Good Sam RV Insurance Review

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Good Sam Insurance Agency provides recreational vehicle insurance through its Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan (VIP). It’s RV insurance plan provides RV owners full-time coverage and storage options. Good Sam RV Insurance protects permanent attachments and equipment as well as personal belongings.  



Personal effects – up to $3,000 for vehicle contents (electronics, clothing, sport equipment, appliances).

Optional full replacement cost – replace with a comparable new RV for RV totaled or stolen in its first five years, even if you’re not the first owner.

Permanent attachments – coverage for additional RV equipment such as awnings, antennae and satellite dishes.

Emergency expense allowance – food and lodging expenses when covered accident occurs 100 miles or more away from home

Full-timer – coverage similar to home insurance

Storage option – save hundreds of dollars on premiums when RV is stored for 30 days or more

No charge for new parts used in collision repairs – pays for the full cost of replacing a depreciated part during repairs.


Special discounted RV insurance rates – for Good Sam Club members

RV and auto in one policy – up to 20 percent discount

Paid in full – purchase one year RV insurance in one payment

Safety and anti-theft device – add extra personal safety features and anti-theft protection


Fine Print

Only those drivers registered upon the purchase of the recreational vehicle will be covered. Must be initially purchased within 5 years of model year. Coverage limited to original purchase price after fifth model year.


Support Services

  • RV claims specialist
  • 24 hour claims reporting
  • Roadside assistance


The Bottom Line – Good Sam RV Insurance

Good Sam RV Insurance offers good coverage options for part-time and full-time RV operators. It offers a variety of discounts that could lower your premiums even further. However, items such as a diminishing deductible option is unavailable which could be very rewarding for RV operators who manage to keep their RV safe. Full replacement is offered but this is limited to replacement by a comparable RV wherein some RV insurance services offer RV owners the freedom of choosing another vehicle regardless of make or floor plan for example. Overall, Good Sam RV is a solid service that can provide RV operators the peace of mind when travelling the road. A good option for RV insurance shoppers.


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Rockmart, Georgia
Good Sam RV Insurance review
I am very dissatisfied with the the manner my claim was handled. They will recommend a Camping World. I carried mine 5th wheel to a Camping World to get it repaired promises were made every week, after five weeks later i went to pickup my RV ( to leave for a trip) and they had not even ordered the parts, the insurance company recommended another company to complete the repair and they could not get the parts. I had a $4948.00 estimate from Camping World only to find out Good Sams would only pay 1592.00. My deductible was $500.00 so now I have a RV that will not be properly repaired because they refuse to pay the estimated cost to repair the unit and they cannot provide me a preferred service centers in my area to complete the repairs. Additionally, they do not have any adjusters in Georgia that can look at the damage. The floor of my RV has been exposed to moisture for seven weeks and the problem is still not resolved. Please be aware this is a Camping World inside deal ripoff. Buyer beware.

Amy T
Troy, New York
Good Sam RV Insurance review
BEWARE! They say all the right things and have nothing to back it up. They are a nightmare. I have a seasonal- just go on the weekend kind of thing. I get a phone call from a camp neighbor saying water was coming from my outside kitchen, they opened the door and water came gushing out. It was a leaky faucet and my drainage going to the sewer is closed off while we are not there. Good SAM won't cover it! "Its not sudden damage they say, it happened over time" Really! Less than a week? It wasn't leaking that I know of when I was there less than a week ago. Needless to say- 2016 brand new camper. I have to swallow the bill of an outside kitchen! Do your self a favor. Its too good to be true! Professional RN here- What profession do you truest the most, I hope its nursing. I won't steer you wrong. Im going to progressive. I called Albany RV which is where I got my camper from. They have a similar situation with another client and progressive is covering their damage. I guess you get what you pay for. I was just trying to save a buck! Its costing me a few in the end.

Mark L
Purlear, North Carolina
Good Sam RV Insurance review
BAIT & SWITCH - although the switch occurred a year later at renewal time. Good Sam Insurance Advertised they could save several hundred dollars on vehicle, RV and auto insurance - I called / got quote / and did save several hundred dollars by bundling all vehicles together in one policy, RV, cars, trucks, trailers, etc. Annual renewal time came - Premium increased from $2,700 to $3,400 - no explanation available from them as to why the increase - admitting that there were no reasons against me to cause an increase in premium (no accidents, no tickets, no claims, no nothing!) - only that National General just increased the premiums.

Tana Hagel
Fort Worth, Texas
Good Sam RV Insurance review
When I purchased my RV from Camping World I got a free Good Sam membership and when I closed on my RV they mentioned insuring it with Good Sam and I automatically assumed it was from a fair reputable company...after all it's Good Sam right? WRONG!! far away and never insure your RV with Good Sam...I'm a travel nurse and went through a major hail storm with mine not even 3 months after I purchased it...I checked with the company my policy was with, National Interstate, because my skylight and one roof vent was broken in the storm...I asked about getting them repaired right away instead of paying someone to cover them up...after all why not fix them because I'm living in my camper and would pay salvage value and keep it even if it was totaled to give me time to find something different...they said that was fine and I would be reimbursed for the repairs when they got the damage estimate on my unit....WRONG AGAIN!!! They now tell me it's totaled and will not only not allow me to retain the unit but they will not reimburse me for the repairs they said they would reimburse me for!! And they won't pay me for my unit until they come get where am I suppose to put all my belongings out of my camper after they take mine and I wait for them to send me a check and I find a different one?!?! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! My Dad had a total loss and American Family took less than a week to give him a settlement which allowed him to keep his to use while he found a new one...I've been fighting with these bozos for almost 3 weeks now and the only thing I've gotten is an eviction notice and lots of stress, anguish and sleepless nights...don't make the same mistake I did...go to some place reputable for your insurance!

Terry P.
Grandville, Michigan
Good Sam RV Insurance review
Do not waist your money on this insurance. I had a tire on my 5th wheel blow out back on the 9/9/2015 which destroyed the tire, electrical braking wiring, and damaged the siding on the trailer. Here it is 10/12/2015 and I still don't have a authorization from Good Sam's insurance company to have the repair work performed. When I made the claim I was asked by Jody to send any photos I have of the damage, etc. I sent photos I took of the unit when I was sitting along side the road after the incident showing the tire and trailer damage. I was told I had to have a appraiser come out to my house and review the claim and take their own photos and make an estimate of the costs. I took off work a day or so later to meet with their adjuster. He said this was typical damage from a blown tire and he would get the claim turned in by the next day. I let a 7 to 10 days go by before I called Jody back to get an update on the status of my claim. Jody said she never received the claim adjusters I called the adjuster back and was told they had sent it the following day as promised. Even gave me the exact time it was sent. Called Jody back and now she says that she didn't get the photos he took. She was supposed to get back with their adjuster and get back to me. Five days later she never did. My next phone call to her got me the same answers as the first time. She says she cant do anything for me until she gets the information from the claims adjuster, to which I explained that they are their adjusters and that she needed to kick some ass to get this resolved. It appears that their tactic is to just keep putting you off and hope you will get the repairs done out of your own pocket and eventually go away so they don't have to pay out on a claim. Now its five weeks later and still nothing. In contacting several RV dealers to arrange for the repairs and at least get on their schedule I was told that this run around is very typical of the Sam's Club insurance claims dept. I strongly suggest you spend your insurance money elsewhere where you may actually be treated like your a valued customer. Good Luck.