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Fluent Home is a provider of smart home and security alarm products across North America. With a Fluent Home system consumers can control their thermostat, open doors, turn on lights and much more all from their smartphone. Every home secured by Fluent is monitored 24/7 for security protection. The company also offers the Fluent Customer Service guarantee

Fluent is one of the few home security providers to provide extensive service in rural areas. The company also participates in an annual international charity project to help communities in need.


Fluent has been the recipient of several awards over the years including; Mission 500 CSR award for its charity work in the Philippines in 2014, a Silver Stevie Award for Social Responsibility, nominated for the International Service Excellence Awards, 2 Bronze Awards from Best in Biz for social responsibility and customer service, the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, the Forbes Top 100 Internet of Things list and a Mojo Award for best customer service.


Fluent Home is an authorized dealer of 2Gig equipment, some of the most cutting edge security alarm technology in the industry. Equipment is installed by experienced in-home professionals, who consult with customers to ensure a truly personal and customized experience is created for each person's security system.

Every new Fluent Home system includes the Fluent Home mobile app (offered in partnership with Alarm.com). With the Fluent app you can control every aspect of your security and smart home system from any smart device. Also included is the 2Gig GC3 security panel. The GC3 has a 7-inch adaptive touch screen display, over the air updates, 3G wireless connectivity and more.

Fluent offers a variety of security and smart home equipment options. Coupled with the Fluent smart home app you can; remotely arm or disarm your system, control your thermostat and adjust on-the-go, unlock or lock doors, and remotely view your home with indoor, outdoor and doorbell camera options. Below is a list of the equipment provided by Fluent home that can be customized to any home:

GC3 Control Panel

Doorbell Camera

Indoor/Outdoor Video Surveillance

Automatic Door Locks

Lighting Control

Smart Thermostat

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Smoke Alarms

Motion Detectors

Door/Window Sensors

Glass Break Detectors

Medical Pendants

Flood Detector

Smart LED Light Bulbs

HD DVR Video Cameras

Water Shut-Off Valve

Garage Door Module

Key Fob

Charitable Efforts

One of the things that sets Fluent apart from many companies is they are quite serious about charitable initiatives. The company states a twofold mission: helping people live safer more secure lives, and taking time to give back to communities in need.

Every year since its inception Fluent has participated in a large, international charity projects. Employees have traveled places like, Africa, Peru, Philippines the Dominican Republic and most recently Vietnam to provide assistance for impoverished communities. More can be read about Fluent's charitable mission at fluenthome.com/charity.

Bottom Line

Fluent Home offers a variety of equipment and technology options for any situation. Homeowners looking to save money will find options to lower their bill with Fluent. If you simply want to secure your home and belongings, Fluent offers basic security options that are competitive and easy to use. Families looking to enhance their homes with technology can use the full smart home equipment. Coupled with a reputation for great customer service, flexible options, professional installation and 24/7 monitoring Fluent is a great choice for any home.

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Barbara G
Fairfield, California
A Fluent sales representative came twice to my door and with a very aggressive sales pitch talked me into trying out their system assuring me there would be no cost if I decided not to stay with them. After I agreed to try out their company with the assurance that I would still have my existing company a tech showed up at my door and dismantled my existing system and attempted to put up theirs. After over three hours of painfully waiting because it was now 9pm and I am completely paralyzed due to a broken neck from falling out of bed, I come to find out that they could not set up their system and my internet was broken. Because it was the weekend ( this all happened Friday night), I had to... Read More

Bill S
Fluent, used their scam to try and get my mother to change to their system. Their representative claimed to be from Honeywell the manufacturer of the Keypad and was representing her local alarm company whom he saw the sign in the yard and referred to. He said he was scheduling for her free alarm keypad upgrade since the old technology was causing problems with the monitoring and insinuated it was unreliable. There wouldn't be any charge for this, but upon further investigation we found this Fluent Company uses intimidation and deception to get older citizens to change to their service.

Danelia M
Cleveland, Ohio
My husband signed up for services almost 4 years ago. At the time he was intoxicated and on medication so the salesman took advantage. It was installed when I got home and payment had been set up with my bank account which does NOT have my husband as a signatory. This made me angry so talked to the sales man. I expanded that we may lose our home as my husband had cancer and could not work. I asked what happen if we lose the house. The salesman told e we just needed to report it to the company and they would void the contract and approach the new owner about service. Guess what??? He lied. We lost our home about 8 months later and in the remaining 3 years we have paid for NOTHING... Read More

Pamela F
Theodore, Alabama
I have been really impressed so far with my experience with Fluent. The gentleman who came to my home was thorough and professional and explained everything quite well. We were able to save $12 per month without sacrificing any change of service plan over the company that we used to have. I would recommend Fluent to any friends or neighbors without much hesitation.

La Mirada, California
Their sales reps are liar and use deceptive tactics to get you to buy. I was offered three months of free service, but when I later checked the contract, I found he added the three months to the end of the contract. The service so far has been fair, but response to cell phone activation/deactivation is almost nonexistent it is so slow.

La Mirada, California
Their sales reps are liars and use deceptive tactics. There are far too many of these claims here to believe Fluent doesn't promote this activity. My salesman told me he would give me the free months, but when I later looked at the contract, I discovered the three months were added to the end of the contract. So far their service is fair, using a cell phone to activate or deactivate is mostly unworkable.

Olympia, Washington
Sales representative lied and stated he was affiliated with current current home security company. It is understood that the contract states all the details but this is still a unethical business practice. Company did not contact with issues for billing for over three months no phone call email or letter.

Prince George, British Columbia
LIED to me about being a "Canadian Company". Didn't explain the short cancellation period. Didn't arrange the switch over like he said they would. I had to. Response time to emergencies and phone calls is far too long. NOT PLEASED and STUCK WITH THEM NOW! >:-( All of the partners are american and there is an american flag in the top corner, not Canadian. Nowhere does it show evidence of being Canadian owned which is the one reason I chose to switch from a company that had better service in the end. I wish I hadn't. I was told it would be the same service, even better but it's not. Long wait times on the phone with rude respondents when asking for help. This will be my pass time, telling... Read More

Arox H
South Jordan, Utah
All these guys saying they lied, guess what. You have to do a welcome survey that states all the terms and conditions clearly and consicesely and agree to all the terms and conditions verbally. It's their fault they just said "yes" to everything without listening. This company is great, but having worked for them in the past I can tell you that they are in no way a misleading or lying company. That's why they do the welcome call to make sure you agree to what you're signing up for.

Brentwood, Tennessee
I agree about the misleading sales rep. They told my wife an I it was 12 month lock and then you could do month to month. It turns out the duration is 60 months. What a misrepresentation by the sales guy. Make sure you look at the fine print in the contract. Better yet, steer clear of them.

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