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AlarmGrid Review

AlarmGrid specializes in DIY home security solutions. It provides homeowners highly flexible options designed to meet their home security needs, and more importantly their budget. The company does not require any contract and homeowners are able to discontinue their services anytime with no fees and penalties. With monthly costs as low as $10, AlarmGrid is ideal for entry-level clients and those living in apartments.


What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Price Breakdown

Monthly Monitoring 

$10 a month, $20 a month for Monitoring Plus (recommended)


AlarmGrid recommends DIY installation to minimize overhead costs. System prices range from $215.99 for the Honeywell VISTA-21iP-6160KT, to $471.99 for the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI. Also available are smoke detectors, security cameras, door and window sensors. Of course theseitems could push installation costs beyond a thousand dollars, depending on the complexity of your system.


Package Reviewed – Monitoring Plus

Bells and Whistles

No Contract

No Activation Fees 

Burglar Detection 

Flood, Fire and Smoke Detection 

Detailed Reporting 

UL Listed Central Station Monitoring 

Homeowner's Insurance Discount 

Interactive Services (Total Connect, Telguard, etc.) 

Remote System Control 

E-mail and Text Alerts 

Weather, News & Traffic Reports 


$10 Add-ons

Cellular Communication 

Remote Home Automation 

Video Surveillance


Major Concerns 

At $10 a month, AlarmGrid’s offer might seem to be a good bargain. But the basic package does not really offer any real value. The company does offer Cellular Communication, Remote Home Automation and Video Surveillance which we think is a must for any modern home security system but with a $10 add-on price for each the true price will actually be at the $40 mark.


The Fine Print

No contracts, no cancelation fees


The Bottom Line

AlarmGrid’s services are mainly targeted toward entry level customers with their DIY offering. It’s no contract, no cancelation fee offer makes it easy for homeowners searching for a quick way to secure their home and property. AlarmGrid offers homeowners a wide choice of security products that could be tailored to their individual needs.

AlarmGrid is equipped with security systems that include state of the art security equipment. Although the company does not have the same clout as most of the more established home security providers, It is perfect for DIY and entry level customers searching for basic home protection. However, those searching for a more robust solution should opt for more established companies.  

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Randy J
Commerce City, Colorado
I just built a house and had security system pre wiring done as well. I was looking for a company to install a wired system and to my surprise I came across AlarmGrid. I watched some of their (and others) videos and I was able to install my own 5 zone Vista21ip security system and saved myself about $700 in installation fees. I have 5 total wired zones (2 entry, 1 perimeter, 1 glass break, 1 motion) with a loud siren/strobe. I like that this system has local functionality to scare people away as well as monitoring. The siren/strobe is so loud that I want to leave within a second of testing it. I contacted 3 different monitoring companies and all wanted between $35 and $45 for monitoring... Read More

Max C
Newark, New Jersey
so Happy I have my alarm setup today... thanks tech was very professional and guide me with all the step to setup my alarm...thanks

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