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ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA is a non profit organization in the US with the mission to prevent cruelty to animals. In 2006 the ASPCA partnered with Hartville Pet Insurance Group in order to offer ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. ASPCA's plan tends to have a very low per-condition payout limit. Buyer beware that if your pet's surgery or unexpected bill is greater than $3000, you're out of luck unless you get one of their two most expensive plans. For that reason alone we'd recommend you look elsewhere. However, some people prefer to have a lower priced pet insurance provider. ASPCA is cheap pet insurance. We prefer options which cover your pet for the unexpected and that's why we've ranked ASPCA lower.

What's Included with ASPCA:

  • 90% reimbursement
  • Low annual deductible of $100
  • Visit the vet of your choice

The Fine Print:

  • ASPCA pays out only $3000 per incident unless you purchase their top two policies. 
  • Reimbursement on benefit schedule (not actual bill)

The Bottom Line:

ASPCA is not the best option we found. Their payout policy limit is a deal breaker and better alternatives are available.


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Rick L.
ASPCA Pet Insurance review
I was all set to buy their "Complete Coverage" for my new pup. I was ok with the price, deductible etc since it was Complete coverage. But as soon as I pressed the Select button, up pops a screen asking me if I want to add Preventative care coverage which would increase the monthly cost. What? I guess Complete coverage isn't so complete. After seeing that B.S. I decided against the insurance and furthermore realized it was a good move especially after I read all the negative reviews. Finally, read the small print. The insurance is not from the ASPCA. They are only paid a fee for the use of their name. The insurance is from another insurance company- and we all know how much insurance companies have our welfare in mind.

Forest Hills, New York
ASPCA Pet Insurance review
I have coverage with them for about a year. my dog got cancer and they did not cover the surgery she needed. Since then, theyve also raised my premiums and give no reason as to why.

[email protected]
Brampton, Ontario
ASPCA Pet Insurance review
To get a claim done takes 3-5 months. I had this insurance for 7 years. I paid around $100 monthly for level 4. My dog got cancer. They did not paid my claim for surgery. Don't be confused by SPCA name. This is not SPCA.

mike m
Watertown, Massachusetts
ASPCA Pet Insurance review
I was a loyal customer for 6 years, filing only two claims during that period. When I did file claims, I was receiving 15-18% of the actual cost incurred, as they only payout for their estimated costs. By the end of the 6th year, my plan had increased by 100% from the original price, and over 33% in just one year. At the end of the day, I spent 2,000 - 3,000 more on the insurance plan, then if I paid out of pocket. Scam.

Los Angeles, California
ASPCA Pet Insurance review
This is totally a rip-off -- put your premiums in a savings account. Insurance is supposed to collect premiums from many people, and then help pay large expenses for the few people that need them. ASPCA insurance does everything it can to pay virtually nothing. We have been paying for level-3 insurance (i.e. one of their better plans) for 9 years, costing thousands of dollars. This insurance has been useless for both the many "smaller" medical bills ( $200-$500) that we've had over the years, AND the large bill we just had. I was OK overlooking the "small" ones, assuming they would actually pay up when a big expense came. The do not. Between the deductibles, fee limits, and endless set of rules, this insurance is useless. Our dog came down with cataracts, and -- per our vets advice -- we decided to hold off on treatment (until his eyesight became unacceptable). I was told that -- as long as he could see -- then it would save money to hold off (and avoid possibly having to repeat the procedure). BUT ASPCA has a clause/rule that they will not cover a claim for a treatment if the symptoms were present before the current year's policy. It makes no sense -- other than that ASPCA is trying to avoid major conditions -- like this one -- where one typically delays treatment. In short, this is a totally useless product.