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Progressive covers a variety of vehicles that include all types of recreational vehicles, trailers and fifth wheels. It offers the standard auto insurance items such as personal and property liability coverage to complement its RV insurance plans. Emergency roadside assistance and other support services are available in the US and Canada.  



Bodily injury and property damage liability

Uninsured or underinsured motorists

Medical payments

Comprehensive and collision options

  • Market value
  • Agreed value
  • Total loss replacement cost

Vacation liability

Mexico physical damage


Fire department service charge

Full-timer’s package

  • Personal liability – for bodily injury and property damage for incidents you are held liable.
  • Medical payment to others – up to $50,000 for medical expenses of others who are involved in an accident on the property occupied by the RV used as a permanent or primary residence.
  • Loss assessment – up to $5,000 for certain assessments while he owns or is a tenant of a property.
  • Storage shed content – up to $5,000 for contents locate in a shed owned, leased or rented by the insured at the time of loss.




Safety and anti-theft discounts


Support Services

24/7 roadside assistance US and Canada

  • Mechanical, electrical breakdown
  • Battery failure
  • Fluid replacement
  • Flat tire
  • Locksmith
  • Entrapment assistance – 100 feet of roadway

Emergency expenses


Bottom Line – Progressive RV Insurance

Progressive top to bottom coverage for many types of recreational vehicles. Customer service is excellent and coverage extends from the US and Canada. Support services provide 24/7 roadside assistance that is invaluable if you ever find your RV in need of emergency repair. Bottom line, Progressive RV insurance offer is a great choice for part-time and full-time RV owners searching for good value protection for their vehicles.



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Antoinette B
Progressive RV Insurance review
Progressive is the absolute worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. My husband accidentally drove our RV underneath a tree in the cul-de-sac of our street as he was turning around to park in front of our house and the branches dented and scraped the roof of the RV enough that the next morning when I drove it to the Colorado River, the wind got underneath where the roof and the side met and lifted the roofing along the passenger side of the roof. We called a mobile RV repair guy who came to the campsite and unfortunately told us the job was not something he was equipped to do and referred us to a local body shop in Parker, AZ. Because rain was expected the next day, he gently pushed the lifted area back down to the railing that holds it in place to avoid rain damage. Good thing he did that since it poured the next night. At the end of our trip, I took the RV to the body shop he recommended, hitched a ride home with one of our camping group buddies, and called Progressive to make a claim when I returned home. It took them about 5 days to get someone to the body shop to inspect the roof. After he inspected it, he called me and told me that he didn't feel the damage to the roof was due to hitting a tree, but due to lack of maintenance, and then told me that Winnebago recommends that you re-caulk the roof every 6 months. Really? Who does that? I argued my case with the adjuster and she told me if I wanted she would have a supervisor call. The supervisor called my husband and told him that even though they agreed there was a point of impact on the roof, they didn't think it was caused by the tree he hit, but by the guy pushing the roof back into place for us. Really? We then said what about the scratches on the awning cover that occurred at the same time? They proceeded to tell us that they saw scratches, but since they didn't line up with the dent, they didn't feel it happened at the same time. Since when do all the branches of a tree line up? The worst part of it is that they basically accused us of lying. We have been paying this company for RV insurance for 21 years between our 2 motorhomes, and have paid them around $15,000.00 in premiums, and we couldn't get a claim covered. When I went to Camping World to buy some stuff I talked to the guy in the service department and he told me they no longer do any claim work for Progressive as they try to get out of paying every claim and they got tired of dealing with them and having disappointed and angry customers who had them as their insurance company. We will be changing insurance companies for our RV and recommend anyone shopping RV insurance to NOT use Progressive. What an insult to be honest about a claim and have your insurance company of 21 years call you a liar!