UnitedHealthcare Vision Insurance Review

Rating: 9.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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UnitedHealthcare offers a wide selection of health insurance products for individuals and employers. This includes medical, accidental, disability, life, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and vision insurance. Its vision insurance is available either as a supplemental or standalone policy.

Services and Features

Vision insurance is available either as a standalone plan or as additional rider to an existing dental insurance plan. As a standalone plan, it can be customized allowing you select covered item such as glasses, contacts, or both. However, both plans give you access to vision care benefits such as allowance for prescription glasses, routine eye exams, and discounts on other vision services.

UnitedHealthcare has no waiting periods, offers coverage for all ages, covers out of network treatments, and offers big savings through its national network of eyewear and vision service providers.

Network providers are categorized into three areas; full service, exam only, and dispense only. Full service providers cover eye examinations and discounted prescription eyewear. Eye Exam Only is for discounted eye examinations, while Dispense Only is for discounts on prescription eyewear.

UnitedHealthcare’s vision plans vary according to an applicant’s gender, age, location, and smoking habits. Vision plans cover eye examinations once every 12 months with $10 co-pay for network providers. A $50 allowance on charges not beyond the amount for non-network providers is provided. Coverage also includes frames, lenses, and contacts.

Covered Items 



Eye Examinations



Single Vision: Any Charge over $40 allowance, Bifocal: Any Charge over $60 allowance, Trifocal/Lenticular: Any charge over $80 allowance, Eye Exam: Any charge over $50 allowance, Frames: Any charge over $150 allowance (network) Any charge over $75 allowance (non-network), Non-selection Contacts: Any charge over $125 allowance

Lens Options

Scratch Resistance


UV Coating

Not Stated


Not Stated


Not Stated


Not Stated

Types of Vision Plans


Family Plan

Stand-alone Plans

Preferred Provider Organizations

Employer Provider

Health Maintenance Organizations


Out-of-Network Coverage

Size of Network

Not Stated

Find Doctors Online


Plan Name

Plan A

Co-payment – Exam


Co-Payment - Glasses



Not Stated

Coverage Period

Waiting Time

No Waiting Period


Online Enrollment


Not Stated

Customer Resources

Eye Exam Locations

Not Stated

Online Account Management

Mobile App



Vision Insurance at United Healthcare

UnitedHealthcare’s vision insurance is available either as a supplement or standalone policy. There are no waiting periods and it is available for all ages. Discounts and savings are not limited to in-network providers but also to non-network eye care specialists.

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Top Rated
9.9 / 10
  • Individual Vision Plans Starting as Low as $17/Month
  • Coverage for Eye Exams, Frames, Lens Enhancement, and Contacts
  • More Than 33,000 In-Network Doctors Nationwide
  • Personalized Service With Multiple Plans to Fit Your Needs
  • Easy Online Enrollment or Speak With VSP Representative by Phone