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24 Pet Watch Overview

24 Pet Watch is a medium-sized pet insurance brand in the US with an A+ BBB rating. That said, buyer beware that if your surgery or unexpected bill is greater than $1,500 (w/24PetWatch Standard), $3,000 (w/24PetWatch Select) or $5,000 (w/24PetWatch Elite) - you'll be out of luck. These per incident coverage limitations mean that if your pet has an expensive $8,000 surgery, even if you have their most expensive plan, you're still stuck having to pay the $3,000 balance. These per incident coverage limits just aren't high enough.

Additionally, 24 Pet Watch limits the amounts they'll cover on an annual basis to $5,000 (w/24PetWatch Standard), $10,000 (w/24PetWatch Select), or $20,000 (w/24PetWatch Elite) & the amounts they'll pay over the lifetime of your pet.

On account of 24 Pet Watch's per incident & per year coverage limitations - less so for their lifetime limitations, which are more reasonable - we'd recommend you look elsewhere.

What's Included with 24 Pet Watch:

  • Coverage for accidents, illnesses and hereditary issues on a sliding scale.
  • You pay more for the coverage you should be getting.
  • They are a very popular site with a catchy domain name but not the best company we have reviewed

The Fine Print:

  • Most states offer new "blanket" coverage. California, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts & New York do not.
  • Policies are structured differently & based on lifetime coverage across 12 illness categories.

The Bottom Line:

24 Pet Watch is not the best option we found and their policy limitations are a deal breaker when better alternatives are available.


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Jo S
Orlando, Florida
In 2005 I enrolled my cats in 25 Pet Watch Insurance company. For many years I was thrilled with both the customer service and the quick turnaround. However, back in 2012 or thereabouts I found that this was no longer the case. Very long turnaround time, many rejections of submissions for missing documents that I knew had been submitted. This said, I am very happy with the recent changes in this company. The turn around has become much better, the customer service has improved greatly, and the customer portal gives members much more control of what is going on with claims. I have submitted several claims in the past couple of months and they have been handled with dispatch. They... Read More

Anita H
Lindenhurst, New York
If I could give no stars, I would. They took over Purina's policies several years ago. At first it took months to get reimbursed. They just raised my premium on one of my cats from 17.21 to 85.00. He has asthma and I use an inhaler. They definitely that this is the reason but I know better. They claim that they notified me but I never received a notice. They tripled the premium on a cat that I have never filed a claim with. Whatever you do,please do not sign up with this company. There have been a lot of complaints about them.

Maria T
Do not ever buy pet insurance from this fraud of a company! 4000.00 worth of bills and they have never paid one! They asked me for full medical records, which I emailed, and they lost them. I then faxed them, which they lost them. I then sent them certified mail, and was told they're missing one page. Their Facebook page, if it's real, is full of negative comments. The money I put out monthly for this policy, I could have paid my dog's bill myself! #24 PetWatch A fraud company.

J. H
I am a military veteran, and I have received more timely care from the VA than my dog received from 24PetWatch. I was denied a claim on an emergent surgery for my dog. The claim was denied because it involved my dog’s mouth. 24PetWatch stated that they don’t reimburse dental claims, and used that excuse to deny compensation for an emergent surgery. I filed an appeal with a personal letter from my dog’s veterinarian explaining the emergent nature of the surgery, and 24PetWatch still denied my claim/appeal. I have been working on this issue for over 8 months, which is how long their claims process took. 24PetWatch Customer Service is terrible; I had to submit my initial claim... Read More

Oksana P
La Jolla, California
When my dog reached 6 years, they increase insurance 3.5-fold to make it completely unaffordable. My dog is healthy, no huge claims or chronic health problems. I assume it was their way to remove older and potentially sicker dogs from the pool. Don't use them.

Gary B
Buena Park, California
Paid 5 years of insurance with 24 Hour petwatch for our Great Dane , put in first claims for urinary problems. They raised our insurance from 61 to 200 dollars and paid 88 cents for 337 dollar claim. Do not use this company, we are seniors on fixed income , these are bad people.

Andrew W
Belfair, Washington
I have been a customer, pet owner, with a policy on my dog since 2014, having signed up when I adopted my pet from the Longmont Humane Society in Colorado, July of 2014. I paid just over $40/month, plus a yearly renewal fee of $19.99. Even though I had visits that I could have filed a claim, I basically got lazy and never filed. I kept all my paperwork, and thought I would actually file once for all of them. NOTE: You must submit a claim within 90 days, or they become invalid. Word to the wise. Last May, our dog had an emergency overnight, 2am wake-up call. We heard her wince and cry out. We searched for her on the bed, as she sleeps with us. We could not find her. I turned on... Read More

Pam m
Morrisville, Pennsylvania
I really liked this company for years. I was with them for 7 years. Two years ago I took the highest coverage. $20,000/$100 ded. yearly at $60 per month. This year at 11 years old, my girl had surgeries totaling $10,000. When the year was up my insurance went from $60 to $166 per month!!!!! Outrageous!!! I want noticed at all either and I'm still fighting it. Plus it takes months to get your money. In fact I have unpaid claims from May still. BUYER BEWARE!!! Ask a lot of questions.... Dont go here!!!

Los Angeles, California
This company was recommended to me by the adoption center where I got my dog. I understand that most insurance companies for humans aren't great but this company takes the cake. I submitted my first claim for a minor vet bill after my dog fell down the stairs. I have been a customer for almost two years paying $46/month. My dog had Xrays done and had some medicine prescribed. The total bill was only $299 so I was due around $130 refund from insurance. I submitted the claim and it came back with an email saying it was completed but doesn't say rejected or approved. Just that I will receive a letter with the outcome. I called in to see what the outcome and it was rejected. I was told that a... Read More

Bayonne, New Jersey
I would give zero stars if possible, by this site allows a minimum of half a star. Find a different insurance company to cover your valued pets. It is like pulling teeth trying to get this company to approve a claim. They used to be better years ago, but within the past 2-3 years they have gotten terrible. I submitted a claim for my cat with kidney failure, provided all the receipts and required medical records and documentation. A month later I received an email saying they couldn't process my claim. They gave no explanation as to why it couldn't be processed and didn't identify which claim they were referring to (I had several different claims outstanding at the time). I called... Read More

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