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Post Alarm System Review

With more than 5 decades in the home security business, Post Alarm Systems has been a major provider of home security services in Southern California. It is a family maintained business which prides itself in providing a more targeted approach to areas being covered.


What’s it Gonna Cost Me?

Price Breakdown

Monthly monitoring


Basic Hardware

Total expense for security equipment is based on security equipment installed. Because each home’s security concerns is unique, security equipment costs vary from each client to another.

Year 1 total

Services are charged on a month to month basis, year 1 total depends on the length of enrollment and cost of security equipment purchased during installation.


Bells and Whistles

Post Alarm Systems maintain a central monitoring station located in Southern California that is professionally staffed with employees that have undergone an extensive screening process for drug use and criminal records. The company also offers an armed response unit and could dispatch a patrol team to check your home at your request. All systems are backed up by batteries in case of power outages and communication systems remain online with the central monitoring station even when phone lines have been cut. 

The client purchases all security equipment and maintains full ownership. This makes it possible for them to switch to another security company and use their existing equipment without being charged for cancelling their services.  

Technology: Post Alarm Systems offer wireless communication channels between the residence and the Central Monitoring Center.  They use a technology known as Videofied which sends a 10 second video clip to the monitoring center when an alarm goes off, regardless if the electricity or phone lines have been tampered with. Motion detectors are triggered and an alert is activated. Post Alarm’s monitoring technology also allows users to access and control their home security systems remotely from a virtual keypad through a PC or via SMS on a cell phone. Text message alerts can be issued when activity is detected in the residence.


The Fine Print

Rather than enrolling in long-term contracts which usually run for more than a year, Post Security Systems charges you on a month-to-month basis. There are no automatic extensions in your contracts which are often found in other major home security companies.


Post Alarm Systems do not charge cancelation fees given that the client submits their request within 30 days. If client cancels service prior to the 30 day notice, they are charged for the last month.


The Bottom Line

One of the big concerns when it comes to Post Alarm Systems is the cost of buying security equipment. Although the absence of a contract makes it possible to cancel services at anytime, the amount of investment in security equipment makes this a huge concern among homeowners. The good news is that other home security companies gives customers with existing equipment the ability to switch without charge and is capable of utilizing these equipment as well. 

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Pasadena, California
Unreliable equipment. Alarm system has malfunctioned/frozen three times in less than 10 months. They are basically closed on weekends. So if you need your system repaired over the weekend, you must pay extra. No 24/7 assistance to help you figure out what's wrong with the system. Go with another company. I plan to cancel my service ASAP.

Rosemead, California
We have used this company for several years. They are professional, prompt and really inexpensive monthly. I've known others who use ADT and all they do is complain about billing, service, etc. I knew someone who had to move for work and because ADT makes you sign a contract they had to pay through the end of the term. This was one of the reasons we chose Post, you buy and own the equipment, and there is no contract. We added Fire monitoring ... just could not be happier with the piece of mind this company has given us.

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