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United Concordia is an Atlanta-based dental insurance company with 40 years of experience in the industry. They offer customizable coverages for businesses and a broad range low-cost dental insurance plans for individuals and families. United Concordia maintains a network of 97,300 dentists and provides 24/7 customer service along with convenient online tools and apps.

United Concordia Brings you Experience

United Concordia is an established company with over 4 decades of experience in providing quality dental insurance in the country. They offer flexible plans and provide above average discounts on dental treatments and services. The company also especializes in group dental insurance a big plus for employers.


What's Included with United Concordia?

Provide several dental coverage options—not just discounts

Pay up to 100% of preventive dental care

Don't include waiting periods for diagnostic or preventive dental services

Allows you to visit any dentist but better savings could be made with network dentists



Plan Reviewed

IND 401

How much does it save you?

Preventive 100% (no waiting period)

Basic 80% (6-month waiting period)

Major 50% (12-month waiting period)


Sample computation (California)

Premium for Self $37.05/mo

Self plus one $74.14/mo  

Self and family $111.24

Annual Maximum


Treatments Covered and Reimbursements

Good buy with all services having good discounts


Fine Print

The percentage in the Policy Pays column is the percentage of the policy’s maximum allowable charge that the policy will pay for covered services provided by either a participating dentist or a nonparticipating dentist.

Participating dentists accept the maximum allowable charge as payment in full. 

Nonparticipating dentists may bill you for the difference between their charge and the maximum allowable charge paid by the policy.

Dependent children are eligible to age 26 in all states.



United Concordia offers flexible plans and do provide considerable discounts. Finding a dental insurance policy that suits your needs would not be difficult and their customer services will always be there to help. However, it does not provide the same network of dentists as seen with Delta Dental.











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21 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Kendall M
Atlanta, Georgia
United Concordia screwed me over. I called and spoke to a rep and asked very specific questions regarding coverage and limitations prior to making my dentist appointment. The rep put me on hold to confirm the answer then can back and told me the answer. I made an extensive dental plan based on that info she confirmed and after my first treatment it was discovered that they gave me the wrong info. I asked to listen to the call, they told me no. They have taken zero responsibility for their mistake and ultimately I am the one getting screwed over. Big business versus what is morally right. How about United Concordia needs to hire employees that give correct info to their customers or they... Read More

Robert M
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Run away as fast as possible from United Concordia for dental coverage. We have been insured by United Concordia for over 20 years. This is not the same company today as it was in the past. I had a crown done by a specialist, because the cusp was broken off and it was cracked almost to the pulp. It was clearly justified, and United Concordia denied payment for the work twice, saying it should have just received a basic filling. How absurd. In reading review online including the Better Business Bureau, this is the new normal for United Concordia- reject customer claims and provide no payment for dental work. Shame on you United Concordia, you were better than this. No more.

Baltimore, Maryland
my insurance was cancelled and I owed money, was trying to pay but in 2018 they do not offer online bill pay and my CONCERN was the bill stated to make the check payable to "cashier" and mail to a p.o box, a little sketchy for me...bought a money order instead, not risking my identity stolen by this "cashier"

John P
Connellsville, Pennsylvania
I have had United Concordia dental plan for more than 6 years and I speak from experience. They have so many issues it is truly ridiculous. They use stall tactics . Your dentist will submit a predetermination and 6 weeks later they will tell the patient that the dentist never sent the x rays. Trying to make the patient think the dental office is incompetent. Then they will take another 8 weeks to review it. Getting your money back from a claim is never easy. I did have a dental procedure done in January and didn't get reimbursement back from United Concordia till August. I really had to fight for it too. My dental office sent the claim electronically and by mail to the P.O box... Read More

William C
Birmingham, Alabama
Worst experience of any health insurance we have had in over 35 years. Denied a claim for a crown for a tooth with "Cracked Tooth Syndrome", their expert dentists claim a filling would have sufficed. The 3 dentists at our outstanding practice stated that a filling will not work long term on any tooth with Cracked Tooth Syndrome. OUR PRIMARY INSURANCE PAID WITHOUT QUESTION, our dentists sent all the records twice to United Concordia. So frustrated with their stalling and denying, finally insisted on getting names of their so-called experts. Note list below, based on all information we have, their opinions cannot be trusted. HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS OUTFIT.... Read More

Richard W
Rancho Palos Verdes, California
As others have already stated, they deny all claims. In my case they are denying a claim to put a crown on a tooth that is cracked all the way through. It will eventually rot and need to be extracted; perhaps then they will pay, though I doubt it. In the meantime, I cannot eat many foods, or drink hot or cold liquids. Worst dental coverage anywhere. They should be shut down.

Winterville, North Carolina
I had high option dental with United Concordia. my job switched thank god. they denied payment for a crown that 2 dentists recommended. tooth had multiple fractures and another filling was not recommended. they repeatedly denied due to there not being appropriate X-rays sent, documentation, then told dentist that periodontal disease was not addressed. all documentation WAS sent over and over and I have never had periodontal disease. after 8 months of not responding I reported to NC insurance board, Pennsylvania insurance board where they live. today I get another denial. I feel so taken advantage of. they are fraudulent. someone has to stop this. please people report, report,... Read More

Amy E
Buffalo, New York
We were pre-approved to go out of network for orthodontic care for my son. We live in New York but my husband works in Pennsylvania. We were never told we could not go out of state for treatment. He has been seeing the same orthodontist for several years. Now that my son is ready for braces United Concoria is denying coverage. Apparently for 6 years we were supposed to see a orthodontist in Pennsylvania. This was never mentioned until we asked for treatment. United Concordia is a ripoff and not worth anybody's hard earned money.

JOdie S
, North Carolina
I would never recommend United Concordia as a dental provider. I wish I had read more of these reviews before switching to this provider. Claims are denied on no basis whatsoever. My husband changed jobs and we were told his coverage was effective through the last day of the month. We had an appointment on the last day of the month and the claim was denied by UC stating no coverage in place. When I called to inquire, they told me coverage had ended on the last day of the month, which I agreed to. I told them the claim was on 7/31, which was the last day of the month. They informed me that coverage did not last through the end of the day and was terminated at 12:01 AM on July 31st... Read More

Joni H
Van Nuys, California
The deny claims for legitimate work that was needed. I imagine that LAUSD went with them because they probably have lower premiums due to the fact that they pay out very little.

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