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Ackerman Security Review

Ackerman Security is one of the few monitoring centers in the country that has been certified by the Central Station Alarm Association’s (CSAA) Five Diamond Certification. It provides customized home security solutions to its clients by identifying areas of concern. Its central monitoring station monitors security 24/7 ensuring reliable services in times of emergency.


What’s it Gonna Cost Me?

Price Breakdown

Monthly Monitoring

Starts at $18.95

Basic Installation

Ackerman Security offers highly customized solutions to their clients. This makes it hard to determine what a basic system covers or how much it costs.


Bells and Whistles

Ackerman Security offers customized solutions that are designed to meet individual needs and budgets. They determine a custom home security solution by asking you these questions:

- What security features are most important to you?

- Are you more concerned about protection when you are home or away?

- What areas of your home do you feel are most vulnerable?

- If you would break into your own home, how would you do it?

- What do you want most from your security company?

- What is your budget?

Every home security package comes with:

Back up monitoring if phone lines are down

Wireless monitoring

Medical emergencies

Fire monitoring

Assistance with duress/hostage situations

No charge to switch

You can use your existing equipment

CSSA Five Diamond and U.L. Certified


Major concerns

All things being equal (hardware), one major concern about Ackerman security is their aftermarket services. There have been numerous complaints about their hardware breaking down and the cost of repair.  

Ackerman Security offers customized solutions making it hard for homeowners to determine a basic estimate on how much a new installation really costs. There have also been numerous complaints about their cancelation policies where homeowners have been automatically charged for contract renewals. Customer representatives claim that this is stated on their policies. 

Some customers have also expressed concerns about Ackerman Security not being able to provide a solid quote over the phone. Worst, the company added charges during the installation and after the contract was signed.


The Fine Print

Contract length - no long term monitoring contract required, client selects term.


The Bottom Line

With more than 4 decades in the business, Ackerman Security is a leading provider of home security services in the nation. Part of its strategy is to customize each security system according to a client’s needs and budget. There are no clear standard packages. Instead, Ackerman Security promises to work with each of their clients to provide custom solutions designed to meet their every concern. Clients also have the option of using their existing security equipment and Ackerman Security does not charge when you switch to their company. 

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Fran S
Cedartown, Georgia
I was really happy with the prompt service I recieved when I called. Also the great price per month for our security of our home.