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Rating: 9.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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VSP gives individuals and families access to essential vision care through its Individual Vision Plans. The company has the largest network of independent doctors with more than 33,000 VSP network doctors to choose from.

Services and Features  

VSP offers a variety of Individual Vision Plans depending on an individual's eye care needs. The Standard Plan covers WellVision Exam®, and prescription glasses or contact lenses. The copay for a WellVision Exam is $15 and $25 for prescription glasses. Coverage includes frames and lenses every 12 months.

VSP also offers covered lens enhancements like anti-glare, progressive lenses, light-to-dark lens tinting, impact-resistant, UV protection, and scratch-resistant coating. Enhancements range from $16-$175 depending on type of lens enhancement selected.

Patients have a $150 allowance for prescription glasses or contacts. If the patient chooses contact lenses, the allowance is used toward the contact lenses, fitting and evaluation. Plus, patients enjoy an additional 15 % savings on contact lens exams.

Additional Services

VSP has partnered with several vendors to offer its members exclusive member extras such as additional savings on frames, lens enhancements, Lasik surgery, hearing aids, and more.

Covered Items 



Eye Examinations


Discounts only


$150 allowance toward contacts and contact lens exam

Lens Options

Scratch Resistance


UV Coating








Types of Vision Plans


Family Plan

Stand-alone Plans

Preferred Provider Organizations

Employer Provider

Health Maintenance Organizations


Out-of-Network Coverage

Size of Network

33,000 independent doctors nationwide

Find Doctors Online



Standard Plan

Co-payment - Exam


Co-Payment - Glasses



Varies by state

Coverage Period

Waiting Time

5 business days after enrollment


Not Stated


Not Stated

Customer Resources

Eye Exam Locations


Online Account Management

Mobile App



Vision Insurance at VSP

VSP’s network of 33,000 network doctors makes it easier for you to locate a participating vision care provider in your area. You’ll see more savings and maximize your benefit when you visit an in-network doctor.

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Top Rated
9.9 / 10
  • Individual Vision Plans Starting as Low as $17/Month
  • Coverage for Eye Exams, Frames, Lens Enhancement, and Contacts
  • More Than 33,000 In-Network Doctors Nationwide
  • Personalized Service With Multiple Plans to Fit Your Needs
  • Easy Online Enrollment or Speak With VSP Representative by Phone