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Why They’re a Good Choice

Life Beacon Wireless Medical Alert utilizes the power of GPS and cellular technology to bring better mobility and freedom of movement to seniors. Its medical alert system gives you better confidence that your loved one will always get the help they need wherever they are. Life Beacon Wireless Medical Alert helps improve a senior’s quality of life by letting them live normally and productively.

What’s included with Life Beacon

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Complete Life Beacon mobile medical alert kit with charger and accessories

24/7 monitoring

UL-listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Certified central monitoring station

Operators have an average of 7 years experience.

Go Anywhere™ protection with two-way voice communication through the activator, not the base station

Instant text message notifications in an emergency

Free Shipping

Web monitoring portal for loved ones with advanced monitoring options like geofence, destination alert, speed alert, medication reminders, and anytime location ($5.99/ month - one month free)

Fashion necklace or bracelet of your choice


The Fine Print

Life Beacon Wireless Medical Alert offers all these features to all their clients. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee and requires a $39 activation fee. It annual option provides the best discount with monthly charges at $29.99. The quarterly option goes for $34.99/month while its monthly offer is the most expensive at $39.99.


The Bottom Line

Life Beacon Wireless Medical Alert is a service that delivers good services and great protection while also promoting independence among seniors. An almost unlimited range and the elimination of the base system give seniors and their families the security that only quality medical alert systems provide.


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I called your officemail to cancel this medical alert because I have never used it since I received it. 911 will work for me. My complaint is that when I went to get a pen & paper to write the address to send it back to you the phone on you end disconnected. When I tried to call back all I got was a recording which said you wouldcall back. I have no address to send this back . I also expect you to discontinue charging my account.

Carolyn B
I have this device for a coupkle of years and it worked well for the few time I had to use it as long as you keep it charged. It does alert you when the battery is low, however it is not waterproof which they tell you, there is one that is waterproof. I had the one that looks like a watch, which I loved, then they cahnged to this big white wrist one with one blue button which I dislike. I am 67, but do not like having an alert that look like a senior connection. I perferred the one that looked like a stylish watch, providing the security of getting assistance in case of emergency as well as the date and time.

Philip D
Seattle, Washington
This wrist unit is truly a piece of S***. Very poorly made. They say they make them water resistant which means they spray scotch guard on the outside. (Laughing out loud) Like that is really going to make a difference. The first time my mother wore her unit in the shower it filled with water. NEED I SAY MORE. It's made in some 3rd world country that hasn't heard of quality control. These med alert companies really don't care about the safety of your loved ones. They just produce these units as cheaply as possible, then up the price as much as possible and lie to the customer about the quality of their product and service. TAKE MY ADVICE and go else where if you want a monitoring system... Read More

Albertville, Alabama
Well I do not recommend this product. All they have done is lie. Had the device for 4 days and took 80.00 from my bank... If I fall or need help I have to crawl outside to use it, Not what they said. The product looks cheap and bulkie. Not something I would choose ..And they refuse to put the money back in my account. So I am returning it to them..

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