Phone