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Why They're a Good Choice

Rescue Alert is a particularly good option for the budget shopper.

They manufacture their own hardware in house, which is also the same hardware used by 3 of the 4 top medical alert providers in the market. In addition to making quality hardware, Rescue Alert has a strong offering with a wide array of pricing options. Their basic unit ranges from $20-$28. They also have a 3G option for $37/month.

With quality hardware & more pricing options than almost any company, Rescue Alert is worth considering - and at least pricing out - regardless of what you are looking to get out of your medical alert system.

What's Included with Rescue Alert:

  • 600 ft communication range. Excellent.
  • Waterproof alert button
  • 15-sec average response time
  • Average quality medical alert.
  • Above average customer service.
  • 60-90 hrs of backup battery life on all base units.

Here's an overview of Rescue Alerts plans & pricing:

Rescue Alert's Base Unit Options:

The decision as to which Rescue Alert plan is best for you comes down to whether or not you mind having to plug the base unit into a landline or not. If you don't mind plugging into a landline, you'll save about $40/year by buying the RA400 base unit.

However, if you want a cell phone enabled plan, and you're okay with paying the 15% more this function will cost you, then the MXD base unit is for you.

RA400 Alert System ($20-$28/mo)

  • Does require landline.
  • Pricing varies based on length of plan.
  • Affordable plan pricing.
  • One-time purchase options not recommended.
  • No speaker or 2-way communication from "call button"

MXD Medical Alert Systems ($22-$28/mo)

  • Doesn't require landline, runs off cellular network
  • Pricing varies based on length of plan.
  • Higher quality unit.
  • One-time purchase options not recommended.
  • No speaker or 2-way communication from "call button"
  • Costs $3-$4/month more for VOIP compatibility.

The Bottom Line:

Rescue Alert has both cellular enabled and non-cellular plan options across a wide array of prices. They have strong customer service & manufacture their own hardware. Rescue Alert provides a "pocketbook friendly" alternative for the price conscious senior.

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