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Guardian Life Insurance Co. is among the largest mutual insurance companies in the nation. Founded in 1860 and headquartered in New York, Guardian offers a wide array of products, including life and health insurances and financial services. Guardian employs more than 3,000 agents in over 70 locations across the country and holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

Guardian Dental 

Guardian is one of the nation's leading providers of life and health insurance. Its dental insurance arm, Guardian Dental, provides a wide range of plans that are tailored to meet individual and group needs. 

What's Included with Guardian Dental

Plan Reviewed

DentalGuard Preferred (Core Plan and High Plan)

How much does it save you?

100% percent savings on preventive and basic care services, zero coverage for major care but 50 percent is given for premium plan holders.


Monthly premium $25.46 
Plus one Dependent (spouse or child) $50.22
Member, spouse and child(ren) $93.85

Annual Maximum


Treatments Covered and Reimbursements

Preventive, Basic and Major services covered under premium plan. 

Fine Print

Crowns, Inlays, Onlays and Labial Veneers are covered only when caused by decay or injury, and only when the tooth cannot be restored with amalgam or composite filing material.

The total number of cleanings and periodontal maintenance procedures are combined in a 12 month period. 

Restrictions may apply to composite fillings.


Guardian Dental is a reputable provider of dental insurance plans. Its extensive network of dentists makes great savings possible for those searching for a quality dental plan.

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54 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Farmington, Michigan

Guilderland, New York
I would give this company a zero if I could. They are the WORST DENTAL COMPANY IN 30 YEARS I have ever had! They processed a claim in for October 2016 and re-processed in MARCH 2017!!! That is 5-6 months later and then demands money back from my child's dentist saying they processed the claim wrong. Funny that every review I read says the same thing. They only sent the EOB stating that everything was covered. They Never sent an updated EOB in March that they reprocessed the claim. So we bring our kids in for a cleaning today and owe them over $250. This was for a basic cleaning for 2 children under 6. They say they changed their fee schedule for 37.50 for a cleaning!!! Are you joking me!!!... Read More

Santa Clara, California
They don't cover much of anything! They received an estimat from my dentist and said they would only pay but for a bacteria test and at the end they didn't now I owe and I can't get my painful tooth problem fixed!!! Canceling my coverage!!

Lonnie E
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
The summary says Guardian Dental is reputable. Not in my experience! I work for a small business, and things are complicated with third-party providers and fourth-party managers, but Guardian dropped coverage for several employees, and no one knew until claims started being rejected. Guardian also refuses to answer questions. They fall back on the excuse of claims handling. If no coverage, no help, no consideration. Guardian admitted the mistake to the company, but it is painful. Guardian may pass audits, but they sure care nothing for their real customers, the little guys. I say plainly, Guardian sucks! Guardian did not check with their contacts. Guardian did not notify members. Guardian... Read More

Orlando, Florida
The policy states that one must see the dentist to which one is assigned. I made an appointment for my husband with the dentist to which we are assigned, but this dentist sees patients at an address that differs from the address he is listed at in the provider directory. Guardian denied the claim because the address was different. I was told that if my husband had seen a dentist at the assigned ADDRESS then they could make an exception. However, right dentist, wrong address is a deal breaker. This bait and switch makes me feel angry and helpless. Naturally, one cannot speak to anyone with any more authority than the customer service representative. So, now I will have to soak up $600... Read More

Clemmons, North Carolina
Signed up for plan through marketplace. On that site it said there was a $75 deductible per person then it paid 90% of out of network preventive charges. My wife had our dentist (out of network provider) submit their bill and they paid nothing. Now their customer service says there is a $150 deductible (still shows $75 deductible on gov't site) per person and they only allow $89 for the services billed, and even after the deductible is met, they would only cover 90% of what they "allow", not what the dentist charges. It is all a lot of lies and deceit with this company. Very poor coverage and very poor foreign customer service, barely speak English.

William W
Niagara Falls, New York
I used to have another dental insurance, but due to the company I work for being cheap, they switched to Guardian Dental. I was in the process of getting dentures, but due to the switch my dentist had to resubmit the claim and Guardian refused to cover it. They took a high out-of-pocket cost and turned it into an astronomical out-of-pocket cost, one that I cannot afford. Guardian sucks. They are quite willing to take money out of my paycheck each week, but they give you nothing for it.

Annette C
Largo, Florida
This company gives no service whatsoever. I signed up in October, says I have benefits, but there is a waiting period on major work for 12 months and minor work 6 months. They tell you different information each time to talk to someone. Now they are saying I signed up late which is impossible because the company I work for only has a certain period for us to sign up for this benefit. I will never use this insurance company again. PEOPLE DON'T DO IT. They are rude, do not try to help in any way whatsoever, this is just a company who wants money. Don't care about people or their needs or problems. I had a filling fall out and it's deep to the nerve and there is an abscess. My... Read More

Blair D
Grayslake, Illinois
I tried one year of insurance with Guardian Dental Insurance through Obamacare. My doctor was "alright" but did not perform x-rays both times I came to visit. The cost would be the same if you walked into most dental offices without insurance. Nothing fancy about the doctor's office either. You must stand up and walk to a sink to spit. When I mentioned that I didn't receive x-rays on either trip (which are included with their insurance) from the doctor, they really didn't care. Even if I made a complaint, nothing would be done anyway, their representative said. Ultimately, it got back to the doctor. He called me up and left a message saying he didn't take x-rays on the second visit either... Read More

Richmond, Texas
The only good thing for this company is that they cover the basic have to pay for the flouride, night guard and for implants; They cover a very low % it

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9.8 / 10
  • Unlimited Use
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Included in Plan Savings
  • Plans Start at $99/Year for Discounted Rates on Dental Procedures
  • 100,000+ Dental Access Points Nationwide
  • A+ Grade with the BBB
  • Voted #1 in Ethics by Dallas Morning News
  • Discount Dental Plan (Not Insurance)