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24 Pet Watch Overview

24 Pet Watch is a medium-sized pet insurance brand in the US with an A+ BBB rating. That said, buyer beware that if your surgery or unexpected bill is greater than $1,500 (w/24PetWatch Standard), $3,000 (w/24PetWatch Select) or $5,000 (w/24PetWatch Elite) - you'll be out of luck. These per incident coverage limitations mean that if your pet has an expensive $8,000 surgery, even if you have their most expensive plan, you're still stuck having to pay the $3,000 balance. These per incident coverage limits just aren't high enough.

Additionally, 24 Pet Watch limits the amounts they'll cover on an annual basis to $5,000 (w/24PetWatch Standard), $10,000 (w/24PetWatch Select), or $20,000 (w/24PetWatch Elite) & the amounts they'll pay over the lifetime of your pet.

On account of 24 Pet Watch's per incident & per year coverage limitations - less so for their lifetime limitations, which are more reasonable - we'd recommend you look elsewhere.

What's Included with 24 Pet Watch:

  • Coverage for accidents, illnesses and hereditary issues on a sliding scale.
  • You pay more for the coverage you should be getting.
  • They are a very popular site with a catchy domain name but not the best company we have reviewed

The Fine Print:

  • Most states offer new "blanket" coverage. California, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts & New York do not.
  • Policies are structured differently & based on lifetime coverage across 12 illness categories.

The Bottom Line:

24 Pet Watch is not the best option we found and their policy limitations are a deal breaker when better alternatives are available.


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Oksana Polesskaya
La Jolla, California
24 Pet Watch Pet Insurance review
When my dog reached 6 years, they increase insurance 3.5-fold to make it completely unaffordable. My dog is healthy, no huge claims or chronic health problems. I assume it was their way to remove older and potentially sicker dogs from the pool. Don't use them.

Gary Berman
24 Pet Watch Pet Insurance review
Paid 5 years of insurance with 24 Hour petwatch for our Great Dane , put in first claims for urinary problems. They raised our insurance from 61 to 200 dollars and paid 88 cents for 337 dollar claim. Do not use this company, we are seniors on fixed income , these are bad people.

Andrew Wootten
Belfair, Washington
24 Pet Watch Pet Insurance review
I have been a customer, pet owner, with a policy on my dog since 2014, having signed up when I adopted my pet from the Longmont Humane Society in Colorado, July of 2014. I paid just over $40/month, plus a yearly renewal fee of $19.99. Even though I had visits that I could have filed a claim, I basically got lazy and never filed. I kept all my paperwork, and thought I would actually file once for all of them. NOTE: You must submit a claim within 90 days, or they become invalid. Word to the wise. Last May, our dog had an emergency overnight, 2am wake-up call. We heard her wince and cry out. We searched for her on the bed, as she sleeps with us. We could not find her. I turned on the lights, and found her on her side, on the floor, at the foot if the bed, near an armoire of my wife's. I went to her immediately. She could only lift her head and look at me. I tried to stand her up, but she could not use her legs!! I placed her on the bed gently. We were not sure if she struck her head, broke her neck, or what happened to make her fall off the bed. I searched online for an emergency vet in the area, as we were new to Washington state. I found a vet about 18 miles away that had 24 hour emergency services. We took our dog there, and she actually started to walk again, but was a little "off", and left her in the care of a great staff. We left her for observation for the day. When my wife arrived to pick her up, the vet said she may have had a seizure, and we were to guard her actions for two weeks. We babied her even more than we already had been doing. I added a foot board to the bed to make sure that she never fell off again, either. I filed my claim the very next day with 24PetWatch, as this emergency visit was nearly $700. (that's also when I found out that claims must be made within 90 days, nullifying all of my prior possible claims). This is where my nightmare began with 24PetWatch. I was emailed by them about a week later asking for the actual office visit notes from the vet visit. The veterinarian's office faxed the notes as requested. Another week or so goes by, I am contacted by email again stating they need the past TWO YEARS of our dog's veterinary visits from her veterinarians. Mind you, we moved from Colorado to Washington only weeks before! I began the tedious task of collecting all the documentation from two different veterinarians she was seen by, at the Humane Society where we adopted her, and at the vet we ultimately started taking her to. She NEVER had anything happen to her that was related to this injury/trauma of falling off the bed and striking her head, or having a seizure. But I got 28 pages of various notes and sent the by fax to 24PetWatch as requested. I use a website "GotFreeFax.com" to upload the pages, as I have no fax machine. I received a confirmation email that the pages were successfully faxed. I have been stuck in a nightmare loop of emails, phone calls, and letters with regards to this claim. I was told by 24PetWatch they never received ANY of the 28 pages I had faxed, and that the claim was closed. I re-faxed the pages again, this time, 32 pages. 24PetWatch asks me for the fax number from which the fax was sent. What?1 I used a website!!! They need a fax number, as that is how their records are stored and recorded. I had to contact the website and ask about this. They gave me the fax number that is used to send the faxes. I provided it to 24PetWatch, they say they have nothing on file from that fax number!! I am fuming at this point! Totally the most unorganized and unprofessional organization or company I have ever had to deal with!! Different employees at 24PetWatch offer various help and assistance levels with this issue. I went round and round with someone trying to get this straightened out yesterday. I had received an email stating "Thank you for attempting to submit your recent pet insurance claim(s). Unfortunately, we are unable to process your claim at this time for the reasons listed below: 'Missing Claim Form'. To most effectively care for our furry friends, we need all required documents, written legibly, before we are able to process a claim." WHAT?! When I called back, I was told my claim was incomplete because there was no claim form. I explained in great detail that the claim had already been submitted LAST MAY, and that I was attempting to add all the requested information I had been asked for. Apparently, when you fail to meet even ONE SINGLE requirement, your claim is CLOSED, and you need to start FROM SCRATCH Every.Single.Time. !! This was the first person since LAST MAY to tell me this! I was furious! At this point I am ready to just blow the whole thing off, but it is nearly $700 I am trying to claim! The woman on the phone yesterday told me she would personally attach the previous claim form to the paperwork I have submitted (for the THIRD TIME), and that I should have no further issues with the claim. Today, I received another email stating "Unfortunately, we are unable to process your claim at this time for the reasons listed below. 'Missing Claim Form'. To most effectively care for our furry friends, we need all required documents, written legibly, before we are able to process a claim." I called 24PetWatch AGAIN, and had to go through all of this AGAIN with another employee!! At this point, I thoroughly believe this company HAS NO INTENTION of paying this claim. I have had to jump through so many hoops and file again and again and again and make phonecall after phonecall after phonecall for the same claim! This has been going on for nearly 6 months!! Every time I think it is done and moving forward, I receive another email to the contrary! I will NEVER recommend this company or its services to ANYONE. I would like to see legal action taken against them. They take months and years of policy payments, and then have no intention of paying.

