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Rating: 7.6 / 10 (Very good)
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The ASPCA is a non-profit organization in the US with the mission to prevent cruelty to animals. In 2006 they began offering pet insurance policies through the Hartville Pet Insurance Group. ASPCA features customizable plans that cover 70%-90% of vet bills, and the option of unlimited coverage.

How is ASPCA rated?


Benefit Limits
Claims and Service

Overall Rating: 7.6 / 10 (Very good)

The ASPCA has multiple plans that offer comprehensive coverage. The organization's flagship plan, Complete Coverage, features annual benefit caps of up to unlimited, as well as no special caps for eligible congenital and hereditary conditions. The ASPCA's lower tier plans are still somewhat restrictive. Though the 3 levels of basic coverage might have no limit on the number of incidents you can claim, they do have incident caps. This could be a problem if your pet experiences a serious illness that requires costly or ongoing treatment. The benefit limits on hereditary and congenital conditions are a restrictive factor as well.

ASPCA Coverage

Coverage - 8 / 10

The ASPCA has 3 levels of basic coverage, two wellness plan add-ons, and the larger, more comprehensive Complete Coverage. As for the lower level plans, Level 1 covers common injuries, Level 2 covers injuries and non-congenital illnesses, and Level 3 covers "Advanced Care," which includes things like hereditary conditions and therapy for behavioral problems. The wellness plans differ in annual maximum payout. Seeing that all plans cover vet exams and prescriptions, among other things, the ASPCA plans are all quite extensive. Complete Coverage covers all the items of the ASPCA's most comprehensive plan, but does so without incident caps, or separate caps on hereditary and congenital conditions. The plan is only subject to a customer-chosen annual cap.
Pets Covered
Coverage Types
Vet Selection
Out of State Coverage
Commercial Pets Covered

Medical Conditions Covered

  • Accidental
  • Illness
  • Hereditary
  • Congenital
  • Cancer
  • Chronic
  • Dental Illness

Medical Treatments Covered

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Alternative Care
  • Behavioral Therapy

Benefit Limits

Benefit Limits - 8 / 10

While the ASPCA's lower tier plans are subject to per incident caps, the organization's recently added Complete Coverage not only has no per incident limits, but allows customers to set an annual cap from $5,000 up to unlimited. This plan also does not have a separate limit for eligible congenital and hereditary conditions. They are only subject to the same annual limit as chosen in the plan. All the ASPCA's remaining plans have differing benefit caps depending on the level of coverage you choose. If you purchase the accident and injury plan alone you will be limited to $2,500 annually per incident. Accident and injury plus illness will get you a $3,000 annual limit for each per incident. The Level 3 Advanced Care plan gives you $5,000 for accidents and injuries and $5,000 for illnesses per incident, plus $500 per incident and $1,250 in total lifetime for hereditary and congenital conditions. Importantly, there is also no limit on the number of incidents the policy will cover. So under Advanced Care the ASPCA will pay as much as $5,000 to treat an ear infection in a year, but this will reset for a different condition.
Benefit Limit Types
Per Incident

Reimbursement & Deductibles

Reimbursement - 8 / 10

The ASPCA offers the standard reimbursement levels of 70%, 80%, and 90%. This pays out on the actual cost of your vet bill and is standard among the best providers.
Reimbursement Model
Actual Cost
Minimum Percent Reimbursement
Maximum Percent Reimbursement

Deductibles - 10 / 10

The ASPCA allows customers to set their deductible level at $100, $250, or $500. This is a pretty much standard feature now among the best pet insurance plans.
Deductible Type
Minimum Deductible Offered
Maximum Deductible Offered

Pricing: How much does ASPCA cost?

Pricing - 5 / 10

The ASPCA's pet insurance plan is on the pricier side of the spectrum. There are comparable plans on our list that provide similar coverage for less.

Starting Monthly Premiums

Rate Details: Annual Deductible: $250, Benefits Cap: $5,000, Reimbursement Model: 90% of Actual Cost
Available Discounts: 10% Multiple Policy Discount

Enrollment & Waiting Periouds

Enrollment - 8 / 10

The ASPCA has a minimum enrollment age of 8 weeks and no maximum enrollment age. There is no waiting period for accident coverage and a 14-day waiting period for illnesses. Additionally, there is a 14-day waiting period for treatment or surgery related to ligament and knee conditions, as well as treatment for hereditary and congenital conditions.

