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Basic Coverage
RV Coverage

Good Sam Insurance Agency provides recreational vehicle insurance through its Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan (VIP). It’s RV insurance plan provides RV owners full-time coverage and storage options. Good Sam RV Insurance protects permanent attachments and equipment as well as personal belongings.  



Personal effects – up to $3,000 for vehicle contents (electronics, clothing, sport equipment, appliances).

Optional full replacement cost – replace with a comparable new RV for RV totaled or stolen in its first five years, even if you’re not the first owner.

Permanent attachments – coverage for additional RV equipment such as awnings, antennae and satellite dishes.

Emergency expense allowance – food and lodging expenses when covered accident occurs 100 miles or more away from home

Full-timer – coverage similar to home insurance

Storage option – save hundreds of dollars on premiums when RV is stored for 30 days or more

No charge for new parts used in collision repairs – pays for the full cost of replacing a depreciated part during repairs.


Special discounted RV insurance rates – for Good Sam Club members

RV and auto in one policy – up to 20 percent discount

Paid in full – purchase one year RV insurance in one payment

Safety and anti-theft device – add extra personal safety features and anti-theft protection


Fine Print

Only those drivers registered upon the purchase of the recreational vehicle will be covered. Must be initially purchased within 5 years of model year. Coverage limited to original purchase price after fifth model year.


Support Services

  • RV claims specialist
  • 24 hour claims reporting
  • Roadside assistance


The Bottom Line – Good Sam RV Insurance

Good Sam RV Insurance offers good coverage options for part-time and full-time RV operators. It offers a variety of discounts that could lower your premiums even further. However, items such as a diminishing deductible option is unavailable which could be very rewarding for RV operators who manage to keep their RV safe. Full replacement is offered but this is limited to replacement by a comparable RV wherein some RV insurance services offer RV owners the freedom of choosing another vehicle regardless of make or floor plan for example. Overall, Good Sam RV is a solid service that can provide RV operators the peace of mind when travelling the road. A good option for RV insurance shoppers.


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Jerry H
Arlington, Texas
Got quote from Good Sam Insurance (National General) for 12 months coverage on our motorhome. Price was competitive but when we started to pay and give them a credit card number, they said the quote was only for six months! All my documentation we have that I printed clearly stated in several places that it was for 12 months. They refused to honor the written quote that THEY sent me. The people are out and out crooks!

got insurance on home was told it was better than I had, with less deductible but when time to renew it went up. I stay with them, wished I hadn't wind and hail damage they charged me for deductible plus depreciation making my deductible almost 6;000 dollars nation General the under writer for Mountain Valley Indemnity Company watch what you wish for like The TV says not the insurance check the agent Good Sam's put it to me

Chandra G
Amarillo, Texas
Bought National General Insurance thur Good Sam. Five months pass and start getting emails about reviewing my policy. Spend next 3 weeks trying to talk to someone about my policy review. When I finally get someone to talk to they tell me that my rates are going up $ 80.00 dollars a month. Told them I would find somthing else because I had no claims and thought that was ridiculous. They blamed it on a rate increase in Texas. I cancled may policy the day it was due. Today I recieved a bill for $ 97.00 for ONE day of coverage. I expected better from any company connected or recomended by Good Sam. This is a scam. Glad I never had a claim, They probably would have charged me or... Read More

Rick P
Medford, Oregon
Dont even insure with them !! Horrible customer response !! To busy ripping off people to care about your repairs... Then to top off will almost double your rate !! bait and switch .. RUN RUN RUN from this insurance company,,

Michael &
Homosassa, Florida
I bought an extended warranty from Camping World of Bartow Florida - I NEVER received a copy in my packet of papers from the dealership. My #1 complaint is that NO ONE ever told me I have to cover ALL freight - I was told the only thing I would ever pay was the deductible. My rig is a 2014 Keystone Alpine 3600RS fifth wheel - I just had to replace my steps for the second time since I've owned this - the first time was covered by original warranty. Camping World of Bartow Florida just charged me over $96.00 for freight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that WAS ON TOP OF MY DEDUCTABLE!!!!! when I QUESTIONED GOOD SAM - THEY TOLD ME IT WAS WRITTEN IN EXCLUSION 11 !!!!! So I obtained a copy of my... Read More

Rick P
Medford, Oregon
National General Insurance - doesn't respond to emails or calls ..horrible customer service.. I am currently rethinking my whole Good Sam policies I had switched everything to Good Sam .. Looks like a bad idea ..Insurance is awful and towing is a close second.

Jannette H
Kissimmee, Florida
We had a hail storm which busted the outer cover of the bathroom skylight. This wasn't immediately obvious to us as when we checked on the RV everything was dry and there was no apparent damage as the inner skylight was not damaged. Then it rained two months later when we were at the RV and we discovered a leak at the skylight at which point we went on the roof and discovered the outer skylight damage. Long story short, National General Insurance which is Good Sam, has refused to cover our claim and we are having to sue and must wait to get our RV repaired. By the way, this is a 2014 Keystone Fuzion Chrome 5th wheel toy hauler, and the entire roof needs to be replaced with estimated... Read More

Blake T
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
They don't have the ability to cover your RV if it's not on a small list of the manufacturers they choose to support. My very popular manufactured RV with a VIN and title "didn't show in his drop down" so he couldn't even offer a quote. Progressive could.

Rockmart, Georgia
I am very dissatisfied with the the manner my claim was handled. They will recommend a Camping World. I carried mine 5th wheel to a Camping World to get it repaired promises were made every week, after five weeks later i went to pickup my RV ( to leave for a trip) and they had not even ordered the parts, the insurance company recommended another company to complete the repair and they could not get the parts. I had a $4948.00 estimate from Camping World only to find out Good Sams would only pay 1592.00. My deductible was $500.00 so now I have a RV that will not be properly repaired because they refuse to pay the estimated cost to repair the unit and they cannot provide me a preferred... Read More

Amy T
Troy, New York
BEWARE! They say all the right things and have nothing to back it up. They are a nightmare. I have a seasonal- just go on the weekend kind of thing. I get a phone call from a camp neighbor saying water was coming from my outside kitchen, they opened the door and water came gushing out. It was a leaky faucet and my drainage going to the sewer is closed off while we are not there. Good SAM won't cover it! "Its not sudden damage they say, it happened over time" Really! Less than a week? It wasn't leaking that I know of when I was there less than a week ago. Needless to say- 2016 brand new camper. I have to swallow the bill of an outside kitchen! Do your self a favor. Its too good to be true!... Read More

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