Pam millman
Morrisville, Pennsylvania
24 Pet Watch Pet Insurance review
I really liked this company for years. I was with them for 7 years. Two years ago I took the highest coverage. $20,000/$100 ded. yearly at $60 per month. This year at 11 years old, my girl had surgeries totaling $10,000. When the year was up my insurance went from $60 to $166 per month!!!!! Outrageous!!! I want noticed at all either and I'm still fighting it. Plus it takes months to get your money. In fact I have unpaid claims from May still. BUYER BEWARE!!! Ask a lot of questions.... Dont go here!!!

Los Angeles, California
24 Pet Watch Pet Insurance review
This company was recommended to me by the adoption center where I got my dog. I understand that most insurance companies for humans aren't great but this company takes the cake. I submitted my first claim for a minor vet bill after my dog fell down the stairs. I have been a customer for almost two years paying $46/month. My dog had Xrays done and had some medicine prescribed. The total bill was only $299 so I was due around $130 refund from insurance. I submitted the claim and it came back with an email saying it was completed but doesn't say rejected or approved. Just that I will receive a letter with the outcome. I called in to see what the outcome and it was rejected. I was told that a complete medical history was not included even though it was. The dog doesn't have a history beyond the years I've had it because it's ADOPTED FROM A SHELTER! It was found on the street. They apparently don't realize this. Anyway, I was told to go to the VET again and get a complete medical history and resubmit the claim. I do that, make a fool of myself walking into the VET again. I then wait a month or so only to find out its rejected again because I didn't send them the "reassessment form" that should be included in the first page. Nowhere does the rejection letter say I needed this special form and no one on the phone originally told me either. Only when it's rejected a second time is when apparently they tell you that another form is needed. I do that again, submitting for a third time and 4 months after the original appointment. They reject again saying the complete medical history is not included. Another BS statement. They don't pick up the phone unless you wait an hour on hold. The customer service people can't do anything other than say its rejected. They say they will give you a manager call back within two days. I've waited a month for that call back. Each time you submit a claim it takes over a month to get an email saying its completed. They say you are supposed to be able to check your claim status online but it doesn't show anything other than completed or not completed. No information whatsoever. Now they want me to go to the VET again and ask them for more information? There literally is nothing left. The last claim submission even had our phone conversation details for when I called to set up the checkup. Do they also want a lie detector test? I am now finding as many websites as possible to leave this review. I've contacted the pet adoption agency in hopes they are no longer recommending this insurance fraud of a company. I will cancel my premium and find a better place that will hopefully have less loopholes and less scams.