Enrollment Age & Waiting Periods

Min Enrollment Age
8 weeks
Accident Waiting Period
0 days
Illnesses Waiting Period
14 days
Free Look Period
30 days

Claims & Service

Claims and Service - 7 / 10

The ASPCA allows you to download their claim form on their website. You can then email, mail or fax the completed form with relevant invoiced to the organization. They offer direct deposit, which speeds up the process. You are also able to track the status of a claim online.
Advertised Response Time
16 days
Claim Form

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Headquarters Address
1208 Massillon Rd Suite, Akron, OH, 44306
Mailing Address
888-716-1203, 1208 Massillon Rd Suite, OH, 44306
Year Founded

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25 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Edina R
Jersey City, New Jersey

I insured our rescue adult dog with ASPCA. We had her 2 years, and I finally got around to getting insurance. Unfortunately, within 2 months she was in the emergency room with stage 4 cancer (we had no idea), and we had to put her to sleep. ASPCA paid the claim, quickly, and without question, and even gave us a condolence call. We just adopted a puppy and will be insuring her with ASPCA.

Oceanside, California

It is cruel to any animal with needed medical to wait months for treatments already too high, yet u r suppose to be leaders in this field for animals, especially dogs. This is ludicrous. In the mean time paying every month. Many salary levels camnot pay. So animals need help, suffer due to high billing. Some never helped due to wrong diagnosis, constant re charged for follow ups, for same problems paid for. Over 16,000$ for one dog, never recovered from surgeries, meds given, improper treatment. Now blind after a seem like new, no sympathy vet prescribed eye drops for wrong problem. She still suffers now greatly, but too much attitude in her to let her be murdered. When she should have... Read More

New York, New York

This has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I have had this pet insurance for 10 years and never used it on my 18 year old cat, who is now dying. Last November of 2016, Lucy began to have a kidney problem. I took her to the Vet and am now treating her, and thank god she is still with me. She has been a loyal animal, and I want to keep her going as long as I can. Yesterday I contacted the ASPCA Pet Insurance company about a prior claim and they grotesquely told me Lucy was no longer covered for her kidney disease. That when my plan turned over in March of 2017, Lucy was no longer covered, as NOW she has a preexisting illness. I never used a claim on her ever until I... Read More

Madison, Connecticut

Worst pet insurance ever every claim you make they don't cover

Pompano Beach, Florida

On the anniversary of your policy, any illnesses you pet had during the past year becomes a pre-existing condition. Therefore, they no longer cover an illness they have been covering. Example: your pet is injured two weeks before the policy anniversary date and requires 6 weeks of care. ASPCA Pet Insurance will only cover the claims for the first two weeks. On the anniversary date, the remaining 4 weeks of care are considered pre-existing. I call this a rip-off. When asked about pre-existing conditions, ASPCA did not state this policy. I should not have trusted the rep and I should have read the fine print. There are other Pet Insurance companies that would continue payment of claims... Read More

Maureen J
Oregon, Ohio

Terms are completely misrepresented in the paperwork. States preexisting medical conditions are not covered which is fine. This would include a DIAGNOSED medical condition. I took my cat to the vet with symptoms (still Undiagnosed) claim denied! They only collect $$$$

East Greenwich, Rhode Island

We have always been paid quickly for small amounts $$ as our dog has been healthy. She is now 11. We joined ASPCA when Lily was 11 weeks old. Lily has now developed diabetes and has been hospitalized. We submitted a claim for $2000 + and have been waiting for approval. We have a $3000 per incident max. $8000 total per year max. It seems that if an emergency that is expensive arises with your loved pet, ASPCA, is difficult to deal with. I have been calling for 2 weeks and have received excuse after excuse as to why we have not been paid. I have had to appeal a recent claim for $277 because ASPCA coded it as a Wellness Vet visit and still have not been paid I suggest to... Read More

Dyanna P
Whittier, Alaska

I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. I have been a member of ASPCA PET Insurance for 10 years. They are awesome. They pay really quick and always respond to my inquiries immediately. They have saved me sooo much in vet bills. I give them a 5 star rating. I recomend them to everyone I know that has pets and I will use ASPCA Pet Insurance forever. They are so reasonable and offer a variety of plans to choose from. Dyanna Pratt

Rick L
Oak Park, Michigan

I was all set to buy their "Complete Coverage" for my new pup. I was ok with the price, deductible etc since it was Complete coverage. But as soon as I pressed the Select button, up pops a screen asking me if I want to add Preventative care coverage which would increase the monthly cost. What? I guess Complete coverage isn't so complete. After seeing that B.S. I decided against the insurance and furthermore realized it was a good move especially after I read all the negative reviews. Finally, read the small print. The insurance is not from the ASPCA. They are only paid a fee for the use of their name. The insurance is from another insurance company- and we all know how much insurance... Read More

Clinton, Connecticut

I have coverage with them for about a year. my dog got cancer and they did not cover the surgery she needed. Since then, theyve also raised my premiums and give no reason as to why.

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7.6 / 10
  • Per-condition payout limit, but no total cap on payouts.
  • Reimbursement on benefit schedule (not actual bill)
  • Annual benefits limited to $3.5k/yr
  • Annual deductible & wellness available