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Guardian Life Insurance Co. is among the largest mutual insurance companies in the nation. Founded in 1860 and headquartered in New York, Guardian offers a wide array of products, including life and health insurances and financial services. Guardian employs more than 3,000 agents in over 70 locations across the country and holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

Guardian Dental 

Guardian is one of the nation's leading providers of life and health insurance. Its dental insurance arm, Guardian Dental, provides a wide range of plans that are tailored to meet individual and group needs. 

What's Included with Guardian Dental

Plan Reviewed

DentalGuard Preferred (Core Plan and High Plan)

How much does it save you?

100% percent savings on preventive and basic care services, zero coverage for major care but 50 percent is given for premium plan holders.


Monthly premium $25.46 
Plus one Dependent (spouse or child) $50.22
Member, spouse and child(ren) $93.85

Annual Maximum


Treatments Covered and Reimbursements

Preventive, Basic and Major services covered under premium plan. 

Fine Print

Crowns, Inlays, Onlays and Labial Veneers are covered only when caused by decay or injury, and only when the tooth cannot be restored with amalgam or composite filing material.

The total number of cleanings and periodontal maintenance procedures are combined in a 12 month period. 

Restrictions may apply to composite fillings.


Guardian Dental is a reputable provider of dental insurance plans. Its extensive network of dentists makes great savings possible for those searching for a quality dental plan.

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54 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Baldwinsville, New York
Presently Guardian is in a business relationship via a "leaseable" contract arrangement with DenteMax Discount Dental Plan whereby their preferred providers are having their arms twisted into accepting even ridiculously lower fees. In the long run they are separating their members from their family dentists who were already preferred providers of their dental insurance plans. This can be likened to an airline selling the seat of someone who offered to be bumped and then taking off without them. The rationale is that the willing traveler has identified themselves as a person that has flexible plans and can be exploited for profit.

Tualatin, Oregon
Above is NOT true. "Fine Print Crowns, Inlays, Onlays and Labial Veneers are covered only when caused by decay or injury, and only when the tooth cannot be restored with amalgam or composite filing material." Was denied coverage because it hadn't been 10 years since my original crown was put on. Mind you the crown cracked and my tooth was exposed. So, I asked, "leave it exposed and endure pain and get a root canal and then a crown, would that be covered?" Yes, Abigail, from Guardian Dental insurance said! Beware of the quality or lack of quality their insurance is. Their fine print above, is NOT true.

Tony S
Orange, California
Absolute worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. I could write a lot here but why bother wasting peoples' time. Dentist submitted charge for a PORCLN Inlay; once they knocked it down to the considered charge of $544.00 they agreed to pay $36.90!! I did not use any portion of my 2,000 annual benefit and the deductible was only $50. Oh yes I went through the usual wait a few months and then have your dentist send in more X-Rays and then wait a couple more months for this!! I am going to ask my company to take me off their plan and buy something myself or just pay out of my pocket!!

Cypress, California
The worst insurance ever. They don't cover anything.

Molly S
Spring, Texas
Absoluely terrible! I have called customer service 4 times and they have not followed through with anything they promised me. The coverage is a complete joke. They will do everything they can to not cover crowns. The review process is 28 days.

Stockton, California
The only dentist I found that were in network are all western dental. I chose my dentist so not as much is covered. Because the dentist is not in network the insurance basically told me that since some info was wrong that the dentist office did not do correctly I had to deal with the dental office. If it was in network they would be happy to do it. But because I chose a dentist out of network(all they offer is western dental) I have to deal. Worst insurance ever!

Thomas H
Wilmington, North Carolina
The insurance does not pay for crowns if the tooth is cracked, only if it is broken. When a tooth is broken you will need a root canal! They only paid $14 for the x-ray. The dentist submitted photos of the tooth to no avail. I DO NOT recommend Guardian! Also, when you call them, you are talking to people from India.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Customer service stinks, they don't speak english. Hard to get a point across. We had the misfortune of having to file fraud claim on a dentist. Took 5 months for them to review and make a decision. During which we could not contact ANYONE even the woman handling our cliam (mail box was always full). I don't feel that they truly "investigated". From what i understood they only called the office to ask if my daughter had the root canal they billed for done. In the end it was determined, she didnt finish it and they re-coded the charges, resulting in a difference of almost $600. Amazingly an emergency root canal thst was" never finished," never hurt again and only needed a permenent filling... Read More

Nicole D
Boston, Massachusetts
This coverage is terrible. The communication is awful, customer service can't speak English and therefore has trouble communicating information. They said they'd cover 80% for out of network fillings, then they tell me it's 80% of the rate THEY decide, not what the dentist charges. They didn't even cover the full cost of my cleaning. If you have another option, choose it. also, it won't let me rate anything below very good, what a scam!

Mya R
Hawthorne, New York
As mentioned by other customers the lack of communication from Guardian regarding coverage is appalling. I am a dependent under my mothers insurance and every single time I've made an appointment I always received the "you're not covered" response immediately. When I call Guardian they all give me excuse as to why I'm not covered. Previously before the laws changed to dependents being covered until the age of 26 the policy was I needed to be a full time student. I was a sophomore in college so I was already a student for 2 years and instead of contacting us before ending my coverage they always ended it without giving us any notice on any action that needed to be done. This happened... Read More

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