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United Concordia is an Atlanta-based dental insurance company with 40 years of experience in the industry. They offer customizable coverages for businesses and a broad range low-cost dental insurance plans for individuals and families. United Concordia maintains a network of 97,300 dentists and provides 24/7 customer service along with convenient online tools and apps.

United Concordia Brings you Experience

United Concordia is an established company with over 4 decades of experience in providing quality dental insurance in the country. They offer flexible plans and provide above average discounts on dental treatments and services. The company also especializes in group dental insurance a big plus for employers.


What's Included with United Concordia?

Provide several dental coverage options—not just discounts

Pay up to 100% of preventive dental care

Don't include waiting periods for diagnostic or preventive dental services

Allows you to visit any dentist but better savings could be made with network dentists



Plan Reviewed

IND 401

How much does it save you?

Preventive 100% (no waiting period)

Basic 80% (6-month waiting period)

Major 50% (12-month waiting period)


Sample computation (California)

Premium for Self $37.05/mo

Self plus one $74.14/mo  

Self and family $111.24

Annual Maximum


Treatments Covered and Reimbursements

Good buy with all services having good discounts


Fine Print

The percentage in the Policy Pays column is the percentage of the policy’s maximum allowable charge that the policy will pay for covered services provided by either a participating dentist or a nonparticipating dentist.

Participating dentists accept the maximum allowable charge as payment in full. 

Nonparticipating dentists may bill you for the difference between their charge and the maximum allowable charge paid by the policy.

Dependent children are eligible to age 26 in all states.



United Concordia offers flexible plans and do provide considerable discounts. Finding a dental insurance policy that suits your needs would not be difficult and their customer services will always be there to help. However, it does not provide the same network of dentists as seen with Delta Dental.











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21 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Lisa L
San Diego, California
Terrible dental insurance. They deny predetermination claims without taking into consideration the opinion of a qualified and certified doctor. Their staff thinks they are more qualified to make decisions regarding the health of your teeth than your own doctor does. I would not recommend this insurance to anyone. I will be changing insurances as soon as I can.

H. S
Spotsylvania, Virginia
I selected United Concordia (UC) through FEDVIP based upon my new Dentist's recommendation since the UC documents show they may pay 10% more than other companies (such as Delta Dental or Aetna (which I previously had, but had to change due to my geographic relocation) based on similar procedures. On one instance, a previous root canal had failed causing an infection whereby my General Dentist recommended Endodontic Retreatment. Upon undergoing retreatment at a non-plan endodontist, the endodontist had to stop A $1027 retreatment because he encountered a vertical root fracture that could not be repaired and recommended extraction at a final cost of $450. For the incomplete procedure. I... Read More

Chris L
We used this company for two years. They were very difficult to deal with. The Dental Office actually winced when we told them who our insurance company was. They did not get a single claim correct the first time and we had to re-submit every time. The worst part was when we moved overseas. They miscoded the Italian dentists procedure and thought we had a tooth extracted. Instead we had a crown put in. We sent it back the first time and they came back and said we owed them money. The Italian dentist included two line items: 1 to remove the filling and the second to put on the crown. United Concordia decided that the first part of the crown procedure is an unlisted procedure... Read More

Carol S
Newtown, Pennsylvania
I had a claim denied for a crown on a tooth that had a huge crack and a filling on the other side. United Concordia "independent" reviewers admitted they saw the crack,but would not even listen to my dentist. Not to mention the fact that they did not always tell the truth in this process. Their suggestion was that I switch dentists or ask for a discount. My suggestion is that they pay for legitimate claims.

Robin J
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
If I could give them zero stars I would. Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I also agree with the previous post that I get a different answer every time I call and they deny any claim that isn't a tooth cleaning. I recently had a claim denied because it was similar to a procedure that I had a month earlier. In no way is a cleaning the same as a scaling, but they think that they are the same and I was actually told by the representative that they do this to protect me. When I asked how is it protecting me by not paying my claim, which I had already paid the dentist for, because my dentist refuses to deal with United concordia directly, I was told it's... Read More

Stella D
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Got to be the most incompetent people working here. Every time we call we get a different answer. Customer service at it's absolute worse with unknowledgeable people. I can't believe I paid for this coverage. What's worse is they just don't care.

Robert G
Mount Pleasant, Texas
As a dentist I have tried to help my patients keep their teeth in good repair. I have learned United Concordia will deny every claim you file with them. After a review by a dentist not licensed to practice in your state your case will be denied again. After visiting on the phone with the reviewing dentist I was told the company will not cover procedures that will protect teeth from breaking. The company will only pay for procedures preformed after the tooth has broken. I don't understand this logic. They do pay for dental cleanings to prevent periodontal disease. They pay for radiographs to detect decay in teeth. Why would they not pay for a procedure (Crown) for a painful tooth... Read More

Sean B
Phoenix, Arizona
Literally the worst company I work with (I own a dental office). Delta, Cigna, Aetna, Metlife, Principal, Assurant all pay their claims, while United Concordia does not. Now I understand when a procedure is not covered, or there are limitations that claims cannot be paid. We have 13 pending denied claims from the last 6 months that, after investigation, have no reason to not be paid. They continually send claims back requesting information. We send the information. They send back requesting more information. There is literally only so much information we can send. The crazy part is they eventually pay on these claims... the worst one was 11 months after the date of service. Now you may... Read More

League City, Texas
Their first, second, and third order is to deny and try not to pay on your claim. Im not sure who is the evaluating party for who needs what and what is necessary, but they need a new pair of glasses. With so many options out there for insurance Im not sure why these guys are such a headache. Do your research first, especially the super fine print. It gets tricky with these guys.

Patrick S
Evans City, Pennsylvania
I had this insurance for 18 months. During this time I needed to switch dentist due to a relocation. I called the provider and asked if I was eligible for a routine cleaning they said I was. I get the cleaning then I get a bill in the mail saying the cleaning was denied. I call their service line and am told it was a false denial and it would be taken care of. The bill arrives again so I call again. The representative says the claim will be taken care of. When the bill arrives for the 3 time/month I call again. This time they say it isn't covered and read me the dates of my last cleaning and when I was eligible for my next cleaning. They had "no" record of my previous two calls.... Read More

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